Talking Angela app bad for kids debate


We always like to bring readers news on apps and one app that has caused a certain amount of consternation is the Talking Angela app. This is popular with kids but seems to divide opinion and has caused a fair amount of debate. Today we’re asking whether the Talking Angela app is bad for kids.

The idea of the app surrounds a cat in Paris that likes to be treated as a princess. Kids can really get a lot of enjoyment out of looking after Angela and making her happy, and there’s no doubt that plenty of Talking Angela users have got a lot of pleasure from the app.

Talking Angela requires microphone access so that kids can talk with Angela, who can then answer back. However, this has been a concern to many parents and there have been plenty of warnings not to use the app. Some people have urged parents to delete the app amid claims that the app has asked children inappropriate questions.

Some warnings also said that the app was secretly taking pictures of children and went as far as saying the app is dangerous. Others though said that these were fake warnings and people were scaremongering because there was nothing wrong with Talking Angela.

We first discussed this earlier this year and checked the app out for ourselves, but couldn’t find anything that was of particular concern. It was clear from comments that that some kids really loved the app, but there were also some parents who urged that the app should be deleted because the content was unsuitable for children.

If you want to check out the app for yourself then the iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. It’s free and available at iTunes here. The Android version can be found at Google Play here and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 or later.

What we’d like to know is whether readers still feel the Talking Angela app is okay to download and install on their kids devices considering the two sides of the debate? Maybe your kids really love this app and you’ve found nothing wrong with it? Alternatively, maybe you feel that the Talking Angela app is inappropriate for children to use? Perhaps you feel that these apps should no longer be made available? Let us have your comments on this.


28 thoughts on “Talking Angela app bad for kids debate”

  1. Lily Rosa says:

    App has a child mode! Duh, so the children just need to use the child mode so they don’t get very bad personal questions, and talking cats aren’t real, duh!

    1. WERA says:

      i think the talking angela should be deleted.. its for our and kids protection ppl or kids think its fake well let them be and let them use it ! i think they should delete it because its not safe trust me and a lil girl was asked personal stuff and even knew what she was doing if she would lie the guy from talking angela knew she was lieng and knew where she wAS HONESTLY!!! THAST JUST CREEPY AND BUNCH OF HACKERS!!!

      1. girly says:

        Did someone died from this gAme some peek said it’s scary I don’t have that game but trust me it’s is real why do people even have it that’s just dumm I think talking Angela should be deleted

  2. girly86 says:

    Personally i don’t like it. I have urged other parents not to use it. It is inappropriate for children. My 8 year old daughter wanted it, i downloaded it and put it in child mode. She changed it and got asked her name, age, whereabouts and what school she goes to. She was asked what type of knickers she likes to wear?! It asked if she liked Amy Winehouse and continued to talk about how shed died and if it made her sad?! It also makes nasty comments and i think the fact that it uses the camera is unsettling for parents too.

  3. Anime freak says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Talking Angela asks questions like: what underwear are you wearing, where do you live, what’s your name, do your parents ruin your life, do you have a boyfriend ext. once she insisted on talking about sex.

    Not only that, but it also takes a secret photo when you press the heart at the bottom. Also, this game is sexist, saying my mum is a servant, I would guess that is the usual feminist myth. She also wears in appropriate clothes. Sure, usually in apps like this they won’t wear anything at all (as she’s a cat) the part I am disgusted in is the fact you can put knee length stockings on her, which is no doubt a slutty act. She also has a make up action called: flirty make up which makes it even worse. Oh, and you can touch her butt and she will tell you off….????

    Rumors have been spread about this app taking 70 dollars of a downloaders account, this might be fake, but don’t take chances. This app is incredibly inappropriate for kids, and kids are the main audience, as the makers of the app know. Do not download and warn everyone you know.

  4. buhaaa says:

    I have this app and few minutes ago I asked her: Are you hacked?
    She said:Of course I am. Then she asked: Is your front cam working? I cant see you
    Luckily I dont have a front camera

  5. Teigan taylor says:

    If u look really closely at the eye of talking angela u can see a man my 11 year old daughter was on it and it said do u have big boobs she said u are rude the cat then went I am rude in bed so that is inappropriate for children

  6. kayla says:

    Yeah look into the eye CLOSLEY and you will see a bedroom and a man and she asked me hey do you have a boyfriend go into bed with him and you will feel great and that is when I shut. Down the app and warned my friends and family

  7. Jam n Jello says:

    You’ll see a wall full of posters and sometimes an old man(Pervert). He’ll ask you personal info and take pic of u. Uninstall ASAP. Kind warnings from Jam n Jello

  8. Jessie says:

    The picture in her eye is animation to make her eye look real. So they made a reflection in her eye like a real human or cat. They just made that particular room for the animation. I have the app nothing has happened.

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