GTA V iFruit app, Android vs iPhone continues


There have always been users of certain products that think their choice is the better one, as for years PlayStation and Xbox owners have argued that their device is the best. This is also the case for Android and iOS users and this argument has been intensified recently with the GTA V iFruit app, as the Android vs. iPhone debate continues.

We recently told you how many Android users were furious with RockStar games for not providing the iFruit app for their platform at the same time as the iOS version. This then led to a huge amount of comments from users of both platforms that were arguing over the benefits of each platform.

Some have suggested that if all Android owners decided to not purchase GTA V due to the lack of the app then its sales would be well down, but others have said that they should just stop whining and go out and buy an iPhone instead.

The anger is coming as iOS users are getting access to the custom licence plates for the online version of the game first, with some suggesting that once the Android iFruit app becomes available RockStar should reset the servers so everyone gets equal chance to get the plate they want.


Some iPhone users have even called Android a second class operating system and this sort of thing should be expected. There has always been the argument for Android apps taking longer to develop due to the different hardware and versions of the operating system being used, but GTA V has been years in the making so it’s not as if the developer didn’t have sufficient time to get the Android app working.

The team here on Phones Review use both Android and iOS and can see the pros and cons for both platforms, but it does seem as if the developer is short changing those that happen to own an Android device. The other app that is available for the game is the instruction manual and even this isn’t available on the platform.

Some iPhone owners have even suggested that many owners of Android devices want an iPhone but can’t actually afford one, while some are saying that owning an Apple smartphone is just a status symbol for 70% of owners.

There are some quite abusive comments from both sides of the fence and there are even some calls for Android users to be able to get a refund on the game. Whatever platform you use in all seriousness it’s a pretty bad move by the developer not launching the apps simultaneously and giving all users a level playing field.


57 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit app, Android vs iPhone continues”

    1. roman1911 says:

      yea no iphones as they said may be somewhat of a status symbol, but thats only for people under theage of 20, android doesnt own anything compared to apple and the iphone, have you seen a nandroipod yet? Dont think so. not only does apple have a bigger market with tablets and computers, its also easier to use than android. This is comming from someone who uses an old samsung flip phone because his android broke, and is now on an iphone because guess what? they are simply better

      1. Matthias says:

        Simply better? How is a business card sized screen (not to mention the profile thickness of a brick) better. On pretty much every non biased phone on phone trial ive seen (namely galaxy s4 vs iphone 5) the only advantage a shyte phone has is shorter camera shutter latency. Where is this evidence of a superior phone? And you know why there is no andripod? Because i dont need a second device to do the same thing my phone already does, except i can call people. Thats how deluded ios people are. They dont realize theyve been scammed. Also, the radiation delivered from apple products is about 3 times that of an android. And about your tablet theory, ipad is outdated garbage that people pull out at Starbucks so they feel important. I know this forum is more about the ifruit app than android vs ios, but I cant stand ignorant people who make ignorant unfounded comments like iphone is simply better. That is simply not the case. (Have you seen the LG G2? Worlds most gorgeous phone).

        1. Matthias says:

          And I used ios when it was the only option, then I realized it was a sham. So I am speaking from experience. Im not a fanboy, im not speaking solely from facts. And apologies for trolling, gotta do something while sitting on the can.

      2. a;sjf;qowegfoajsd;oig says:

        Of course. Cause ya know Google, the company that owns the Android operating system, doesn’t practically own a third of everything to do with the interwebs. You are dumb.

      3. Jonathan Pasquale Di Bari says:

        Good Sir,

        The argument in which you have provided is invalid.

        GOOGLE owns Andriod.

        You know, that company that made the “Maps” app for your precious iPhone after Apple had so many problems.


        I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. I did not like the apple OS when compared to Android.

        My phone is water proof, drop proof, and even has a battery that will last a few days when I don’t use it all the time.

        That’s a cute fingerprint scanner you got there…

  1. Jacko says:

    Why is no one suggesting the obvious?
    Given how big Rockstar knew GTA V was going to be & how long they’ve had to prepare the iFruit app, the fact that it’s still not available for Android surely points towards a deal between Apple & Rockstar to put an embargo on the Android release of the app?!?!

    1. JTBlack says:

      Yeah, that would totally make sense….NOT. Rockstar is not known for being shady like that. Hell they are totally anti-establishment if you follow their games and pay attention to things.

      It’s as simple as them releasing a buggy app for the iPhones, realizing it and wanting to make sure it is running smoothly before finishing the release to other systems.

  2. ComeOnRockstar says:

    Something fishy is deifinitely going on seeing as it’s easier to develop for Android and the waiting time for an app to get released is about 2 hours while apple has 2-4 weeks of evaluation time…

      1. gta5 freak says:

        Is not favoritism is that they released it to ios and it had errors so they want to fix all the bugs before they released it to the order companys and they drone stuff don’t be a idiot hello rockstar do this to all famous stuff and people didn’t you see the invader hello thas Facebook and apple

          1. gta5 freak says:

            What the he’ll is your problem you idiot why don’t you go and lick you dads stick im just making a point what the f is your issue we’ll I think your just a loonie moron that sits on the phone with your hands on your di€¥

  3. iFruit says:

    seems like it is only the android fans who complain about everything. keep thinking android is the best while you constantly wait get apps later than ios. lol.

        1. androidftw says:

          I don’t know where you are getting laggy and buggy from? iOS 7 slowed down very iDevice by at least 20%. iDeviced were painfully slow as it was.

  4. ShawTownBalla says:

    Both OS’s have their pros and cons. I personally prefer Android’s openness. In either case, this is all Rockstar’s fault for not releasing both apps at the same time. I’m tired of seeing that iFruit pop-up while I’m playing the game. I’m tired of running around with a crippled Chop because I can’t train him properly.

  5. IhaveAndroid says:

    People are so retarded… GTA V is an awesome game. And its just stupid not to play it because of a not arriving app for a phone. You CAN modify your car in the game, cou CAN train Chop ingame. And obviously you can get 100% without the app!

    People just see it wrong: Its not like GTA V makes 95% and iFruit 5% of the ultimate game experiance. Its more like GTA V makes 100% and iFruit additional 5%.

    Everybody just relax…

    1. You CAN’T train Chop in-game without the iFruit app. Look at any guide or video online and it will tell you to get the app. Only thing you can do without the app is play fetch.

  6. gta freak says:

    This is just stupit is just and app is no big deal went it came to ios it had a lot
    Of error so went it comes to android it will be better I love gta5 is the best game ever
    And I had a iphone it has is goods but I prefer android is more freely and had more style and model iphone is just the same thing I really don’t care went the app comes to android is just a stupid app is not going to make my gta5 better the game is the best has it is

  7. Andriod says:

    I will never buy anything Apple ever, l’ll keep my Galaxy S4 any day over iOS overpriced rubbish and the app is coming to Android soon the much superior platform. More and more people are getting fed up with their iPhone, Apple will die its only a matter of time. Its not only me saying it but the people who actually work for Apple realize this to google it.

  8. Rebecca Anne Davies says:

    It is simply a marketing ploy to get users to purchase apple products, not everyone can afford these overpriced products.
    And if android products didnt exist a lot of people wouldnt be able to acess the technologies available.

  9. Airin says:

    Terrible move by Rockstar but it will not prevent me from playing the game. Ive had Apple and Android phones and I am Android OS all the way. I prefer funtionality and substance over a supposed higher status. Also, I dont have to worry about drowning every time it rains because my nose is so far up in the air because I own a Iphoney!

  10. WhatsMoreImportant? says:

    All of you idiots coming up with conspiracy theories on this are just plain retarded.

    The only reason they released this for Apple first is because it takes FAR less programming and debugging to make a program for iOS than Android, because there are only a few iPhones and iPads, whereas Android is an operating system across HUNDREDS of different models of phones. There’s also different firmware versions to take into consideration.

    It’ll take a lot of work, but I’d prefer for them to fix the GTAO and in-game bugs before they work on this. Just my opinion, but I’d personally rather be able to save my cars in my garage without them disappearing and plan heists with friends on GTAO instead of training Chop not to crap all over the place and make a license plate.

    1. John says:

      I reckon its not just that, they had PLENTY of time to develop for Android. And look, its not that hard to make an android app for different version (I know because we do it here at my company). You don’t have to make it compatible for ALL android versions either as the vast majority have the 3 latest versions which is not hard to make compatible. I think their app department was setup ages ago and was iOS only, they don’t want to bother making a whole new dept just for android and others, so they’re just taking their sweet time. They should have never just released it for iOS, just like they should never have opened up online play before more testing!

    2. Rohan says:

      The console dev team is different from the mobile app dev team. So, them focusing on Android version would not interfere with GTA:O patches. Also, it’s been quite a while, Android version should have come out by now. It does not take that much time, right?

  11. Steve Redmond says:

    I had my new iphone for about two weeks before I went out and bought the GS3. The new (at the time it came out) was already inferior to the gs3 that had been out for months. The only reason its out for the iphone first is bcas it was WAY easier to make / -program the app. Even as an iphone owner I know that the Android version will be better and work better when it comes out. But ide rather them finish working on the online content before devoting time for a retarded app for my phone. its a platform game after all…..if I need gta fix….im gonna turn on my ps3 not pick up my iphone or my GS3 or 4

  12. Rasmus says:

    Rockstar Games just didn’t have the guts to come out and admit the exclusive rights, given to iPhone. It is happening all the time in the games industry. Normally the deal is combined with some kind of publicity stunt of a more direct nature, like: coming Exclusive to your Fruit Phone!”, as mentioned in the article. I phone is laughing their heads of at the moment, I reckon. Let us hope this will not happen too often in the future when it comes to real life public services, when they start expecting us to use digital platforms to access the bank or the doctor.
    I have an android (Samsung Galaxy S3), and an app like ifruit could have easily been released simultaneously on this platform, as well as on the windows phone, no matter which platform would be preferred to a developer. Rockstar Games have been developing this installment of GTA for around 5 years, and it has been a huge project comparable, with Blizzards Diablo and EA games’ Battle Field. A phone app is nothing compared to a program af this magnitude.

  13. Anwar Chaudhry says:

    Hi there guys as a programmer IT IS NOT HARDER TO MAKE THE IFRUIT APP ON ANDRIOD THAN THE IPHONE IFRIUT APP to my proof rockstar DID IN-FACT have a deal with apple long before GTA5 CAME OUT which I can prove in the coming days and guys ROCKSTAR DID DO THIS DELIBERATELY saw apple can say yes we have the upper hand in the market.
    Now I did have an iPhone but lets be honest iPhones are limited to exploration plus the only thing apple brought out on the the market was facetime that is the ONLY THING apple had a break threw in my research showes that the finger print on the iPhone is useless another way for apple to say WE ARE ON TOP where as IN-FACT the finger primt scanner was well out on Samsung before apple launched it. P. S. TO ALL ANDROID USERS PLEASE SUPPORT ME SAW I CAN PUBLISH THE FACTS ON ROCKSTAR AND APPLE MAKING DEALS UNDER THE TABLE I WILL PUBLISH THIS IN THE NEWS PAPERS IN THE COMING DAYS ANDROID USERS KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED ON THE NEWS IN THE COMING DAYS OVER APPLE AND ROCKSTAR IN COURT OVER UNFAIR TRADING THANKS GUYS N GIRLS WISH ME LUCK

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