Samsung Galaxy S5 release date pinpointing


The Samsung Galaxy S4 event took place on March 14 and released April 2013 across the world, so we are all wondering if the S5 will release around the same time.

If we base the Galaxy S5 launch and release on last year’s S4, could there be any slim chance the new smartphone will be unveiled around the same time? If there is any truth in this basis the Galaxy S5 could be announced March 2014 with a release date set around April 2014.

Samsung has never really kept to a release pattern with the Galaxy smartphone range, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was unveiled on May 3, 2012 and released to the public on May 29, 2012. Take into account that the Galaxy S4 was unveiled on March 14 and released in April, no one is sure when the S5 will come to light officially. Then again the S2 was released in May 2011, so the S3 and S2 were both released in May and the S4 in April.

We are hearing through the grape vine that Samsung could unveil the Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014, which starts from Feb 24 to 27, but we believe Samsung will hold its own event (Hopefully not so Broadway this time) around March or April and not any sooner.

The iPhone 6 will be unveiled next year as well, so it makes us wonder if Samsung will hold back until Apple releases its new flagship smartphone, in a way Samsung has never worried about Apple before so why start that trend now! Many Android users believe that Apple should worry about Samsung – do you agree or disagree?

No one knows for sure what the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs will be, but we did ask if the S5 should be wrapped in plastic or metal. Would you like to see the Samsung Galaxy S5 with an aluminum finish? There is no doubt in our minds that Samsung will use premium materials.

The closet rival to the Samsung Galaxy S5 would have to be the iPhone 6, who do you think will win the innovation award?

If you have any theories of when Samsung will launch and release the Galaxy S5, please do share with us.


8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 release date pinpointing”

  1. disqus_tCQDbz5FhH says:

    Apple needs to be worried about Samsung, not the other way around. If Samsung keeps innovating and Apple keeps…..well, not innovating, their market share can’t go anywhere but down. Android already dominates globally, so it’s about time the US caught up and discovered what everyone else already knows.

    1. TheeDaniel R says:

      You’re stupid. Android is a software run on dozens of phones. IOS only runs on apple. They are better. They have really good phones. iPhone 1-3 = 1 model . iPhone 4-5s = 1 model. Same phone just taller different internal specs. Apple has done a great job idiot

      1. disqus_tCQDbz5FhH says:

        You’ve basically proven my point. Apple’s innovations are incremental at this point, meaning they can’t command the price premium that they once could. Samsung is growing their market share more than Apple is. Android has the largest market share and is growing faster than iOS. I’m not saying Apple’s product is poor, but they should fear the erosion of their market share by less expensive competitors making similar products.

        And your poor grammar and spelling really makes your argument less compelling.

  2. jitu says:

    if Samsung did some innovation this year with their Smartphone then Samsung’s not only market share would increase but also it would create a strong market for it.. For apple TouchID is just a gimmick and nothing fantastic about iphone 5s.

    1. temirzhan says:

      Yet, Iphone 5s is sold out all over the world with waiting lists till late October. Which phone do you think sold more: iphone 5 or Galaxy S4? Each model of iphone has sold more handsets than its respective Galaxy rival.

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