Hate iPhone 4, 4S iOS 7 and cannot downgrade


The release of iOS 7 has met with mixed reception to say the least. Although plenty of users are enjoying the revamped iOS with improvements and new features, there are others that hate the Apple iOS 7 update and want to downgrade.

Apple has already blocked those with devices now running iOS 7 from downgrading back to iOS 6, and the decision has really ruffled some feathers. This has even led to conspiracy theories about just why Apple is no longer making it possible to downgrade to iOS 6.

Apple has always given a brief period of time for those who don’t like a new operating system to revert to the previous version, and although this also happened with iOS 7 the period of grace was only a matter of days. You can now only downgrade a jailbroken iPhone 4, but if you have the 4S, 5 or 5S you’re out of luck.

Many people don’t understand why Apple doesn’t make it possible to downgrade to iOS 6, but this is actually due to the update and restore processes. Once a new iOS is installed via iTunes or as an OTA update, it checks in with Apple. Apple can then see if the new iOS that has been installed is signed, and by this we mean that the cryptographic signature of the files tallies with approved Apple server signatures.

This makes sure that approved versions are being used and ensures that your files are free from malware. It also avoids the issue of fragmentation, which is one of the positives of using an iOS device. Apple’s intent is that as many devices as possible are running the same OS, and the drawbacks of this not being the case are evident on the Android platform.

This is one of the reasons why Apple blocks the downgrading option shortly after a new iOS version releases. In this case once you’ve updated to iOS 7, Apple will only approve this latest version and your device wont’ work with an unapproved version. Hence any iOS device based on the A5 processor or later can no longer be downgraded.

It’s worth remembering that some things take a bit of getting used to, and in a short amount of time iOS 7 might seem second nature. For some people then, not being able to downgrade might not be such of an issue soon. However, it is certainly the case that many people really dislike the iOS update, and we recently showed some videos rubbishing the iPhone 4 on iOS 7. For those people, not being able to downgrade is therefore understandably a big deal.

We’re interested to hear what you have to say about this. Do you hate iOS 7 on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or other iOS device? Perhaps you feel you might get used to it in time, or are you disappointed that you can no longer downgrade to iOS 6? Let us know with your comments.

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162 thoughts on “Hate iPhone 4, 4S iOS 7 and cannot downgrade”

  1. WR says:

    iOS7 sucks. That’s why apple didn’t put it on their new phones. Let the suckers buy them and then hit them with the crappy new ‘my little pony’ style interface. How many units would they have sold with iOS7 already installed? Just another money worshipping company happy to screw the people that spend huge amounts on their products and then they completely change them. Not the same since Steve Jobs launched the iDead.

  2. cagiva85 says:

    Iphone 4 with IOS7 is simply Sh-te… Its so slow and takes forever to load a app, it has completely made the phone rubbish. What the hell is Apple thinking, thay have to get this sorted ASAP for there IP4 users…. Its a complete disgrace….

  3. sjzfly says:

    My biggest complaints are the new phone key pad and contact list visual look, battery life really shortened and not being able to use “non apple chargers”. Forces me to use my reading glasses more.

  4. Former Apple Lover says:

    Two days into it and I am OH-SO-SORRY that I have it installed. Project manager needs to be fired. This iteration is TERRIBLE. Very hard for folks with any vision problem to discern one thing from the next. Ways to accomplish things are NOT intuitive. The battery situation is TERRIBLE. For the first time ever, last night, my phone was not on the charger and in the morning I couldn’t turn it on. That never happened with the previous iOS!!!!!!!! That alone is enough to nix it. Who approved this? What is Apple thinking? Who, at Apple, is thinking? Unfortunately, no one with the stature to pull the plug on this piece of crap iOS.

    Android is looking really swell right now.

  5. JOHNNY DEPP says:

    I am using iPhone 4 16gb i have update my iphone software to ios 7, it is good i loved the graphics but only one reason for which i would raise my finger to complain that the battery is going low.

  6. u00dep1 says:

    I have the Iphone 4 and made the mistake to upgrade to iOS 7. I use to charge my phone every other day, now I’m lucky to get a day out of it. I’ve turned off everything i could to save battery power, but no luck. I hope people check this out before making the same mistake I did.

  7. iPhone Identity crisis says:

    I also hate the ISO 7 download. I have 5 devices and have only installed it on an iPhone. I will not download to my other divices. It is slow, crashes, poor display contrast etc etc etc. If I wanted a Samsung I would go out and buy one. Instead I now have a samsung wannabe iPhone I can’t get rid of!! Do the proper thing Apple and allow us to downgrade.

  8. Joy says:

    My biggest problem with iOS7 is that I can no longer sync my work email and calendar. I don’t care for the graphics at but could live with that IF I hadn’t lost contact with work.

  9. Christina says:

    For the first time in my life i got so much disappointed with Apple product, policy and approach! I no longer enjoying my iPad because of the new software design, ugly look and difficulty to use it. Pit does not look like an Apple product and with this new operating system the device does not have personality any longer. It took them so little time to destroy the best ever created system IOS 6 ? What to expect next? My trust to the company and admiration passed away! The thing that makes me furious is lack of choice! I want to downgrade and get back to the IOS 6 and I simply can not!!! It’s just pisses me off!!!!! I want to see the normal look of Apple and not this crap that makes you dizzy and kills tang desire to use your device! Please , there must be a way to get back to IOS 6! Otherwise the iPad is worse been in a trash box!

  10. Doug Reading says:

    I could live with IOS 7, if my phone was not suddenly sloooow as molasses in January……it sucks sooo bad it could suck a billiard ball through a straw.

  11. sharon ricci says:

    hate it — I don’t want the flashlight and calculator and want to customize what’s on my notification centre. I hate being told what to have on my swipe down screen. I miss my weather and want it back!!

  12. Not a happy customer!! says:

    I hate it – not only is it slow, the graphics are bland and every screen looks the same and are hard to see they are so grey. There are too many clicks to do one thing and it’s painful to use what was once was a simple Calander! Battery life is poor and now really considering getting a Samsung if Apple don’t fix it. It’s not something anyone could get use to especially if used for work as you need speed and able to do things quickly. Definitely not user friendly, what were you thinking!!

  13. Ihateios7 says:

    iOS 7 is the worst update apple ever came up with for the phone. It drains my battery, I don’t know how to do half of the action on my phone. I’m going to go insane. I hate it so much I want to punch whatever apple worker thought of this. I can’t even fathom how angry I am at this update

  14. Idisappointed says:

    Hate it, got on both ipad and iphone but not happy with battery life on iphone4s doesnt last the day anymore and was fine before upgrade. Sucks avoid

  15. L says:

    Loved it at first until I plugged my phone in to my laptop and my iTunes didn’t recognize the updated software and deleted everything on my phone. Contacts, photos, notes, apps, everything. Finally learned my lesson to not trust an iPhone. I do not recommend the upgrade.

  16. J says:

    I absolutely HATE it. My battery life sucks, I don’t know how to do ANYTHING on my phone anymore. I had to call Apple TWICE asking how to do things. I can’t set a reminder with a date through the reminder app, I have to use the calendar, they changed the generic sounds, so I don’t recognize alerts as coming from my phone, and the little black menu page that appears when you used to swipe down from the top now appears if I even think about touching my phone. Driving me crazy.

  17. Daniel Fox says:

    I have a 4S iphone and I cannot stand the new system! It is the first time in my many years of having no trouble updating Apple products and swearing by them that I find myself wondering if there are other alternatives. Apple used to have a specific identity, now they seem to be trying to be like everybody else. There are countless of absolutely useless animations that are making my experience awful! And who decided to take away the option of downloading only 200 emails at a time – I really don’t care of having my 12,000 emails on my phone plus right now I can’t get rid of the 3,000 unread (yes I have tried everything!!) The other thing that really annoys me is that I don’t want the new 5 or 5s long thin shape. I travel a lot and go on the field a lot and the 4S is the perfect size. I had really hoped that they would keep the size of the 4S available with decent storage – but no! What the heck would anyone do with a 4S with 8GB?? Also the battery life is awful now – and yes again I have done everything recommended! I really don’t believe that Apple focused on the user’s experience on this one – this is ridiculous! It is more about design than anything else. It just feels off, with no direction, all over the place, a bit of everything yet without anything real – like bad candy. I had never considered looking for any other product and was always happy to pay the premium, now I will start looking around and will welcome the competition cause this is a major step back. As much as Apple managed to created “relationships” with their products, they succeeded in making me hate my phone ever since the new update – literally. I cringe everytime i take my phone now and considering my work and the amount of time I have to use it, it doesn’t make my day good at all.

  18. guest says:

    I learnt my lesson with ios6, upgraded before reading about everyone else’s misfortune, wont make the same mistake twice, thanks to all who have posted, don’t think i’m going to upgrade this time. note to everyone, don’t upgrade straight away, wait till you get feedback from the apple community

  19. hilmcleod says:

    Battery life terrible. New look OK. Then found out after trying to answer email on-the-go that I cannot SEND from my iPhone or iPad. What a nightmare. Spent hours today with helpful folks at both Bell Mobility and Sympatico only to have it come down to the iOS 7 issue. They’ve had lots of people with the same problem, and some can’t even get incoming. I have the 4S so I don’t know if that contributes. If I need a new phone, I’ll go with Android like my adult kids did. Luckily, my free gmail account works just fine, but I’ll have to change address with all my contacts and for all my logins. What a royal pain!

  20. Guest says:

    I can not tell how much the new iOS 7 is primitive and out of place out of context ,and undeveloped . I hated that f. App has been imposed to ipad users. It is a shame that Apple trying to stay competitive with rest of the world. Shame on you! Do you call that Buzo “os” what part of that sh is OS

  21. PalmBeachEstateServices says:

    The WORSE piece of CRAP EVER !!!

    If I only KNEW how this s–t looks and works I would NEVER even TOUCH the Upgrade Button !!!

    Makes me sick to even open this damn iPad 4 and the rest of my apple devices.

    I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND apple TO ANYBODY ANYMORE … Did it 20 times before but that’s IT !!!

    Raised hell at Cupertino but all these ignorants could say was ” we are sorry…”

    Well sorry my “you know WHAT” you bunch of IGNORANTS not interested in keeping loyal Customers HAPPY.

    After Steve departure they are running out of ideas and will only keep on losing Clients as they did before.

  22. moinsd says:

    I’m actually okay with the iOS7 and have gotten used to it. I have an iPhone 5. My wife, on the other hand, hates it with a passion and doesn’t want her phone anymore. She has an iPhone 4. And now she’s stuck with it and can’t downgrade. They need to put a warning when you’re about to upgrade saying that you will no longer be able to go back. It’s really a shame. Not sure what I’m going to do with her phone. Sell it and buy one with the old OS on it maybe? I don’t know.

  23. lsijdgf says:

    iPhone 4S is CONSTANTLY crashing!! Email quits randomly. Safari quits randomly.
    NEVER had any issue with iOS6. F U Apple!!
    Your endgame plan to have us upgrade to the latest hardware by dicking with the new IOS on older devices is evil. This happened with the 3gs with ios6 and now you’re doing it again!! F U F U F U F U F U!!!!

  24. dawn says:

    definetely hate it! If I wanted an android I would have bought one. where is my iphone?
    Now im stuck with something that looks and operates differently than what I purchased. What the hell apple?

  25. Rh.Rocky says:

    I am using iPhone 4S 32 gb i have update my iphone software to ios 7, it is good i loved the graphics but it’s personal Hotspot are not showing in my setting… thats why i can’t connect my iphone as in internet via my pc…

  26. Disappointed J Swag says:

    I think it looks nice. Very sleek, and transitioning between multiple apps with a simple double tap of the home button is awesome. The only issue I see, aesthetically, is the way multiple browser windows are stacked vertically. Looks awful, and I can’t tell one from the other. Functionally however, I’m very disappointed. The keyboard is slower and less accurate. Apps lock up pretty often, and load much slower than before the upgrade. I also keep running in to a bug that, while using some apps that require drag and drop swipes, forces me back to the home screen where all of my icons are shaking with the [X] to delete. Can it not recognize where some strokes are occurring? Silly…

  27. Paul Shaw says:

    I installed this on my iphone
    4.. i have now gone from a phone i loved to a phone i now hate and i am
    willing to bet that there will be an influx of iphones hitting ebay…
    what were they thinking when they slapped this on the citizens of the
    world…… As far as im concerned ios 7 is the biggest software screw
    up since Windows screwed up with Vista….. it seems that Apple has put
    us all in a position where everyone gets what no one wants….. i just
    hope i can get good enough money for my phone to finance a different
    one…. im going back to Android …my biggest mistake was leaving them
    in the first place…….

    Apple need to be real careful, they may be one of the big wigs of the
    phone world but they can easily be toppled…. just ask Nokia about
    that… Nokia were once the mobile phone giants of the world and where
    are they now… maybe apple should keep that in mind.

  28. Poop says:

    Stuck with new update on iPad. The overall look is stupid and childish. So not professional. Think Apple went a little over board on this one. Go to show, should have done my research before I upgraded.

  29. IP4 user Malaysia says:

    I got IP4 and I updated to IOS 7.02 yesterday, I feel laggy and retarded, so i decide to downgrade but failed ! It really piss me off! We are users, since IOS7 not perform well in IP4. Why stop us downgrade?! Damn it! If this stupid idea still goes on…Then I will switch to HTC Butterfly S when it announced ! I said it I DO it ! No Steve Job! Apple SUCKX!

  30. Annoyed iPhone User says:

    From a design standpoint IOS7 is appalling. There is reverse imaging (dark text on light backgroound and light text on dark background) on the same screen. For me and anyone over 40 trynig to avoids reading glasses or varifocals, this is a nightmare. There are so many other features and changes I absolutely hate…too numerous to mention. I have been an Apple user since 1986 and an iPhone user from the outset. This is the last straw. I am switching to another less proprietary and more customer friendly platform.

  31. John says:

    I really H A T E ios 7! Now I can’t access my podcasts anymore, and they say that the podcast app is very poor. I can’t understand why they do this. I used to love to love to listen to podcasts every day driving home from work, and now that is over. Why on earth should I stay with Apple at all? I want I new phone!

  32. Ex-iOS User says:

    People with visual impairments can no longer use their iPad/iPhone with iOS 7 installed. For the sake of basic human rights – Apple should allow downgrades! They promised better accessibility features – but they made a lot of things worse in their progress. This new rule on downgrading is an insult to people with visual impairments and their carers. They are blinded by the color scheme, design, and animation. Inverting the colors is not a feasible solution, but helps temporary as we try to find alternatives for the students.

    Bad move, Apple. Think of the visual impaired.

  33. Alison says:

    I can no longer close my apps running in the background by double clicking, then closing them. I didn’t bargain for having to get a manual and learn a whole new system. The iOS 5 to iOS 6 switch did not entail such a massive disruption. Very unhappy I can’t go back, and regret uploading it without more prior learning.

  34. Da_Watcher says:

    Thankfully I found an old os on the web and saved it to my computer. I was able to go back after installing os 7 on my 4s to my older operating system. I’m glad I had backed everything up because restoring the system to my old os cleared everything from my phone. F Apple!

    1. Mikka Vines says:

      Tell us all how you were able to downgrade! Many of us have the older ipsw files, but without Apple signing iOS6, the downgrade won’t work.

      1. Da_Watcher says:

        Don’t know anything about that. All I know is there was a file that I found I downloaded and saved it to my computer. I did a restore from that file and my phone is back to normal. Also, there is a file or app out there that you can download to disable any attempt to automatically update your os.

  35. Jake says:

    iOS 7 on ipad 4 = slower loading pages. Don’t “upgrade”
    On iphone 4 = fast battery drain
    The ” upgrade” features seem to be following Android, Apple have lost their way as market leaders.
    I do a lot of surfing and e bay on the ipad, the iOS 7 has slowed tis down annoyingly so.
    I for one want back to iOS 6

  36. Joe D. says:

    IOS 7 is a real piece of crap on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Wish I could go back. Should have waited to see what it looked like. Might as well buy an Android phone. Apple has become one anyway, wthout all the good features.

  37. Carol M. says:

    Seriously could not hate this minimalist pathetic calendar that is full of bugs and can’t even save an event.
    Iphone 5 owner.

  38. Ali_F says:

    I absolutely hate the update! I tried and tried to find ways to downgrade to the old one. I hate the appearance, the slowness of the phone itself, and the battery life. Sometimes I don’t even get text messages. I absolutely hate it!

  39. MetairiePhil says:

    I loved my iPhone.
    But, if Apple doesn’t change this soon, I’m going Android when my contract expires.
    I HATE this system. You can’t read it and the layout in every case is worse than the 6 version. What idiot approved this mess. It’s pure crap.

  40. it's me says:

    Hate iOS 7. Battery drain, seems like they’re in cahoots with the cell phone companies more and more to get more dings on your data plan, can’t limit the number of email messages coming into each box without changing my server settings. I knew the layout would suck, but wish they’d previewed all the feature removals/bugs they were introducing. Would have stuck with iOS 6.

  41. the dog says:

    Hmmmmm iOS 7. There’s been a lot of improvements behind the scenes. Unfortunately I can’t get used to the look and feel. Tried but if you don’t want to use your phone then what’s the point. I think iOS 7 is like pop art – some like it and some don’t with less of a middle ground. I wish I could go back to iOS 6 but hey that’s life. I’m switch to Android now. Shame cause I really like the hardware and the old iOSs.

  42. Disillusioned in MI says:

    Hate it on my iPad and won’t be making th switch on my phone. Can’t see the font well and detest the new search format under Safari. Would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

  43. Elmcity says:

    What a farce! Apple has really put the screws to my already tired retinas with iOS7. I am not surprised in the least that they don’t allow downgrading back to iOS6….why should they? I’ve been drinking the apple juice for years now – hell they’ve got me hooked on the stuff and now I’m stuck with this UGLY OS ….(sigh). What a joke!!! Really dissatisfied.

  44. Jonathan Lawrence says:

    This is it for me I am leaving apple iphone. My text stopped working , my battery only last 2 hours , the screens are sticking – and I CAN’T CHOOSE to GO BACK???? SCREW YOU APPLE!!!! Elitist PIGS

  45. Android-?? says:

    Couldn’t agree more, this new upgrade blows ass, and I wish I never did it!! To top it off, they even shut off my email today b/c I had to pay for more storage. I’ve been an Apple user for the past 10 years, but this appears to be a major mistake Apple has made…. Hope they hear all these upset customers and do something to make it right. Please go back to iOS 6!!!!

  46. Sunny says:

    it’s really ugly/1 AND difficult to see! have you seen the calendar and notepad? I can barely read them and can no longer use them. I didn’t pay for this pathetic version and I am so angry with Apple for doing this to us, I have every intention of buying the windows tablet and the Samsung galaxy phone. Hey apple, I wouldn’t have bought the ipad or the iphone if I had any idea it would look like 1980 some day with the glaring white backgrounds, tiny light thin fonts, eff this, I hate it! Maybe if I could see it, I could use it but no you had to do and screw up everything and then try to convince us we like it. I want colored backgrounds and not those damn neon colors either and I want squares on my calendar days and lines on my note pad. I want to read my email in fonts I can see and not have to scroll side to side to read each line. Make improvements but don’t ruin it. Cheap, nasty, childish looking piece of crap that I PAID OVER $800 for. My first and now my last apple experience.

  47. Fix? says:

    It has been said that a lot of these functionality issues are corrected by going to Settings>iCloud> and disabling “Documents & Data”. Maybe this will help some… maybe others are too upset to care about functionality at this point.

  48. Sigrid says:

    I agree, its a VERY CHEAP PHONEY LOOKING imitation of an original as well as being harrd to see and read . I upgradd my ipad3 and hate it… thank god I didn’t do my iphone yet…… Apple is doing a disservice to all Apple users by not allowing us to downgrade from a software update. I understand they do not want to keep to many IOS platforms around but at least give us 2 to choose from!! I’ve been with iphones since they first come out and they are making it hard to stay with them.

  49. Gaylea says:

    Honestly, you might as well throw your iPhone in the bin!!! In 1 second my beautiful iPhone upgraded and transformed into such a horrible phone – completely unusable. Not only can you not see the screen, have to deal with an ugly white screen, work with app icons that look like southpark (sorry southpark) but on top of this you have to deal with a moving screen that makes you want to puke and poses a real health risk to many people. I feel its really hard to trust Apple now because its distinctly suspicious that they would not let us downgrade. I mean really?? what is the issue?? C’mon! REALLY???? I had no idea the upgrade would be like this. I am unable to use it because the 3D’ness gives me nausea and motion sickness. $800+ dollars worth of nothing now!! I will have to change over to a samsung and lose all my apps. I honestly think there is something distinctly illegal about not informing people of the effects of the 3D issues prior to upgrade (because its a massive financial loss). Up to 40% of people can suffer with simulation sickness and 90% of them will develop really powerful physical symptoms – so there should be a warning out there for people and its criminal of apple to a) ignore the real statistics that are out there on simulation sickness and b) not to provide the proper warning to people c) not provide the downgrade that can let people go back to using the phone they paid for. I can conform that I am no longer and newly converted apple fan – by default!!

  50. andy says:

    To be honest, i love ios 7 it is great, its UI and its new features. But seriously i hate the zooming in animations like no one cares how cool the nice animations is, they just want to use their iphone/ipad/ipod. Battery draining!!! in 10 mins it went down to 90 % on my ipod touch 5th generation in comparing to ios 6 it was still 100%.

    Also the calendars app to me it looks too confusing, ios 6 calendar app was much easier to use and to create new events. The lockscreen when u swipe to unlock, i hate it how all the stock apps are coming in by bits unlike ios 6, it is slow, why cant they just had it like when they showed us the “Offical ios 7 video” where all these animations were so fast and great and i though it had be like that when it released but turns out it didn’t really 🙁

  51. andy says:

    i had just downgrade but it really sucks!!!! that apple blocked it, i do understand apple doesn’t want users to jailbreak but comeone apple -.- don’t be too strict it isn’t your iphone/ipad/ipod you want to make more money, let users love you, im sick of complaining but i just have to, and i understand how many users are feeling right now stuck on ios 7 :

  52. ios7hater says:

    i want to downgrade..battery is draining like a flash. What would I do with all these amazing new features of iOS7 if I have no battery in my iphone 4s. Without doing nothing on phone it drains @ 15% / hr. I am just sick of it.

  53. M Wilkens says:

    I have no functional issues but I absolutely hate the UI. I don’t mind change when it’s an evolution but this theme is horribly ugly, I actually detest using my iPad because I’m forced to use it. Themes should be a personal adjustment rather than a forced experience!

  54. iOS6 lover says:

    I hate the UI and I have had battery life problems, my notes keep disappearing and I liked the way my phone looked and operated before. I called Apple the SAME day I upgraded to see about downgrading back to iOS 6 and they said it wasn’t possible. He said they had been “flooded” with similar requests all day and he was sorry but I was stuck.

    I have had an iPhone for years, I never thought I would NOT have one, till now. I am so unhappy with the battery life and function of my phone I seriously think I am going to use my upgrade for an Android phone. Very disappointed in Apple.

    1. ZippyJenne says:

      My upgrade isn’t until next spring, but it’s very unlikely my next phone will be an iPhone. I even sent an email to accessibility about the motion sickness and they’ve ignored it. I’m so disappointed. Until this iOS “upgrade,” there was never a question of what I phone I would get next. Now I’m shopping around.

  55. big bamboo says:

    I HATE THIS P O S it has caused me to loose music and I cannot get it to sync with Itunes. I also do not like the fact that I cannot go back to the old OS 6 I also had to reinstall some Apps and anythingbanking I had to call up the support line to get my app working again, A pain in the Ass and waste of my time
    I was going to purchase anothere Apple devise but I will go back to Windows because I can downgrade it to WINDOWS 98 if I want to. I think Apple rushed this out just because they could Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave right now.

  56. Iain downs says:

    This is pathetic. IOs 7 is killing my ipad 2 and is ugly and useless. It looks and works appalingly and i would never been prepared to buy an opad witht his on it. I have taken this up with apple and they say tough.

    Last chance Apple. Yes or no. Give us a downgrade or we never buy again

  57. Farmer says:

    I was new to iphone (my first smart phone) 6 months ago. The 4s and ios6 has been a revelation. Brilliant in capability and professional in appearance. I have now downgraded to ios 7 which resembles something that a 10 year old might come up with. Sorry (maybe that’s why they’ve done it !), but you can’t see details in bright sunlight. My main gripe is the appearance. I work outdoors and have been really working on ways to exploit the device, doing away with pen and paper for recording livestock performance (You guessed I’m a farmer). This is a set back, not an advance. Can’t wait for the next complete revamp of this regression!

  58. nothappy says:

    I have had an iphone since the beginning, a very loyal Apple customer. I am a designer and have used Mac computers exclusively.
    Detest the new system. I have an iPhone 4 that can barely get a text
    message thru. imessage does not work at all, have to click on the chat
    bubble and send as text. Email takes forever to send or drops
    completely. Apps keep shutting down. If the iPhone 4 was unable to
    handle the new software, they should not have offered it to us. Messed
    up phone now so we should go ahead and buy the 5s? Hmmm….. Forget about it!

  59. Andy says:

    ios7 is awful. I hate the look and feel on my iPad. I hate the fact that Apple force the download without my agreement. I hate the fact that they won’t allow me to downgrade. I used to love my iPad and Apple. Now I realise it’s not MY iPad – I don’t control what it looks like or how it behaves. It’s their iPad and I hate that. I won’t be buying any more Apple products.

  60. Disappointed in apple says:

    Very unhappy!!! I trusted Apple so did update without checking… Not again! Am considering moving over to Android or Blackberry… Why fix it if it aint broke?? why not allow IOS 6 lovers to keep it for a year?? Who would design something like this? light gray on white–glaring white– candy interfsce– we’re adults out here– we’re not all 17 year olds… My loyalty to Apple is over. Period

  61. NoMoreApple says:

    absolutely awful! I used to refer everyone to apple .. now, i cannot even say this word.. “Great, sophisticated Apple Products” died with Steve Jobs. I now want to smash this phone and break into pieces! What kind of engineers they have? This iOS7 is USELESS!!! Slow! Legging! Pathetic! i mean – i just cannot believe something like this would even come out to production! Wow! Sick! My 10 year old huge nokia is much faster in all aspects of it! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  62. John B. says:

    If you have not updated yet, DON’T!!!!
    iOS7 is a disaster on my iPhone. Apple blew it big time this time. My family has 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 Macbooks, and 1iMac. This just to tell you how in love we were with Apple.
    The fact they are not giving us an opportunity to test-drive iOS7, and now they won’t even allow us to go back to 6, is the poorest handling of loyal customers, and the scamiest way to force us to buy their new products
    Apple has met it’s end with this family! We are done with Apple… Finished…
    Never again I will buy an Apple product!
    John B.

  63. simbasue says:

    Hate it. Hate it, Hate it. Do not upgrade if you haven’t already. I can not read my phone in the daylight ( as in the car) and things which took one step now take three or four. I hope someone from Apple reads these posts and does something to the background

  64. Giorgos Amigdalos says:

    “Jony, stay with hardware design.” and “Tim, hire Scott Forstall back”. I don’t mind the bugs because these will be repaired with futures updates but the interface i cant stand it, hate it. Its like having the best build quality phone on the market with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse interface. I want Steve back 🙁

  65. Emma says:

    Hate iOS 7 sooooo much. It’s just ugly. I have Ipad 2. The icons are terrible and sooo childish. Calendar looks just stupid. Everything is just too white and bright, it looks they haven’t finished the job. The keyboard and safari also looks so cheap, no elegance at all. I can’t name anything I like about iOS 7. Hate it SO much. I wish I could get iOS 6 back. I’m ready to pay for that. So disappointed…
    P.S. iTunes also look kind a stupid, but that’s not the worst par so maybe I could get used to it.
    (sorry for my english)

  66. John says:

    In my house there are the following apple devices: two iPad minis for the kids, two iPhone 4 and two iPads for the wife and myself. Everyone nice and happy with their devices until I ‘upgraded’ them to ios 7, now we all hate using them due to the awful screen lag and the toy looking os…and we just hate they layout of safari and we dont get the option to downgrade!!! No wonder it’s a free download, nobody would pay for this crap. There will never be another apple product purchased by us again, that’s for sure.

  67. Simon says:

    Iphone just crashed as I was writing my damming review of ios7
    Go figure
    1. Very poor user experience now with safari, it feels like a samsung, not as intuitive as before resulting in longer loads and more clicks of my buttons to get to the same page; piss poor apple
    2. No notification from apple this was a major upgrade and do research before upgrading, I clicked on upgrade and 20 min later hated my phone.
    Apple you just lost a long time supporter of the iphone in 20 minutes;
    3. The IOS looks and feels cheap, if I wanted a circus phone I’d go to the circus; sack the idiot who chose the colours of the IOS
    4. No option to downgrade; seriously? Do you think people are going to like this? You are forcing people to adopt to your mantra; instead of intuitively showing the way; this will cost you the company and the brand that Steve jobs built
    5. Can I go to my provider and ask for a new phone I hate the IOS that much

  68. freddie says:

    I am so glad to not have installed this ugly-as-hell so called modern-design-OS and as I am almost sure about Apple not to rethink it’s new ways of design and their product policy I dare say that – not only for myself – this is the end of it.

    They may gain new users but the usability and the special look an feel design (what brought them a lot of money and publicity) is gone and with it a lot of long-time-for-a-reason gladly users. Apple as we knew it is no more.

    Steve wouldn’t be pleased at all…

  69. here-i-come-android says:

    ios7 sucks on iphone 4 -slow as hell, hate it. Was going to buy new iphone 5 but after my wife got an android a few months back Im going that way now- Goodbye ios7

  70. PJ says:

    If you have an iphone 4, do not upgrade to IOS 7.
    My brand new 4 was going fine and after the upgrade there is latency when typing, often the phone just freezes for 10 seconds or more, even when just keying in the password. When texting, I am now sitting and waiting for very long periods of time to see what I have typed appear (eventually) in the text box.
    Pretty much as close to useless if the phone keeps doing this.
    I only hope Apple sends a patch soon as it’s driving me nuts.

    1. TD says:

      Has anyone any idea how long it will be before Apple has a patch availible to remedy this head wrecking update? Even when entering the 4 digit pincode, only the first digit registers straight away while it takes anything up to 10 seconds for the following 3 digits to key in & when they do, its all at the same instant!! Apple really shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t address this problem & quickly!!

    2. helpful info says:

      The new ios has true multitasking. And unless you go to task manager and kill the apps, they continue to run in the background. That could be one of the reasons your phone becomes extremely slow or freezes. Also it would be helpful to learn more about IOS7 and all tips and tricks to get it to work better. By the way i do not use an iphone. I have an android and this is how it is with Android ICS and later. I have to go to task manger to kill running apps that i have opened. I do read a lot about smartphones though and know that IOS7 has true muti tasking whereas older ios did not have multi tasking.

  71. JSB says:

    I’ve read through all the posts here, and I can only strongly agree with the sentiment expressed. iOS 7 looks ugly and frustrates both me & my wife. Fortunately for me, I did not upgrade my iPhone 5 yet, but her 4S and iPad were upgraded. We are SO disappointed and angry about this! If I had wanted something that looks like Android, I would have purchased one, but I’ve been with the iOS products from the start.
    At least give us disgruntled users a way to go back to iOS 6.x.x!

  72. Smudge888 says:

    iOS 7 or should I write… iOh Sh!te 7 what a sell out! Steve Jobs dies and so does the apple iOS. The whole point of Apple ‘was’ the ease of use, the intuitive nature and the freedom from the windows platform. Talk about feeling angry… I didn’t know just how much I would be irritated by this lazy copy of the windows phones. You know I feel robbed, we have 4 iPhones various ages two iPads and two ipad mini’s in the house. If we wanted to buy a cheap lazy out of date slow running, glitchy, constantly freezing product we would have spend a quarter of the price! What are Apple going to do??? Make it impossible for me to go anywhere without being constantly monitored by apps or gps/wifi. It’s become the thing it was so good at not being. Sad to say but it’s over the fat lady has sung and frankly she can sit on all this expensive crap I have no desire to use anymore!


  73. u00dep1 says:

    Not sure how long the battery is going to last on my phone at this rate. Even the suggestions they give do not help much. It’s their way of forcing us to replace our batteries or buy a new phone. If it comes down to a new phone, it definitely will not be another IPhone.

  74. anon says:

    I HATE IOS 7, too! It is soooooooo ugly, and the interface is so awkward. I bought my first in a long line of iPhones many years ago because I loved the look of it and loved how intuitively easy it was to use. And now I HATE both my iphone and my ipad. I don’t understand why the media seem to be reporting only on the “success” stories of IOS 7. I found this website (and several others) when I searched the term, “I hate IOS 7” because I wondered if I was the only person in the world who is unhappy with this change. To the contrary, however, I have seen literally hundreds of complaints like the ones posted on this site. I have already complained to Apple, and I hope that others will do so, too. If I am forced to accept IOS 7 without the option to at least
    alter the look of the graphics to make them look more like IOS 6, I will
    be ending my relationship with Apple. I used to appreciate the ease of
    synching my iphone and ipad with my macbbok. If I stop using the iphone
    and the ipad,though, I don’t see the point in buying another macbook.

  75. Michael Fitzburger says:

    I was lucky. I managed to go back to iOS 6 before the downgrade window closed. I’m glad I did. The only thing that bothers me now is the little (1) next to the settings app 😛 Gonna ignore it forever.

  76. Aaron says:

    After “upgrade” on my iPhone, the external speaker no longer works. Video, music, YouTube, speakerphone, even key clicks… all gone. Will sometimes get sound back for a few seconds, then gone again. Seen hundreds of people with the same problem. What a terrible company. Glad they’re losing market share every day to Android.

  77. Dar1987 says:

    I absolutely hate iOS 7. It makes my iphone 4 die with 18 percent battery left, my phone freezes all the time and I now can’t use itunes with my phone anymore without spending money. Thanks a lot Apple. Really screwed me by not letting me downgrade, a bunch of b.s.

    1. helpful info says:

      The new ios has true multitasking. And unless you go to task manager and kill the apps, they continue to run in the background. That could be one of the reasons your battery is dying and your phone freezes. Also it would be helpful to learn more about IOS7 and all tips and tricks to get it to work better. By the way i do not use an iphone. I have an android and this is how it is with Android ICS and later. I have to go to task manger to kill running apps that i have opened. I do read a lot about smartphones though and know that IOS7 has true muti tasking whereas older ios did not have multi tasking.

  78. Korben says:

    iOS 7 has totally ruined my iPhone, everything lags and now I no longer use the iPhone anymore. Since I experienced this load of junk that I shouldn’t, I now use the old Nokia brick phone. EVERYONE PURCHASE A NOKIA IT WON’T LAG AND ITS DURABLE!!!!

  79. Manish Joshi says:

    My iPhone 4S Became Slowest ever. I am seeing my icons as they are aticked up to my mobile screen. N m really missing my favourite icon ‘Camera’ ‘Messages’ ‘Settings’ n all the icons. Can apple bring me back all those icon that people loved so much.???

    1. Bose says:

      Which world you guys are using 4S in ? I am using 4S too 64GB version….big mails and messages has become snappier in iOS 7 than 6.1.3 or 5.0.1..Trust me..you need to know how to use the devices optimally withouy slowing the device…By far iOS 7 is the best OS ever launched…Kudos Apple.

  80. bella says:

    I d/loaded iOS 7 on my iPod Touch 5G (which was nice and snappy with iOS 6) and I absolutely hated everything about it apart from the control centre and the new zoom for video. The flying animations are annoying (even with ‘reduce motion’ switched on), and web pages took much longer to load. So my ‘update’ ended up giving me the same speed as I had on my 4th generation. I won’t even go into what they did to the music app. Luckily I did find something called ‘Lagu’ which was very useable, but in the end I went to the Apple store today and got them to swap my device for one with iOS 6 on it.

    It had 7 months warranty left and they swapped it for a refurb which was fine by me – anything to get rid of iOS7 asap!!! Now after several hours of restoring it and putting everything back as it was, I’m finally enjoying using it again. I’ll wait until iOS 7 has had a few updates before I ever go down that dark road again!! When I suggested to the guy in the Apple store that they should allow us to test iOS 7 for at least 24 hours (to decide if we liked it or not) and offer a downgrade option, he said that was a great idea because so many people had asked for replacement units with iOS 6 on it.

    Anyway, it’s a relief not to be tortured by those flying animations anymore!

  81. CB says:

    Hate it… iphone 4s.. apple has turned into exactly the type of company they purported to not to be..what a load of crap.. next phone will likely be an andriod

    1. Desper says:

      Exactly my thoughts. This is ridiculously stupid, and I’ve only been putting up with it because the 4S was my first iPhone (and smartphone) and I’m still using it.

      Once I accidentally drop it in the toilet I will never go back to Apple again. I’ll probably uninstall iTunes and use some other music player too.

  82. Harlan Smart says:

    Agreed – my iPhone is not rooted, I hate it, I am considering biffing it into the sea and going to an Android, honestly… how THICK are they, I am so mad, its ugly slow disgusting convoluted and UGLY

    This is the OPPOSITE of what Apple was purported to be.

    I HATE iOS 7 what a terrible downgrade.

  83. ohmygod says:

    Totally hate this “REVOLUTIONARY” IOS! I dont even wanna use my phone like i used to be, its slow, laggy, freezing issues and best of all: this new design looks like teenage mirror have design it! Look so girlish and….*out of words*

    Iphone 5 makes ui much smoother but because im using iphone 4, im stuck in here.
    If apple wont do any kind of performance optimizations and theme changes —-> going for android for good!

  84. RICK says:

    I can’t tell you how much I hate this upgrade. I will never get used to it. The screen is very difficult to see. My voice mail constantly freezes up. I can’t believe that apple would do this and not let me go back to the product I bought. This should be a crime. I feel like I am a victim of bait and switch. I was sold one product that I decided on because of the ease of use and this version is not acceptable and is NOT what I purchased. My wife refuses to upgrade and I am telling everyone I know not to upgrade. I will never ever buy another apple product and will spend the rest of my life telling anyone that I meet to buy anything but Apple. My phone which I have purchased and own has been taken over by apple and altered in a way that I can not use it. I can’t think of another product in history that the manufacturer that sold you the product can change it at random, at their will and hold you hostage to use it. I will also contact my congressman to see if they can block apple from doing this. WHAT APPLE NEEDS IS A CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE FROM ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE HOLDING HOSTAGE WITH THEIR PRODUCT. I OWN A TON OF APPLE PRODUCTS AND WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM APPLE AGAIN.

    1. Andres says:

      I’m not english. Cannot write very well, but this is EXACTLY that I think, and happened to me. You have write everything I’ve said to Apple. But I’ve been ignored. I claimed to allow me to downgade to iOS6, or return my money back. No response by now.

  85. bernie 68 says:

    downloaded the new update io7 last week my battery life has gone down altogether .. tried turning off anything I don’t need and its still THE SAME ANY IDEAS

  86. Tane Hadiyantono says:

    I thought apple product was supposed to be classy and easy in the eye. Not clashing color, bright lights and motion sickness.
    Extremely upset with iOS7 for iPad, admit it guys, it looks like a nut job hybrid of android and windows 8 interface..

    I hate how it made my eyes sore when reading at night, the color scheme looks like it belongs to a playground, the interface is not friendly, I almost felt closed off and limited with how big the icons filled the screen.

    Rubbish upgrade is rubbish. 🙁

  87. Unhappy customer says:

    The “upgrade” has taken so many functions and ruined them. They have to be making the iPad (or any I device I guess) suck on purpose.
    Google imaages doesn’t let you swipe and save images anymore, now it asks if you want the website or full image like a regular computer.

    I can’t set the wallpaper however I want. I can’t zoom out all the way or scroll the image up. Who’s idea was that?

    The slideshow at the lock screen is gone. I love that! I have tons of folders for switchiñg in and out and I would leave music running with the slideshow. It’s really the only kind of screensaver the iPad had and instead of making it better or giving you more stuff it’s just gone completely.

    The control panel sucks. It takes more swipes to flip the screen orientation, unlocking, then closing the control panel to flip the orientation cause it won’t flip while it’s open, then opening it back up because of course I wanna lock the orientation to where I just flipped it.

    When looking at now playing in itunes I can’t just swipe my finger across the song title which takes up most of the screen to change the song. I have to do it the noooorrrrrmal way.

    I have more complaints but seriously. Who is at apple trying to sabotage this product?
    And one more thing. I want the product I paid for back. If you really wanna upgrade let us customize stuff more, not force changes on us, let alone changes this awful!

  88. Linda Jackson says:

    I absolutely HATE the latest upgrade and because of it now hate my iPhone and iPad and if i can’t go back to previous version will buy alternatives.

  89. Unhappy user says:

    The iOS 7 update on my iPhone 4 is horrible. Receiving and sending email is very slow and many times does not go through. Opening apps is very slow…texts are not received or sent. It is a complete disaster…hideous. The person(s) who designed this had too much time on their hands and not enough expertise to make it work properly. It’s a huge mess and may have been intentionally designed to force users to purchase new phones.

  90. seebeisong says:

    my iphone 4s updated ios 7, really suck,lag,hang,hope can downgrade to ios 6
    so many problem,always hang,maybe is time to chnage other brand better then use this small phone

  91. Aaron Clarke says:

    I had a problem with my iPhone and I only could update to iOS 7. God when I looked at it I thought Apple got the makers of My little pony and hello kitty to design the icons. It looks likes a 6 year old girls phone now. I use to love my iphone now I just can’t use it anymore. I have started using my old iphone 3gs it’s so nice to use I don’t have headache anymore unlike iOS 7 . I’m young but everything white is blinding. I cant read the text the battery does not last long .I use to love the yellow notes and the way the page flipped over now it f###### white and so bland.
    I have searched on google youtube how to go back to iOS 6 but Apple won’t allow you to downgrade. I have sent 4 complaints to Apple feed back and anyone that feels the same about ios 7 should do the same . Apple is getting so arrogant and that will be there downfall if the don’t listen to all iphone owners not just the ones who like ios 7 allows us who don’t go back to ios 6 .

  92. scarlet says:

    it works perfectly fine for me, I know a lot of people has problems with it, even my husbands battery gets smashed in half day or so but for for I me it has just worked fine, nevertheless I would defenitely like to downgrade my phone, I think the ios7 looks beautiful in the iphone 5 and 5s but it is not to attractive to me in my 4S

  93. Trish King says:

    thought I’d get used to it, but haven’t so far. I think the calendar is difficult to work with, the icons aren’t dramatic enough to make it easy to differentiate them from one another, and my email takes FOREVER to load. I want my OS6 back!!

  94. Ton1 says:

    I hate my iphone 4 now!

    Before it was almost perfect, but now there is lag. It is just annoying to use it.

    I was going to upgrade to iphone 5S but now I dont think so. It is not nice thing to do from company to update my phone so it comes slow and then they say my iphone is just old and slow. It worked fine before! I want to go back!

  95. Phil says:

    I hate my Iphone now !!! its really annoying to use it… iOS 6.1.3 was just perfect, and now i feel that old nokia is far better than iphone 4 with iOS 7…

  96. Maria says:

    HATE is an understatement. My phone sucks now, it’s super slow. Can’t do anything without it lagging. The new “multi-tasking” feature is more annoying than useful. Battery lasts less, and every time it dies any messages that I get during that time disappear (not just single messages, entire conversations as well).

    The update was the worst thing that could’ve happened to the iphone 4. It’s like they’re trying to push us into upgrading, but guess what. I’m switching to a Nokia.

  97. sheri says:

    It’s awful! I can’t read the darned menus anymore unless I have perfect
    light. Especially the phone menu at the bottom of the screen. I mean really, who thought putting light blue on a gray background was a good idea! Freakin
    stup, stup, STUPID!!!! I would like to at least change the color schemes so I don’t have to feel like I am blind every time I look at my phone.

  98. Zach says:

    Iphone 4… all i can say is ABSOLUTE S***!!! The lagg is incredible, and all the issues with the flying animations. My phone was at least useable on ios 6, but now its like apple is trying to force everyone to upgrade their phones! Hate is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about ios 7… They redid everything, it looks like a 4 year old designed it ! Everything runs slowly, and you’d think apple would optimise it to increase speed, BUT NO.. They have to shut out all the users of the Iphone 4…
    I have tried contacting customer support, but nobody seems to care. The answer is upgrade the phone. There is no way in hell a operating system should make such a nice phone such garbage.

  99. stephan says:

    I hate IOS7. Not easy to read, use, icons are now cartoonish…. also having problems with several Apple apps like maps, loading and operating as quickly as they did. Likely to move to droid. Prefer options. Bad decision Apple.

  100. Diavel says:

    I thought the 4 was great, solid stainless steel chassis, much better than the aluminium 5. So apple tries to force me to change by killing my 4 with ios7 – even if I have to jailbreak it aint happening.

  101. To says:

    Well add me to the list of people that does not like ios7. I sooo want to go back to ios6. One thing I don’t like is the text message font with white letters. Please go back to black letters.
    Thank you

  102. Rob says:

    I hate ios7 so much. I only upgraded as I thought it may help recover my wifi which failed on me ages ago.
    This ios7 looks like a kid has designed it. The last one was professional and quality, this is just cheap and nasty looking.

  103. Susan says:

    I hate IOS 7! Harder to read and less user friendly. It seems like it was designed by a bunch of children. It has taken the enjoyment away for this iPad user. I actually use my iPad less now. I own Apple stock and fear for its value if this is an example of future decisions by Apple.

  104. Charliehm says:

    I’ve been an Apple fan since their begginigs ~25 years back and I have never been so dissapointed and frustrated before. iOS 7 has a childish look and its responsiveness is slower than its predecestors… It gets unlocked easier, while getting it out of the pocket most of the times I end deviating the call instead of answering it, never happened before and the only change is the iOS version. I bet Steve Jobs would have rejected the concept for the childish look.

  105. tonto says:

    I ****HATE**** this upgrade. What a fool I am, I didn’t even realize there were issues. Have been a total iperson and have never seen such a major misstep by apple. I HATE HATE HATE it! All of the icons are crummy and visually unappealing. Stepped back from top of the line to bottom.

  106. Zel says:

    This is GARBAGE! My 4s is totally screwed up with this upgrade! My Voicemail freezes, my texts keep switching to Spanish (I have both keyboards, but it now does it arbitrarily)I feel like a class action is warranted if this is not rectified!

  107. Rick Kreuk says:

    I hate the new hideous design! I had to restore my iPad when it became stuck in a bootloop (conspiracy, anyone?) and now it’s some messed up fisher-price toy. Apple should allow iOS downgrades, or the flow of my money into their humongous bank accounts will stop.

  108. withcaution says:

    When I upgraded to iOS6 a year ago I regretted it due to the awful white background on the phone call function that used to be black. That made me cautious to do anymore upgrades and luckily I really took a good look at 7 before degrading my experience even further. I’m not sure who this new look is targeted at but I can guess judging the quality of T.V. and music as well as the BIG BUDGET low content of too many of Hollywood’s movies.

  109. BozyKatz says:

    I hate the new iOS 7!!! The apps now look like a Toy-R-Us product. I’m not into this new cartoonish design and layouts…I want the old, more “practical” version back!

  110. Benito says:

    My iphone 4s has the latest ios7 version, and it sucks! My wifi just grayed out, now i can’t use my wifi, i tried all sorts of restore network, restore factory etc.none of them worked. I think apple will go down because of this, i can’t even downgrade to ios 6.1.3, apple sucks, its better when steve jobs was still alive.

  111. Dylan Walker says:

    IPhone 4S has the same specs as the Nokia Lumia 520, both phones were equal in the zero lag factor (untill web browsing, where both lag similar on advanced web pages). Now that iPhone has IOS 7 its so bad and the phone doesn’t even run as smooth, then when my Nokia got the Windows phone 8.1 update I made sure I didn’t make the same mistake and looked into it before clicking update.. Well, I have the 8.1 update now and it works fine, I ended up giving my iPhone to my cousin because I have now officially made the switch to Windows Phones, and those of you who say WPs have no apps, you need to wake up, who has over 500,000 apps on their phones, and besides just get a tablet if you want apps, but id rather play games on my PC.

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