GTA V Manual hits Android, iFruit chop app MIA


There has been a lot of anger in recent weeks with RockStar games and the lack of the GTA V iFruit Android app, as the iOS version has been available almost from when the game was released. Now the GTA V Manual has finally hit Android but the iFruit chop app is still MIA.

After weeks of waiting the GTA V Manual has been released onto the Google Play Store, and promises to cover everything from the game like controls as well as featuring a tour through the various neighbourhoods that feature in the game.

There is also a special interactive version of the games map that allows users to explore and zoom in, and while this is a welcome release by the games developer it still feels like Android users are being short changed.

The much wanted iFruit app gives players of Grand Theft Auto 5 a number of features that enhances the experience of playing the game. This includes being able to train Franklin’s pet dog Chop so he behaves better in the actual game, and also create custom plates for cars from the online version of the game.

Being an Android user myself it is quite annoying playing the game and keep seeing prompts appear on the screen telling me certain things I can do via the iFruit app, but nothing has appeared so far. The iOS version has even seen an update since it was first released while the Android community has seen nothing.

Hopefully now the GTA V Manual app has been released to the Google Play Store it won’t be too much longer before it is released as well.

How do you feel about RockStar Games now?


16 thoughts on “GTA V Manual hits Android, iFruit chop app MIA”

  1. Syphen says:

    I have beaten the game already and am upset it came out for crapple first. Rockstar says they didn’t have an agreement with apple but I find this really hard to believe because otherwise they should have released both at the same time or had them ready before release for both platforms. They have spent way more than enough time on the game to have not spent a little time on the app pre-release

      1. Brian Bradford says:

        or maybe you need to admit apple needs to pay companies off to try and get a edge up on the OS thats been steadily chipping away at the smartphone market share which they no longer have the majority in

        1. JimmyDeSanta says:

          So your saying Apple pays every developer that delays an Android app that comes out on iOS first? That’s a lot of developers Apple must be paying…

          Market share clearly means nothing for Android ATM.

          1. Llamallamadingong says:

            Funny that people keep saying that Apple and Rockstar apparently have some deal when Rockstar continually say they don’t.

  2. Discordian says:

    The reason the Android apps take so much longer than apple apps is because programmers have to make sure the app runs on a multitude of different devices, whereas Iphone apps just have to run on an Iphone.

    1. You'reWrong says:

      thats the stupidest excuse i have ever read. Programmers design for the software, not the hardware. ALL smartphones have a minimum spec sheet and as long as this app isnt running cryengine, ALL smartphones will have no trouble running it. Like i said, you develop for ONE platform even if that platform runs on varying hardares.

  3. None says:

    The iFruit Mobile Application
    Now available for iOS devices at the App Store.
    Coming soon for Android devices via Google Play as well as for Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile and Vita.

    With all this android vs apple everyone is over looking the Playstation Vita app…. add that to the math R* might have sold out…. since its a gaming system and there is only one of them compared to the apple five phones….

    1. DerpDDerperson says:

      I was wondering if Apple pulled a Microsoft and wrangled some limited-time exclusivity deal with R* to only have the app on their phone. There are angry people in the world with too much time and money on their hands that would be happy to ditch their Android for an iCrap just so they can say they have the iFruit app.

  4. TheBag says:

    It is a bit weird that people are saying Android users have to wait for the ifruit app on their Android, in the game you constantly here the advertising of ifruit phones and Drone phones, guessing Drone is Android so if they mentioned it they need to get off there arse and make it happen. Had to use ifruit on my ipod which doesn’t work properly so pain in the arse there also.

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