Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the past videos


The Samsung Galaxy Gear release date was recently announced and coincided with the launch for the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Now we have the first ads for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch to show you on video, and to be frank they look like something from the past.

The Galaxy Gear is now hitting shelves in regions worldwide, but it remains to be seen if Samsung has done enough to persuade people it’s more than a gimmick device. The Galaxy Gear price is also receiving criticism, but it’s still likely to find buyers, especially as many people are drawn to new gadgets that offer something a little different or futuristic.

With that in mind we do wonder at the wisdom of the new ads from Samsung for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The ads scream ‘nostalgia’ and we’re not sure that’s a good connection to make with something that Samsung wants us to think of as ‘cutting-edge.’

In the first Samsung Galaxy Gear video that we’ve embedded for you below this story, we’re shown plenty of clips from old TV shows of people wearing all different kind of space-age watch devices. The tagline for the ad is “A long time coming,” and clips from The Jetsons, Star Trek, Dick Tracy, Knight Rider and many more are shown.

At the end the ad cuts to modern day and a woman checking her Galaxy Gear and saying she’s on her way, just like many of the characters in the old TV clips with their smart watches. In the second Galaxy Gear video below we’re shown the “Evolution” of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, with a closer look at the watch devices in the old TV shows mentioned above, as well as many more.

The ads are a great trip back in time and will have many of us happily remembering our younger days. Nevertheless, we’re still not convinced that reminding us of old devices that seemed high-tech and revolutionary back then is a great way of tempting us to buy something that’s supposed to be ultramodern now.

Of course, you may disagree and think that a trip down memory lane is a good way of showing off the Galaxy Gear and makes it look more innovative by comparison. Take a look at the videos below and tell us what you think. Would these ads tempt you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

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