iPhone 6 size limitation shouted


One of the main topics when it comes to the iPhone 6 is the display size, and many Apple fans are screaming out to Apple to limit the size of the next-generation smartphone due in 2014.

Apple is very good at releasing its smartphones and in 2012 they released the iPhone 5 with a slightly larger display than previous models, but the size change came with mixed reactions. Yes, Sony, HTC and close rivals Samsung have all released large displayed handsets, and in our experience Apple fans do NOT want a super-sized display like the Galaxy S4 or the Note 3.

So what is the perfect iPhone 6 screen size?
There have been many rumors that Apple is planning two new iPhone sizes next year, ranging from 4.8 to 6-inches. We personally believe Apple should limit the size to 4.5-inches and no more, we have even had a few readers mention sizes of 5.7 and 6.2-inches but this would never happen because it would be too close of a size to its iPad mini.

No one knows what the iPhone 6 screen size will be, but many readers on forums and even our very own readers have stressed that Apple should limit its display size.

One Phones Review reader said, “Apple should release the new iPhone 6 with a screen size no larger than 4.5-inches”, another said, “Why the heck do we need a phone the size of a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3”.

Yes, a few people have said they would love to see a 6-inch display on the iPhone 6, but more have pointed out they would like a 4.5-inch because anything bigger than this would be ludicrous. Would Apple only be releasing a larger screen size on the iPhone 6 just to keep up with rivals? This is another question that has popped up a few times.

We could sit here all day debating the screen size for the next-gen Apple smartphone, so we would love for you to send in your comments by answering the question below.

What is the perfect screen size you would like on the iPhone 6?


16 thoughts on “iPhone 6 size limitation shouted”

  1. Crossley says:

    A nice change would be glorious in my opinion; I would love a 5 inch iPhone. Weather or not Apple does this to keep up with rivals is speculation, but we have a 3.5 inch. We have a 4 inch. Release a 5 inch phone. If a 5 inch smartphone proves too massive for an individual, buy a 5s; a phone so superior that it wouldn’t even matter that you didn’t get a 6. I want a 5 inch phone, and I bet other users do, too.

  2. frank says:

    Personally I like big screen. I use lot internet on the way read magazines. But when I see a people on the phone with massive phone iit doesn’t look nice. I think iphone balanced very well. Iphone 5 look good in the hand but it might be slightly bigger, not too big. New HTC one size good

  3. jentech says:

    I agree with frank. Definitely something bigger than the current 4 inch. I think the sweet spot is around 4.5 to 4.8 inches. The HTC One’s 4.7 inch screen is almost perfect IMO.

  4. Seagull says:

    When the time came to upgrade my Iphone4S I decided to wait for a few months for IPhone5S to come out hoping that it would have a decently large screen. As soon as I found out it wasn’t going to be bigger than IPhone5 I settled for HTC One. The trend is for larger screens simply because today your phone is also your internet browser. Apple used to be a trend setter. It’s sad to see that it turned into a trend follower. Time waits for nobody.

  5. jennaca says:

    I’m getting older and now I have to use glasses to see my screen, I for one would LOVE a LARGE screen, 4.8 or more is good with me..It would be nice to actually be able to see the icon’s without my glasses..not everyone using a Iphone is 19 years old..they should take that into consideration, and if you want a bigger screen make it more money, people over 40 tend to have more money anyways..

  6. Mark Storey says:

    Part of the reason iPhone is so popular is that they stick to the smaller screen sizes. If the screen size went above 4.5 inches, I would be looking elsewhere for a phone. Likewise, if someone wants a large display, there is already an entire market saturated with them.

  7. Vikng says:

    Why limit it to only one screen size? Release iPhone 6 in for example three sizes and then everyone can choose what suits their needs and preferences. iPad, MacBook etc all come in difterent sizes already.

  8. nvsteve says:

    I use a 4s for work and the 3.5″ screen is ridiculously small. My old htc evo 3d at 4.3″ seemed monstrously large in comparison. Now that I’ve upgraded to the s4, I cant bring myself to do anything on the iPhone except check work email when I’m on the road. Hey, apple: instead of dictating to the world what we need, listen to what the world is telling you: make a frigging phone with a larger screen! The 4s feels like a Fischer – Price toy while the s4 feels like the phone for adults who are capable of independent thought.

  9. Gibby Garcia says:

    iOS and iPhone fans may complain but guess what? They will still stand in line and buy the next iPhone – and the next and the next and the next etc… – no matter what the screen size…and scream and clap their hands as they leave the Apple store as they do every single year since the iPhone came out

  10. Darnell says:

    I think the perfect size for the iPhone 6 would be between 4.7 inches and 5 inches.I switched from my iphone 4 to the galaxy s 4, which of course is a5 inch screen.the galaxy s4 is just a little bit too big, but now other phones just seem too small. While a 5 inch screen is just a little too big, I am more than willingto sacrifice a little bit of discomfort for this lovely size screen.the screen of the htc 1 is a pretty good size screen so I would say between 4.7 inches and 5 inches would be ideal. I also would like to add the fact that the Moto X and the HTC One, I believe, both has a 4.7 inch screen, but the HTC One is noticeably a larger then the Moto X.I think the best way for Apple to increase the size of its screen is to follow behind moto X and increase the screen while trying not to make the phone too large.

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