Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets painful drop test treatment


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been available for a few days now in certain regions around the world with other markets due to follow in the coming days, but now we have the phablet smartphone in a painful drop test treatment video for your viewing pleasure.

We are quite used to seeing recently launched smartphones getting dropped from various heights to see how they stand up to impacts, as we recently saw both of the new iPhone models getting the same treatment, and now it’s the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The video starts off by dropping the handset from a height of about 5 feet so the device lands directly on its back onto the hard floor below, and besides making that cringing sound of slamming on the floor the handset survives except a couple of small scratches on the camera mound.

Up next is a drop from the same height so the Galaxy Note 3 lands on its bottom edge with the sound effects even worse than the last drop, and there is some scratching and the rear of the device has come away slightly but just needs pushing back into place with everything still working as it should.

Next up is that horrible drop onto the handsets front so the display takes most of the impact and again from the same height. We won’t spoil the end results for you so check out the full video that is almost 4.5 minutes long, and tell us if these tests surprise you in anyway considering the size of the handset.


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