BBM on iPhone meets app connection confusion


It has already been well documented that the much-awaited BBM app release for iOS and Android users has been delayed, due to a leaked version of the Android app. This is causing a lot of consternation among people who were keen to use the new apps, and BBM on iPhone is causing some app connection confusion.

The BBM Android app release was delayed because of the leaked variety, whereas the iOS app briefly released in some regions before being pulled. Yesterday we told how the re-scheduled release of the iOS and Android BBM apps would not be arriving imminently.

BlackBerry is working hard on the issue so that once the official Android app is available, users will no longer be able to use the unofficial leaked version. The whole situation has been the subject of many conflicting reports, and this has led to some confusion among our readers.

When the iOS BBM app was first pulled it was stated that anybody who had already downloaded it in the brief time that it was live, would be able to continue using it. Some of our readers have stated that this is indeed the case and that they can use it while waiting for BlackBerry to come up with new launch dates.

Others though, say that those try to use the iOS BBM app on iPhone cannot use it as the connection to BlackBerry’s servers simply redirects. We have been searching the web to try to find a definitive answer on this, but as there as so many inconsistent reports it has been very difficult to pin this down.

Therefore we’d like to ask for input from our readers about this via the comments box. Were you one of those who managed to download the BBM iPhone app while it was briefly available? If so, have you been able to continue using it or not?


21 thoughts on “BBM on iPhone meets app connection confusion”

  1. Abdullah balkhair says:

    At first day it was working great as like a blackbeer device but after one day i couldnt recieve any messages or adding new ppl .. Even if send a message some times it doesnt get there!! Am confused!!???? Is this normal or what ? Nad what is the solution for this issue .

    Plz advice thank u…

  2. Ramesh Adhikari says:

    I’ve downloaded it on UAE. It does not work properly. sometime it doesn’t sent text, some time doesn’t receives also. cant invite or accept pins easily.

  3. G says:

    Downloaded it on the 22nd Sept, sometimes I don’t receive invites and messages. Sometimes I send messages but they are not receiving. Not reliable means of communication as of now.

  4. Hassan says:

    I downloaded it by changing my regional settings to New Zealand at the time it was released. Now they have removed it off the App Store but there are still ways around this for users who do not have BBM installed. I’d like to say that the App is rubbish, the layout is awful and it painfully slow, BBM takes a long time to update, messages are delayed and not delivered to certain recipients and when adding contacts, some users do not receive the invite and vice versa nor do i. They need to release an update to patch to fix these bugs and have a tidier much cleaner/user friendly layout.

  5. Berlin says:

    I am using it right from the day1 and have no problem in sending and receiving.
    the issues I have faced is , it shows the text in notification (front screen badge) but if you open BBM you cant see the text message.
    you need to wait for few more minutes to see it in your BBM App.
    I Love it.

  6. Aakash says:

    In short i never thought it would be such a disaster. I love Bbm but now i am more looking forward foe whatsapp ios 7 design release. How long aome one can wait u know…

  7. kimani sharpe says:

    I have downloaded it and it is not working I don’t kno what eel to do its annoying me very much if they can allow me to download it again now that would be very nice

  8. Hassan says:

    @kimanisharpe:disqus If you have managed to download it, then my suggestion would be to set up BBM (if you can get to that stage). Reboot your phone. Also you can download it again, uninstall the app and after the uninstall go to AppStore>Updates>Purchased>Not on this Iphone. you should be able to see the BBM app and you can re-install.

  9. kimani sharpe says:

    Plus my app keep closing and it’s there on my phone I don’t kno what else to I really want this app to work so I can ping again like when I had a bb so if it’s possible to send me back a link to download or get it to work that be great on my iPhone 4

  10. Hassan says:

    @kimanisharpe:disqus The app is awful at the moment as it’s the first released version, it is really buggy, the best bet would be to wait for the official release and updates. There are some serious issues with this App that BBM will surely address when officially released.

  11. Hassan says:

    @b8846ff9dd9745f6bd18d7119fcdbe39:disqus The feelings mutual, they have taken the complete p**s. They are competing with WhatsApp, who are quite ahead of the game. What a way to start for BBM, release a terrible version for IOS, then postpone the release and blame it on a leaked version for Android. Magnificent LOL.

  12. Downloaded the IPA and dumped to my jailbroken iPhone through AppSync. The app runs fine for the mostpart. It doesn’t let you add people via email and the group chat functionality doesn’t let you see who else is speaking in the chat. Aside from those 2 bugs it seems to run just fine.

  13. Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

    Its buggy as of now… Most of times msgs do appear in the notification bar but does not show in the chat box… I tried adding the groups which did not work. Scanning of a barcode for group is quite slow… Even while sending the messages, at times messages do not get delivered…. But over all its smthing… I hope once it will be re-released, these bugs will b fixed…

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