iOS 7 on iPhone 4 rubbished in videos


Last week many of us updated Apple’s iOS 7 to our devices as soon as it became available. There has been plenty of admiration for the new operating system, although some people have rather more mixed feelings. This appears to be the case for iOS 7 on iPhone 4, as it has been rubbished in some videos.

Usually there are some initial teething problems when an operating system upgrade is first released and iOS 7 is no exception. We’ve already reported on some users noticing increased battery drain, especially when using the iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Yesterday we also discussed an apps login problem that exists for some users.

Now some issues with the iPhone 4 on iOS 7 regarding what it lacks have been thrown up in the two videos that you can see below this story. The first is a 7-minute YouTube video that looks specifically at why iOS 7 on iPhone 4 sucks, according to the video reviewer.

The video goes into detail about the negative points of iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and begins with a look at speeds, for instance showing how long it takes the handset to boot up (noticeably slow). It goes on to look at features that are lacking on the camera app, lag on Spotlight, lack of Siri, transparency and animated wallpapers, and much more.

The second video is a 9-minute look that compares iOS 7 on iPhone 4 to the same on the iPhone 5, side by side. This highlights the differences between the two devices when using iOS 7. For instance, this time when booting up next to the iPhone 5, the slowness of the iPhone 4 is more noticeable.

Many more aspects are also shown such as lag on the iPhone 4 compared to the 5. These videos pinpoint why iOS 7 on iPhone 4 doesn’t offer the same experience as with the iPhone 5, and we’d like to hear your views on this.

Do you have an iPhone 4, and if so are you unhappy with what iOS 7 offers on your device? Maybe you wish you’d stayed using iOS 6? Let us know with your comments.


23 thoughts on “iOS 7 on iPhone 4 rubbished in videos”

  1. Benji says:

    Yes I have an iPhone 4 and made the ghastly mistake of downloading the iOS 7. I am now left wondering do I wait patiently for Apple to provide fixes or allow clients to return to iOS 6, or pack it in and jump ship. My iPhone is now ridiculously slow, jerky, it’s crashed, things don’t run properly, battery power is drained at frightening speed and visibility and user-friendliness is greatly reduced due to new formats, display, fonts, faint virtual keyboard etc. Why they decided to allow iOS 7 on to the 4 when the technology is not capable of handling it, makes one question whether this was a mere tactic to force users to upgrade…which is actually a turn-off to someone who was once a loyal customer.

    1. ogzfive says:

      i have the same problem with Benji, my iphone 4 was doing fine until I updated it to iOS 7 🙁 It is lagging very bad, now I cannot play my fave game of candy crush nor browse fearing that it would die again ..now I’m just using my phone on text and calls only 🙁

    2. sounds like a proper fresh install might be the way to go cause some others are not having those sorts of problems also might like to try turning a few things off my 4S was ok but improved alot when i stopped using some of the animations and parallax etc

  2. Boringoldiphone4owner says:

    Er I’m just a normal person and ios 7 seems pretty good to me on my trusty old iphone 4. I imagine it is better on later models but since I don’t have those that doesn’t really matter to me. I like the new OS quite a bit and I’m very pleased I made the plunge. Sorry to be so boring and undemanding.

  3. Jen says:

    My update has caused my phone to be slow and kicks me off all my apps, and its deleted my info on my phone when crashing! I dont really like it its like having a phone that i cant text on as it freezes and i have to wait to type again and low and behold its done it 9 times whilst writing this!

  4. Silverminers says:

    I have an iphone 4 and ios 7 feels like a giant step backwards. Upgrade? More like a downgrade. Looks like it was designed for a 3 year old. Nothing is pleasing to the eye anymore, you strain your eyes just to read any kind of text. I could go on and on but I won’t. It’s a disaster.

  5. Jay says:

    Hate the ISO7 and it’s sad it’s only apple products only work with it ie the USB cable. Looks just a like the windows phone. Some features are good but over all ISO7 is a forced me to sell my phone

  6. Dr. Denis says:

    I have iPhone 4, and iOS 7 was good on it. iOS 6.1.3 was running quite slow in the last few months. Upgrading to iOS 7 actually improved things. Browsing in Safari is certainly faster. Lots of useful features and I love the crisp inner of icons and text. There is an occasional hick up or something but overall it certainly an improvement.
    We’ll done for apple for being brave to make such a step.

    1. Aman says:

      You example doesn’t make sense at all. Comparing an old Toyota to a newer one would have been better. The company remained the same, but just released a new model.

  7. Shanty says:

    The iPhone 4 simply cannot handle iOS 7 – apps take a good second or two to launch once tapped, Safari is agonisingly slow, and let’s not even get started on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Before you suggest I clean up – I have a handful of only the essential apps, no music whatsoever, and a couple dozen photos.

    Wishing I’d resisted the temptation and stayed on iOS 6 :/

  8. Jumped the gun says:

    IPhone 4 with iOS7 – Don’t upgrade – The retina display AND iOS display was one of the main reasons I went with Apple – When you upgrade, the first thing you notice is that everything looks the same now. Like going from nice dialog ui with great gradient shadowed buttons to an iexplorer HTML page. If Apple does not fix this soon ALONG WITH THE LAGGING, I will be looking to replace my phone et. Al. Devices. It hurts my eyes! At least let me downgrade until they fix iOS7.

  9. nothappy says:

    I have had an iphone since the beginning, a very loyal Apple customer. I am a graphic designer and have used Mac computers exclusively. I detest the new system. I have an iPhone 4 that can barely get a text message thru. imessage does not work at all, have to click on the chat bubble and send as regular text. Email takes forever to send or drops completely. Apps keep shutting down. If the iPhone 4 was unable to handle the new software, they should not have offered it to us. Messed up phone now so we should go ahead and buy the 5s? Hmmm….. Forget about it!

  10. John B says:

    If you have not updated yet, DON’T!!!!
    iOS7 is a disaster on my iPhone. Apple blew it big time this time. My family has 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 Macbooks, and 1iMac. This just to tell you how in love we were with Apple.
    The fact they are not giving us an opportunity to test-drive iOS7, and now they won’t even allow us to go back to 6, is the poorest handling of loyal customers, and the scamiest way to force us to buy their new products
    Apple has met it’s end with this family! We are done with Apple… Finished…
    Never again I will buy an Apple product!

  11. John von Ahlen says:

    I now HATE my iphone4 with a passion. iOS7 has turned it into a piece of S#IT!! That’s a shame because I used to really enjoy using my iPhone. It takes AGES for apps to open. Typing anything on the keyboard so painfully SLOOOOW. Sometimes it takes up to 10 seconds for text to appear. This phone is rubbish now. My contract is up next month so now I’m looking forward to getting a Samsung Note. Goodbye iPhone, hello Samsung.

  12. ex apple fan says:

    iOS7 made my iPhone4 ridiculously slow. Cannot use my fav apps, it constantly crashes…Just awesome, I have an iPhone and now I can use it only for calls and texting ( which are also slow!!! ). I hope Apple will fix this soon or I will be looking to replace my phone. And guess what? it ain’t gonna be an iPhone5! cause in max 1 year..maybe they’ll release another ios version which will make iPhone 5 to suck also. Apple logic…

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