HTC One Android 4.3 update on AT&T could start today


We know that there are many HTC One owners out there who are waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for the Android 4.3 update. There’s now some promising news about the HTC One Android 4.3 update on AT&T as it looks as though the rollout could arrive at some point today.

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One has been slowly rolling out for owners in various regions and on different carriers, and last week we informed AT&T owners of the news that HTC America president Jason Mackenzie had tweeted some information on this.

In a tweet he posted that the update had now been certified for the AT&T HTC One and that it could start arriving from this week. Following this Jason Mackenzie has now come up with further news on Twitter. When somebody responded to the initial tweet about the update for the HTC One on AT&T Mackenzie replied that it “should start on Tuesday,” which of course is today.


Mackenzie didn’t clarify any particular time for the update to begin rolling out other than Tuesday, and of course there’s that word “should” to consider. Nevertheless this is a promising indicator that the HTC One 4.3 update could appear later today for AT&T customers.

HTC has also stated that the update should arrive for T-Mobile HTC One owners by mid-October, and with Verizon customers by the end of October. AT&T customers will see major benefits with the update for their HTC One smartphones, not only from the upgraded Jelly Bean, but also with improvements to HTC Sense.

We’d really like to hear from readers of the AT&T HTC One. If you receive the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for your phone today, do please let us know by sending your comments. Will you be eagerly checking your phone for the update throughout the day?


314 thoughts on “HTC One Android 4.3 update on AT&T could start today”

  1. pixie_889 says:

    I have an AT&T HTC One and after reading your article I checked my phone for an update. It said “your phone is currently up to date, check back in 7hrs 35min.”. Hopefully I can download it in the afternoon.

  2. Ray Aguirre says:

    It’s 8:47am in Boston. Nothing yet. I’ve checked 3 times. Though I know realistically, given the time differences, I might not see anything until at least noon. I’m still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. UGH!

    1. Kumar says:

      Hi, how did you check multiple times? If I check the at&t update once.. it doesn’t let me for 24 hrs.. is there a tweak? Greatly appreciate if you can share..

        1. rambdmax says:

          @AFXTWIN Duh! You dingus. That option is only if you have HTC one dev ed/ international ed HTC one. For ATT you NEED to check the ATT sw update option.

        2. rambdmax says:

          @AFXTWIN Duh! You dingus. That option is only if you have HTC one dev ed/ international ed HTC one. For ATT you NEED to check the ATT sw update option.

      1. Ray Aguirre says:

        You can work the clock forward for AT&T updates on your phone. Just check the date to the next day and check for the update. But each time you have to pick another day in advance. But this update will not be an AT&T update because the carrier isn’t pushing 4.3, HTC is. So it’s under software update. I gave instructions on getting there, above.

  3. Vamsi Shankavaram says:

    Have been checking since midnight… no updates yet… (0854 hrs NY).
    Getting the update would be equivalent to winning a small lottery…

  4. Aaron Friedman says:

    Timing is great. I just bought my HTC One last night and already being updated to the latest available version of Android!. There is someone looking out for me out there.

    1. Mitchell Toland Jr. says:

      I’ve been resisting hitting the check for update button for that very reason. Waiting to see someone say they’ve got it lol

      1. Vamsi Shankavaram says:

        Someone somewhere is sittings and playing a cruel joke on all of us… AT&T should stop munching popcorn and do some work for a change….

  5. DanielleArredondo says:

    To check multiple times in 24 hours go into settings>time and date>network time (unchecked box and manually change date to next calendar date). Then go back and hit software update button again. Once done go back and recheck the network time box to go back to correct date and time.

      1. Vamsi Shankavaram says:

        what’s this 24 hour wait thing ?
        I don’t get any such message on my phone even though I have checked multiple times since this morning.

    1. Captain Awesome Pants says:

      Instead of clicking the software thing from settings, click About. Then click software update. There won’t be any more waiting. But I still don’t have it…

  6. Ray Aguirre says:

    People are posting about 256mb update from AT&T. This update is regarding the expansion in markets in their 4G LTE. This update was actually released close to two months ago. Checking android software update would not be part of an AT&T update because HTC is pushing it this time, so the 4.3 update would be related directly to the device. Go to settings>about>software update>check for update. It has NOT been pushed yet.

          1. Captain Awesome Pants says:

            Sounds like it. Hopefully it’ll make its way to the east coast sometime soon.

          2. Mohamed Elhalbi says:

            Yeah that’s pretty much the size of the update’s file.. Thanks for the heads ups…. we r still waiting here in the North East!!

        1. Henry says:

          I just told you I’m in Seattle! I bought an unlocked HTC from HTC directly but I use AT&T as provider.

          No updates were available till I checked today

  7. Vamsi Shankavaram says:

    Apparently it has not been released yet for AT&T and its just some minor update to get the software to 1.26.502.15 (Software Number, it can be found at Settings – > about – > Software Information

    1. rambdmax says:

      Dude that was released a month back to update the drivers for the radios! This one should be under phone update and not ATT sw update apparently

  8. txguy says:

    Can someone confirm this?

    Mohamed Elhalbi :
    “Just to clarify again guys!! It is under software update not AT&T software update!! It has not been pushed yet!!”

      1. henry says:

        It looks the same so far, but i installed it for about 5 minutes now.The camera looks the same. I dont see anything noticeably different…

        Where should i Look?

    1. aRok99 says:

      If your out of the AT&T network I don’t believe the update would get pushed to you. You may never get it, you might need to download and install. But i’m not sure, just a guess.

          1. henry says:

            About Section. No notifications to update. I just went there and it prompted me to start.

          1. Kevin Elestevy Jimenez says:

            oh thanks. i want to unlick mine but ive had some trouble. we´ll just have to wait and see when the updates gets to us :S

  9. Henry says:

    I’ve noticed one difference, All my icons on my dashboard is copied and placed into my app menu. Dont know if that’s a good thing.

    Also, a new icon called “Play Games” appeared that just links you to Google Play Games

    1. allergic2idiots says:

      the reason you have the android 4.3 update is because your phone is unlocked. That was released a week ago. AT&T has NOT released this update yet.

    1. Mitchell Toland Jr. says:

      I loved my Nexus experience with the Gnex, but I really enjoy what Sense brings to the table through Blinkfeed, Zoe, Live Gallery, video highlights and Boomsound. The things I miss the most are, no bloatware, and being able to use Google Wallet to make purchases at stores. AT&T obviously blocks that when you purchase through them.

  10. Vijet says:

    I think the update will be pushed via AT&T software update and not software update. risk is if you check via at&t and its not available then you cannot check for next 24 hrs..

  11. Hello says:

    Im in California and my Htc One is updating now. Its downloading 565.7mb. I did the date change on my phone for 10/12/2013 and then clicked on AT&T software update and it popped up.

  12. JaysHTCOne says:

    Got it! Had to go through AT&T Update. If you’ve already checked for it, just change the date on your phone ahead 24 hours and you can check again. jersey.

  13. StlCardinals says:

    anyone else have a problem that when you tap At&t Check for updates it pops up saying checking for updates and then goes away immediately…..?

    1. jTJ says:

      go to setting under date & time uncheck the network date. the manually change to tomorrow date. Then you should be good to go. Check update again

  14. acache says:

    Getting it now in KC. 565.7MB update. I cant check for updates until the 15th of October but thats ok.(did the date time trick every hour for last 7 hours)

  15. Yoni Leal says:

    my phone has never acted up till now..went from 4g LTE, to 4g, to E, G, and then just nothing at all….thats what I get for trying to update I guess

  16. rambdmax says:

    yo…downloading in TX …need to go through ATT update only. HTC is NOT pushing this directly. So DONOT try by going to About>phone update

  17. Confirmed in NYC @ 3:37 PM! Note: I just checked with automatic time syncing on and got nothing, then advanced the time by a day and got both google play updates AND the system update immediately afterwords. 1 minute difference. Advice: switch your date to manual, advance it, and check through AT&T software update!

      1. Alberto Barajas says:

        Que onda, si se pudo actualizar, segun lei ya hasta la KitKat esta liberada, pero no consigo obtenerla desde el celular. 🙁 Algun otro metodo?

    1. pako says:

      yo tengo la misma duda, podrian avisarme en que quedo, si es que puedo actualizarlo o tengo que ir a usa poner mi chip antiguo at&t y verificar la actualizacion o simplemente esperar??

  18. mgl995 says:

    It told me to wait 8 hours, so i did what everyone suggested and advanced the date by a day, and I’m downloading it right now. It’s the right size at 565.7mb, too. So it’s been pushed in Orlando, Fl. Thanks for the idea, guys!

  19. DuRay says:

    Hyped @ update triggered in a.m. Told to wait 24hrs but did trick to set date my phone a day ahead (Thanks Brian & Pete). Got update at Mcdonalds in Sumter, SC…. SO excited@Android 4.3.

    1. Bryan Shipley says:

      It seems to be coming directly from AT&T, as I had to use the AT&T software update option. It wouldn’t work via the About>Software Update section.

  20. aRok99 says:

    I’m not sure I’m noticing much of a deference other than Sense is a bit smoother and Camera clarity is better. I’ve only played around with it for only 5 minutes now so much left to be discovered.

      1. Andrew says:

        Checked at&t update, and it downloaded a 20mb file, and restarted to install it, but I checked the about phone section and it still says I’m running 4.1.2. the update would be larger than 20mb, right?

        1. aRok99 says:

          You might be in the same boat as another guy I seen, He was missing two updates and had to download a total of 3 updates. He had to install the 20mb then another 256mb, then finally the 565.7MB update.

          1. aRok99 says:

            That’s the LTE update, after that installs. Run the update again, then that should be the 4.3 update.

  21. Kawena says:

    Downloaded the update, but it keeps failing to install. Any suggestions? It gives me the option to restart my phone, but it just stays off. I left it off for 5 minutes, waiting for it to turn back on, still nothing.

  22. Kevin J says:

    4.3 update smoothly installed in MO. The only major changes was a few more pieces of bloatware from At&t. A battery percentage meter is availible in settings too!

  23. Captain Awesome Pants says:

    I couldn’t get mine to show an update. I restarted, and it automatically began updating. So if any of you still don’t have an update, restart it and see what happens.

  24. fff says:

    i have found a way to update out of usa, install the htc one att rom at htc page, the question is if i update my phone will it get locked again? it is unlocked right now

  25. Sarah says:

    I got my update for att today and it’s taking FOREVER to download. I have perfect WiFi connection so I don’t know what the hold up is but it’s slowly coming.

  26. fff says:

    For those who are outside of AT&T/Wi-Fi coverage, Manual system update. HTC site. Support att HTC one News and download, HTC one mainteinance release instructions.

    I have the update, from Mexico.

      1. Kevin Elestevy Jimenez says:

        just to be sure is this the firmware you installed? because it says only that its an lte updatehttps://support.htc.com/en-us/010-HTC_One_ATT/Software_Updates/HTC_One_Maintenance_Release_Instructions_%7C_8.01.2013

          1. Kevin Elestevy Jimenez says:

            Yeah noticed that. I’m looking but the only one I’ve found is a leaked rom that came out before the release with root and I’m not down for rooting. If I find anything I’ll ket you know but don’t get your hopes up.
            Best back

    1. Alberto Barajas says:

      Hola fff, veo que tu tambien tienes un HTC One, de AT&T con operadora de México, yo lo tengo con IUSACELL, conseguiste actualizarlo?

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