BBM for Android release delay among fake apps


The BlackBerry Messenger app for the Android platform was due to arrive on the Google Play Store at 7am EDT time, but it seems that the BBM for Android app release is experiencing a delay among the many fake apps that are currently available.

It is now over an hour since the BBM for Android release was supposed to have happened, but at the time of writing there is still no sign of it across the world. What can be found on the Google Play Store are numerous fake apps that look genuine but are obviously not the real deal.

As we reported earlier with the GTA V apps downloading and installing fake apps can be dangerous due to malicious code that could be contained in the apps, and is something that Google really needs to get on top of.

Hopefully the situation will soon be resolved and the genuine BBM app for the Android platform gets released so owners can start sharing their PINs and chatting to friends or making new ones.


55 thoughts on “BBM for Android release delay among fake apps”

      1. steve says:

        Their shares dropped 16% yesterday. I wonder if releasing the only thing that makes you stick out (BBM) for other platforms is the cause. It was the only thing I missed about BlackBerry. How the best is now in the dust. Iphone kills blackberry, Android kills Iphone

          1. Jason says:

            you may have to give me your email address and il send it that way don think this site likes people using dropbox links

          2. Jason says:

            email me Jaseoliver@hotmail.co.uk i will send you and anyone else who wants the link from my own personal dropbox account and i will also send you my screen grabs from today to show it works first

            work it out pal everyone who has links including my self have tired but this discussion board automatically moderates them

          3. phantompupil says:

            I’ve heard it will download fine but BlackBerry Limited has made it virtually inactive. Messages, invites, etc. won’t work fully.

          4. Jason says:

            until this afternoon it didnt work then RIM turned the servers on and it works perfect i have the APK file and also pictures to to proof it just tell me where to post and send them and i will prove it.

  1. DATL says:

    It is SO annoying that Google let’s anyone throw a junk app on the play store! This is the only thing that makes me miss iOS. Someone comes to Google and says “hey, I just uhhh… made an app called Google hangouts”, Google is like “Oh sweet! I did too! High five and stick it on the play store next to mine bro!!!”. This is my problem with them.

  2. David Pollock says:

    I am shocked Google doesn’t vet these, specially the paid ones as they could be held complacent in the blatant violation of trademarks, copyright and other rights and royalties. Look above, you cannot tell me using another company’s logo and name to promote your product is “fair Use” under the Millennium Act.

  3. Steve Works says:

    I guess Blackberry really lives up to the expectation: delay the launch, don’t even bother to say anything about it–let alone apologize. No wonder the company is crumbling.

    1. Jason says:

      no its 7am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) which is 12 Noon BST (British Summer Time)

      All Irrelevant as i used the leaked APK file and yes it wasn’t working until today when RIM turned the servers on and now its working perfectly fine i have the apk file on a dropbox share if anyone wants it.

        1. Jason says:

          i have emailed you please read it as i have asked you to once you have got it and can see you works to post on here that it works so people know i aint lying and then im going off of this why should i dish it out to anyone anymore :p

          also sent you a screen grab to view first to see it working on my phone

      1. Jason says:

        i also have the link to the leak which as i stated earlier as of this afternoon has just started working fine… this site wont let you share links so have to send it via email

  4. Jason says:

    sent the apk to 3 people off here once they have got it hopefully they will post back here to prove i have the apk for the leaked official BBM app and then i wont be sending out no more you can all go look online for it or ask the people i sent to to send it to you.. OR JUST WAIT lol 😉

    also for those talking about the iOS version yes its possible to get it via the Kiwi app store but since i no longer use iphone i have not been able to test this…

  5. dreamkiller says:

    Download bbm for android now.. visit windroidblog.blogspot
    i downloaded from there. and the link seems to be working fine.. i faces no problems while installing bbm

  6. IronEskimo says:

    OK listen up guys! Google are slowly taking down the fake BBM’ to make way for the official one. So I presume the official BBM will be up and running in no time. I don’t see why it won’t be ready by midnight in the UK. And the official BBM will be released by the “Blackberry Limited” team.

  7. Manu says:

    in this particular area, AppStore is way better. Not saying there is never such thing happened in AppStore, but it is *nowhere* as out of control as in PlayStore

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