GTA V iFruit: iPhone 1 Android nil


There is a growing amount of frustration about the lack of the GTA V iFruit app for Android, although maybe frustration isn’t a strong enough word for some. Apple iPhone users are happily using the app already, and this divide is seen by many GTA V Android gamers as being grossly unfair. At the moment though as far as GTA V iFruit is concerned, it seems to be iPhone 1, Android nil.

GTA V is raking in profits for Rockstar across the globe, but the decision to release the iOS app before the Android app is understandably causing real fury for some Android device owners. This has caused a big debate among GTA V gamers, and we wonder if Rockstar now regrets releasing the iOS app first considering the upset this is causing.

It’s no overstatement to say that some gamers using the Android platform are spitting blood over this. We’ve received many comments from readers about the lack of the Android app and maybe unsurprisingly this has led to some uncompromising remarks.

However, the response doesn’t just concern the GTA V iFruit app itself, but has led to a wider argument about the merits or otherwise of the iOS and Android platforms and even specific devices such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones. Some iOS device users are happy to point out that the Android platform often lags behind when receiving apps. On the other hand the Android contingent are happy to slam the iPhone.

However, some comments do acknowledge the pros and cons of both platforms and remind us that this issue completely stems from Rockstar issuing the app for one platform before the other. More comments came from those who can’t work out what people are getting so worked up about as it’s “just” an app.

It’s evident though, that there are plenty of people who see the lack of the GTA V Android app as a disastrous move by Rockstar, especially considering the market share of the Android platform. There are comments from some who feel that Rockstar has made a deal with Apple to release the iOS app first, and this is an idea that has reared its head several times now.

Whatever the true facts, it does seem a rather contentious move from Rockstar as the feelings of GTA V users with Android devices seem to have been ignored. Considering a release date for the Android app still hasn’t been given, we can only see this issue becoming more inflamed. We’re always interested to hear from our readers via the comments box, and we’d like your input on this.

Do you think the GTA V iFruit app only being available on iOS puts it a mark up against the Android platform? Maybe you’re one of the many GTA V Android users who are annoyed about the lack of the app on your platform? Perhaps you feel this is not an iOS vs. Android issue and think that the situation is simply unfair, regardless of which platform received the app first?


88 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit: iPhone 1 Android nil”

  1. NachoKingP says:

    Umm….are you seriously asking if someone would buy an iPhone over an Android device because they can only get the iFruit app on iOS? Yes, as an Android owner, I’m frustrated that I can’t use this app to enhance my character, but it’s hardly a platform-changing feature. I’ll probably use it for a few weeks of my life, tops. Once my dog is trained, my car is fully tricked out and all my store discounts are gotten, there’s really no reason to use the app.

      1. NachoKingP says:

        Call me when you can install launchers, use NFC, charge wirelessly, install an SD card, and not have to use that crappy iTunes software. 😉

        1. NativeSon says:

          Well stated, NachoKing. I couldn’t have replied any better. Then again, as a iPhail user, I’m sure Randel is a typical fanboi concerned only with image and pricetag.

  2. rosie says:

    Obviously everyone at rockstar have a iphone
    to me iphones suck anyway i will always have a android not because of expense but because they are simply better to use

    1. babybenno says:

      Firstly, iPhones DO NOT suck, you don’t like them, but that doesn’t make them suck. As I type this on my HTC, i find that it lags, connection is randomly lost, and my phone crashes. This is the reason why people say android isn’t as good as iOS. My phone costs £75, and an iphone costs £500, so I don’t see why apple users comair them.

      1. b1gdeano says:


        Maybe the reason that your HTC is lagging and not very good is that it is an entry level one at £75? No way should that be used to compare to an iPhone. But compare a fully fledged Android, and they quite frankly piss all over Apples poor offering of a smartphone!

  3. Dom says:

    Rockstar should be ashamed of themselves. There is clearly a deal with Apple behind the scenes and my CHOP is not a happy dog!!! Pull your finger out Rockstar

  4. Richard Michael Freeze says:

    Rockstar’s choosing to not have the app ready for Android devices is a mark against them for the sole fact that they kind of alienate an entire user base and do not let people get the full part of the game. Yeah, it is a play on the iphone in the game but that does not mean that it solely has to go to the Iphone users.

  5. tntmurda says:

    This is bs. I kept a small amount of faith with ro kstar and had my fingers crossed, that they would have the android/windows version complete by the time they released online. I’ve always been a fan of rockstar games… buying limited / special editions everytime… I’m not the only one.

    And to learn that they probably wont reset the servers to keep it fair for all customers…. now licence plates are limited for the rest of us. Will I get any of the plates I want? Probably not. This killing my want to play the game

  6. Jacques says:

    Ironically, Rockstar always seems to poke fun of consumerism, particularly in GTA titles (especially when you take note of the ridiculous iFruid mock up billboard ads all over San Andreas), yet still chose to apparently reward the very thing they always seem adamant to blatantly tease.

    At least for Android users, GTAV just isn’t a complete game without the iFruit companion app. There is no way whatsoever to train Chop, so he is constantly leaving piles of crap around Franklin’s otherwise noteworthy estate and, now that GTA Online is live, there is an entire demographic of GTA players who cannot create their custom license plate for their online vehicles.

    It would have been a wise decision to at least make these features available to ALL players via the Social Club website or perhaps some other means (like the downloadable GTAV Map software) but–seeing as how Rockstar doesn’t even seem to care enough to give us a relative idea of when these features may become available–it certainly seems like a big “F**k you” to Android users and the majority of the mobile and tablet demographic altogether who were all so happy and willing to help Rockstar meet their current (and, frankly, ridiculously absurd) profit numbers.

  7. Phantom240 says:

    I’m seriously considering not buying any other Rockstar game, if the Android app never comes out, or if it comes out in like December. That’s uncalled for in a game that took five years to develop.

    1. NativeSon says:

      It’s a free app that has nothing to do with how the game is played. I applaud your Android support (Down with Crapple!), but this is an unnecessary item in the grand scheme of things. Do yourself and everyone else a favor… buckle down, play the game, enjoy the hell out of it and get over yourself. IT’S JUST AN APP!

  8. Jon says:

    It is annoying not being able to use the full extent of the game as an android user. I also believe that Rockstar should have come out with all aspects of the game instead of releasing it and then making you wait to use the rest. I don’t however believe that it an issue that everyone needs to get so pissed off about. It is only a game after all. Secondly making the jump to an andriod vs iphone issue is freaking rediculous as for some iphone is easier and sure there are more apps available to apple users and the platform is simple enough my 4yr old could run one with her eyes closed. As Andriod may not have as many apps and as simple of a platform, it is more geared towards adults and business professionals allowing you better access to apps of that nature as opposed to games. However, the fact that Rockstar has come out and told everyone that an app was going to be available to andriod users and has not been made available does question the integrity of the company as a whole and should have been seeking to rectify the problem well before the release date. All of the above considered GTA 5 is still an amazing game with incredible detail and realism that I have not seen in a game yet and I am impressed by what has been done. And for all you wankers out there whinnig like little b*tches because your phone won’t work with your game…..get a f*cking life and maybe just maybe a job so your not glued to a VIDEO GAME all the time and you may become a useful member of society.

    1. Scott Keith says:

      There shouldn’t even be an app… you shouldn’t be *required* to own an iPhone OR an Android to be able to play a console game to its full capability…

      1. Agreed. It was a nice idea in theory, but it does fall over in practice. If every phone in the world handled apps natively, and “brick” phones and feature phones no longer existed, it would have been an awesome idea.

    2. Robert Campbell says:

      I agree with everthing stated here. Tho i would like to say that they should have atleast come out with pc first before the phones.

    3. dandan1986 says:

      The basic point is rockstar are favouring ios users over android which to some people at extreme levels could be interpreted as some sort of techno discrimination. Why is an iPhone user getting more for their money? Do rockstar value an ios users custom over mine? I paid full whack for the game so because I don’t have an iPhone I don’t deserve full productivity That’s what it boils down to and as for your decent member of society bullshit that’s a little deep don’t u fink? I’m not boycotting rockstar or anything yes gta v is a great game but I can’t lie and say I’m not annoyed that an iPhone user has unfairly got first dibs on content I’ve paid for and I’m not recieving. If it doesn’t bother you then great…. Nice one good for you now don’t let it bother you that it bothers me.

  9. Freddie says:

    I find it funny that so many people are so upset about an App that is there, literally just for extra content. It is not something that is essential to how the game plays and does not effect any progress you can make in the game. It is literally just an extra option that you can use if you would like to.

    There are people that don’t have smartphones at all, but I don’t see anyone without a smartphone complaining. They have no access to apps at all but they can still play the game and enjoy it just as much as everyone else because it doesn’t require you to use the App at all.

    I’m an Android user and, yes, it is unfortunate that we don’t yet have the app available but it’s not going to make me boycott Rockstar or not play GTA 5 until it comes out. The game is too damn good to give up because the lack of an app.

    A lot of this is just overreaction as well as unnecessary complaints because no one can find anything else wrong with the game itself.
    The game is amazing with, or without the extra app.

    1. Stefan says:

      What you’re seeing are the reactions of the “Entitled Generation.” These kids have nothing else to complain about other than when they don’t get what everyone else was given, then they slander up and down to obtain the free stuff for themselves at the cost of their own dignity. It’s retarded and makes me consider the prospect of leaving the ‘First World’ before these kids are in charge of anything, appealing to their lesser egos.

      The old mantra, “Enough is never enough.” should be stamped into the foreheads of everyone who complains about GTA V Online or this GTA V App, without first fully understanding the legal background and technical issues at hand.

  10. NativeSon says:

    Interesting… I have an Android device (Nexus 4) and I couldn’t care whether I even use the app or not. I’ve already received my 100% achievement, played through story mode twice, and am now enjoying GTA-O without issue. I have no idea why people are whining about free crap.

    1. goonie says:

      It wasn’t free. I pad 59.99 for it…..and I can’t even get the instruciton manual? Thats not free. I paid for it. The app is in the same boat.

      1. k1ska says:

        Do you really need an instruction manual? Google will help with that. I understand people being annoyed because the dog training thing, but to be so upset because of an instruction manual is kind of stupid… What happened to gamers who learned how to play games by actually playing the games?

  11. Martyn says:

    I’m an android user, always have been and always will be. That said, I fall into the “its only an app” camp. Yeah it’d be nice to have it, but I’m not gonna lose sleep.
    However, I think this deal struck with apple really has legs. There’s a working iPhone app and has been for some time. A company the size of rockstar is unable to port it to android? If they gave me the source code, with an ad on freelancer and £50 I could have a working app in about twenty minutes. Why not even a statement? Its not like its some obscure operating system. I can’t be arsed to google the figures as I don’t care that much, but we’re looking at a major market share. All seems a little suss to me.

    1. Franklin says:

      Dude… if you have the app, he can become an attack dog on missions and search for GTA’s Hidden Packages. Without it, you really just have the option to throw a ball for him. Sounds a little more useful than something that falls into the “just an app” category.

      1. Lifian says:

        agreed i feel i am paying the same as an apple user for half a game based on the phone i chose to you

        i feel its a bit like paying for a train from where i live to london only to be kicked off half way because my trainers arnt nike

  12. It’s not an iOS vs Android issue at all. It’s simply a stuff up by Rockstar. They failed to complete the Android app in time, and released the iOS version anyway. It left a large portion of paying players short of features in the game, and has left them frustrated.

    I’m not annoyed that the Android version isn’t out yet, it’s more the lack of communication from Rockstar on the issue. An update on the progress via Rockstar Newswire would be nice.

    1. goonie says:

      They didn’t even have the common courtesy to give us an instruction manual…..An instruction manual. That is what they think about us. IOS got the manual. Ios got the app, but not android.

  13. boby brown says:

    u know i would have been fine with this if the GTAV game itself didnt tell me i can download it on my smartphone.. i have a “smartphone” but because its android i cant get the app… GG Rockstar..

  14. Rizzo says:

    Once bitten twice shy!!! with more android users I reckon we should all return the games to teach them a lesson…treat ALL PAYING CUSTOMERS THE SAME. Once hit with a loss of revenue they will soon have the app available.

  15. ed says:

    Im sure rockstar have taken a back hand payment from apple, to make sure ios got ifruit first, infact i think apple have been doing this alot. To try and aggravate android users into switching… ill happily wait although something smells about ios getting big releases first, google get your hand in your fat ebay youtube and android owning pocket and outbid apples crumbling empire next time.

  16. Coca27 says:

    It’s unfortunate that this happened but we can’t change it. But I do agree with folks about it being released to ios first, it’s bs. They need to treat them equally seeing as how andriod users play just as much as apple users. Hopefully rockstar gets it together soon so they we can start our games over and retrain chop and make some stupid license plates

  17. adken says:

    Just another step turning rockstar into EA, n ethics of fairness, poor servers, money grabbing microtransactions… weve already lived through multiple dlc which was ‘ready’ on release but held back to make ea dollars!

    I know its too late as ive purchased gta5 already but I dont think I will be giving rockstar ea games any more of my money.

  18. Tommo D says:

    Possibly released it for iOS due to them making an imitation of there phone ‘iFrtuit’. They must of contacted Apple and made some sort of deal to release to them first hence ifruit and then release the gta v app when gta 6 is released.

  19. dan s says:

    Im sick of game companies desrespecting loyal customers erm hello we pay your wages but yet us android users are forced to wait because some of us dont want a generic iphone like EVERYONE else has cmon rockstar get it together first this now gta online hasnt been anticipated apparently!!!!

  20. Lifian says:

    I think its disgusting, i payed the same amount as every 1 to get a chunk of the game missing due to the phone i use. this should not come in to it at all when playing a game on ps3 iv not been able to use the dog as i can train it bad move by Rockstar and there lack of info or caring just makes this hole thing a little more insulting

  21. goonie says:

    If you want to fight back this is how. Buy their games used. Buying a used game is worse then piracy to Rockstars bottom line. Rockstar does not make a single dime off of used game sales. DO NOT BUY DLC. Rockstar makes 80% of the profit on DLC. If they can’t respect us enough to give us an instruction manual then that shows you what they think about you. They can’t give us an estimate or time frame then they can’t get our money. I guarantee they won’t get my money for DLC this is ridiculous.

    1. Senna4ever says:

      Of course Rockstar make money from USED games…as they were once USED someone already paid for them.
      So how is a game being paid for worse then piracy again?

  22. Stefan says:

    What we’re seeing here are the reactions of the “Entitled Generation.” These kids have nothing else to complain about other than when they don’t get what everyone else was given, then they slander up and down to obtain the free stuff for themselves at the cost of their own dignity. It’s retarded and makes me consider the prospect of leaving the ‘First World’ before these kids are in charge of anything, appealing to their lesser egos.

    The old mantra, “Enough is never enough.” should be stamped into the foreheads of everyone who complains about GTA V Online or this GTA V App, without first fully understanding the legal background and technical issues at hand.

    Rockstar (aka R*), you guys and gals are genuine Rock Stars for putting together such a technical achievement such as GTA V. Thank you so much for all of your years of hard work and dedication to the series. Furthermore, I understand your lack of a response to these people’s complaints, as they aren’t worthy of a dignifiable response, other than the lesson of patience through your unnerving silence.

    Everyone who’s complaining, consider this: For a mere $59, you’re experiencing something you would have had to spend $285,000,000 of your own money and entirely on your own merits, to create for yourself over a period of 6 years. If you’re too young, unemployed, or are overly entitled, to understand what that latter number equates to: It’s roughly 6,420 YEARS of work for the average American household. You should be thankful for the entertainment value R* has created for you and shared with you out of their own dedication to this series.

    1. “For a mere $59”

      Except for the fact that some paid $79 for the Special Edition and $149 for the Collector’s Edition. The old mantra “The customer is always right” trumps everything you said.

      1. Stefan says:


        A.) $59 is the cost of the game itself; The extra $20 or $90 was for extras that in some way complimented the game.

        B.) The consumer is not always right. That specific phrase is rooted in, and has been reserved for big box retail spaces to alleviate political concerns over lost profits due to frivolous arguments between consumers and retailers; ergo, otherwise resulting in the loss of repeat business transactions and soiled appeal. It actually serves no merit within your argument, and henceforth was never meant to relate to the manufacturer / end-consumer relationship.

        Allow me the opportunity to prove, or otherwise benefit, your point: What industry do you work in?

        1. The extra $$ for content is irrelevant. The fact is people paid varied amounts for the product, so the notion that EVERYONE paid the same amount of $59 as implied is incorrect and null.

          And yes, the customer is always right. You said these customers are not “worthy” of a dignifiable response and you think Rockstar is not responding to their complaints, yet you’re clearly in the dark and know nothing of what you’re talking about. They’ve been responding to customers on their official website, the message boards, and on their Twitter accounts ever since the game was released. In fact, the recent title update for the game, which unlocked GTA Online, contained several bug fixes that they discovered through customer complaints on their website. Rockstar like any other company adheres to customer satisfaction, because at the end of the day its in their goal list to create the best product possible.

          I don’t know what industry you work in where the source of income (the customer) can be thrown to the side like unnecessary extras, but that’s not how it works in most aspects of capitalism.

    2. maca2kx says:

      You’ve completely missed the point. Perhaps you think it’s acceptable that only a portion of GTA players can access sections of the game that they paid for but thankfully a lot of Android owners don’t. Personally, I also feel annoyed for the people who own neither iPhone nor Android.

      I’ll be the first to praise Rockstar; their games are almost always fantastic and their dedication is evident. Unfortunately that dedication wasn’t present when organising the apps and as consumers we have a right to say what we expect for our money.

      I really hope you don’t work in customer service. Their silence is just aggravating matters. I’ll agree some complaints have been far too vehement but the point is valid: my £40 is effectively worth less than my friend’s £40 because he owns an iPhone and I don’t. That’s unequal whichever way you look at it and all Rockstar is doing is buying time with their vagueness.

      The fact that they spent an insane amount of money on the game is irrelevant; they made $800,000,000 on the first day. They topped a billion in five days. They may be dedicated to the series and their work does indeed entertain us but they’re hardly doing it out of a philanthropic need to please the masses and the sales figures and the fact that they’re offering micro transactions shows that. It’s fine, they are a business after all, but it’s not really fair to allude that they’re making the games as a kindness.

      This isn’t a case of crying because the neighbour kid got a bike and we didn’t; it’s closer to buying the same model only to find yours only has one pedal.

      As for online I’m not really complaining about the server issues although I know many are. Personally I find it hilarious that even after so many botched online launches due to overloaded servers developers can still throw their hands in the air after a disastrous day one and say “we didn’t expect this many people would want to play the game online!”

      1. Stefan says:

        It’s entirely fair to elude to the fact that they’re making the games out of kindness. Rockstar made $1B. Leslie Benzies and the hundreds of human beings behind the product did not. I’m sure they have company stock, but the stock didn’t get much of a bump on the days following release.

        Otherwise, the app is not an integral part of the game. Anything but integral, is extra in my book. Who cares if you can play as a dog…awesome. As an ‘extra’ it’s not comparable to a pedal, but more so the tassels on the handlebars.

        As for online, I agree. They should have over-anticipated, rather than under. They also said they didn’t expect to make $800M on day one…but yet GTAV was never on back-order, to my knowledge. They fully expected and produced for $1B+ in revenue.

        I get that we as consumers have a right to raise concerns when there’s a legitimate lack of luster in a product we buy, or when something is shipped broke, or breaks before it’s expected to. However, in my eyes, to complain as strongly and as disrespectfully as some people have done is plain nonsense. There’s still a $285M game in my living room and through I can’t play as the dog, I can still do a hell of a lot for my $59.

        1. maca2kx says:

          I’ll be honest, that’s a much more reasonable response than expected so thank you for being cordial. I completely agree that there have been some people who have taken their response way overboard advocating returning their copy of the game or encouraging others to pirate or buy
          used to deprive Rockstar of more money. Even though their reaction was excessive I maintain their point was valid. Personally I posted on Rockstar’s site to voice my displeasure and they responded to me quickly and specifically thanked me for being eloquent. During my post I did posit a deal with Apple and that may be something to do with their reply (they seem to respond to a lot of people mentioning that possibility) but that’s by the by.

          Regarding the profits of the title sure the individual people behind the game didn’t become billionaires overnight but that doesn’t take away the fact that they’re taking home a pay cheque. They’re lucky enough to do that by indulging
          in what is a fantasy job for many and by bringing us wonderful entertainment but they’re still people with bills to pay. If Rockstar wasn’t paying them they would move on to something that would. As far as the app not being integral is concerned that’s fair enough. It is, however, a free optional extra. The functionality of the app is included within the purchase of the game but the access is only granted with Apple’s fancy box. I’d still say it’s closer to the pedal: you can still use the bike with a pole sticking out where the pedal should be but it’s less fun. Having said that I don’t know if many can say it’s ok that Rockstar didn’t include a manual unless you have an iPhone or PC;
          delaying the Android release for that is… confusing.

          And I’m still waiting for online.

    3. So you think that simply because Rockstar went and worked really, really hard on this game, that because it isn’t delivering the quality that’s set out by consumer expectations and/or industry standards, that we should all lie down and shut up?

      No. If I buy a product that does not deliver what is promised in full, I am entitled to voice my dissatisfaction. You talk about “entitlement” as if it’s a bad thing, that we shouldn’t be entitled. But guess what? We are. As paying consumers in a capitalist society, it’s our right to lodge a complaint if a product isn’t up to scratch.

      As maca2kx rightly said, suppose you buy a bike. You get it home and it only has one pedal. You ring the company and their response is: “Oh, we’re working really hard to manufacture that right-pedal and we’ll deliver it to you as soon as possible” – you’d be pissed. It’s the same gig with iFruit on Android.

      1. Stefan says:

        Look, as a consumer I feel somewhat shorted, but I’m not going to get in a tiff and storm out of the room stomping my feet and throwing fisticuffs at Rockstar. The Android app will be released, so I can be patient. I understand under-the-table marketing deals and kick-backs that consumers are not meant to be informed about…I’m a marketing professional and can relate to this sort of thing. Who knows, it could have been a make-or-break deal for using the lower-case ‘i’ in ‘iFruit’. Rockstar may have signed a deal for a certain length of time to run the app only on iOS, to insure the ‘i’ was there and that it fully filled the aspect of ‘taking the piss out of the iPhone within the games satirical atmosphere.’

        However, the argument and the complaints have already been launched, so again I’m not going to get worked up over aspects so small and insignificant, as they do not effect gameplay at all.

        As I stated to maca2kx, the app is not an integral part of the game. Anything but integral, is ‘extra’ in my book. Who cares if you can play as a dog…awesome. As an ‘extra’ it’s not comparable to a pedal, but more so the tassels on the handlebars.

        1. Whether it’s the tassels, pedals or a tiny mario sticker on the frame – it’s still missing. You can categorize it as an “extra” but you’ve effectively still paid for functionality you’re not receiving.

          I’m a quality assurance professional, and we develop processes within our businesses that is supposed to stop this kind of thing from happening. Product spec, design, development, verification, validation, delivery and customer satisfaction. All key areas of 9001:2008, along with various others.

          When you develop a product to a specification or design – even if that design is your own – if you deliver that product and it does not match the requirements, it falls into non-conformance. The iFruit app, Chop and custom plates are part of the product that the consumer has paid for, that are outlined in the product’s design. You can’t just wave them off as “extras”, because they’re not.

    4. William says:

      Careful, old man, your generational bias is showing. GTA V is the greatest game ever made. I agree. But it still has nothing to do with an issue regarding false advertisement and disgusting market pandering. Unfortunately, any project that is cross-media and any project that is this ridiculously popular is going to hit some corporate roadblocks. The real issue is Rockstar’s lack of accountability regarding this matter; you can’t just stick your fingers in your ears and sing until it goes away. It just makes people more “entitled” and frustrated. No one likes being ignored because they have a different phone from someone else.

  23. Joe rogan says:

    I have NEVER seen so many angry kids complain about training their IN GAME DOG.
    Is this really that big of a deal that you need to return the GTA 5, insult Rockstar’s way of business, or stop buying any more of Rockstar’s products? Get over it.

    These Android fans love complaining about everything. Only android fans…

  24. Zeronightwing says:

    here is what I find amazing…. that people are so narrow minded. its not that the dog is the issue, or that people miss out on the games little nuances ….. what’s getting to the boiling point is that marketing is supposed to be equal and fair to all parties…. not just to creators preference…. if they wanted to build a big game (which they did) and have everyone fall in love with it (which they have) then they need to be fair to all parties its only expected…. yet they did show subtle interests in the iPhone, (in game) they speak of the I fruit….funny how that sounds like a iPhone…. and how much better it is at everything…. and down on all droid references, when its pointed out and android users show a right amount of outrage on getting skewed for their experiences and money…..then people refer to them as children… the android has bugs yes, but even on a androids worse day its not locked down, its not blinded tight with contracts … its not randomly sending your information to random parties and federal tangents who just ask for it with a smile…. and to do anything really good for it you have to pay out the ass or risk a huge fine…. all the way across the board they should have better thought out their release strategy to avoid negative PR… and I as a rock star fan and a android user must say I am if nothing else desturbed by their lack of a solid market strategy…. and as far as asking for a refund for a game is a little ridiculous, however they should not have released a game that advertises a app for everyone to use then only give it to the 3% of the population still being robbed by the apple corporation. False advertisement.

    1. “they speak of the I fruit….funny how that sounds like a iPhone”

      I’m pretty sure that iFruit is supposed to be taking the piss out of iPhones/Apple. Just as LiveInvader is taking the piss out of FaceBook. It’s nothing more than cultural reference humor.

      1. Zeronightwing says:

        it would normally be so harmless of there was something counter acting it…. at this point it’s border line slander, and looking more and more likea apple push to save a dying company

          1. LiveTrash says:

            He’s just someone who doesn’t do his research and talks out his ass to try and get attention, obviously.

        1. Apple has lost some market dominance with Smart Phones, but they’re still incredibly strong. They still make a lot of money through selling digital music, films, audiobooks etc. They still sell lots of Macs for commercial purposes, specifically audio/video production. iPad sales are strong, even with Galaxy Tabs.

          Hell, Microsoft can’t even break into the tablet market. The Surface models did horrendously bad. They had to start flogging them cheap to limit loses.

          Apple is in no way dying.

  25. Davie says:

    Is it not just more likely to assume that since iFruit is so clearly iPhone/Apple that they could get sued to f*ck over this and that the compromise was that they can use this name in return for exclusivity on the app for a set period of time

    1. Stefan says:

      Apple has definitely been known to sue over the use of an ‘i’ in front of any capital letter word in a logo, brand name, or image. I’m sure they signed a short-term exclusivity deal and have decided to just avoid the heat from Android users for the time being. What they under-estimated most, was the patience of people and lack of understanding of business principals (and how to avoid a lawsuit while still getting what you want.)

      I’d rather have an immersive in-game experience with part of the game I interact with on a daily basis (the iFruit phone), rather than train a dog to fetch faster and bite people.

  26. Izaak says:

    iCr*p more like, this is boring, I just want it on my Android so bad, but I will just have to wait, what can you do? Rockstar aren’t going to release for weeks maybe, so well just get over the fact we are not getting it till later.

  27. Frank Høvin says:

    Since the game continually mentions the app and what you can do with it, it’s a disastrous move. In fact, it’s more or less pissing the customers in the face. I’m no longer playing GTA V, and I don’t plan to take it up again.

      1. Frank Høvin says:

        Heh. I am NOT a fanboy, so if you’re trying to offend me by insinuating that I’m a poor fanboy, I take that as a compliment. And yes – if a game publisher choses to make a feature available to only half their players, it’s completely unacceptable.

        1. MakejoD says:

          Late man… you are ready buy the Game… if you dont game anymore is better for they, couse they are having problem with the servers because there are a lot of gamers… XD

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