LG G2 drop test shows the need for a case


There has always been a debate on whether to fit a smartphone with a case or bumper of some kind, and as always it will come down to personal choice or past experiences but the LG G2 drop test we have for you today shows the need for a case.

We have seen a number of new flagship smartphones getting the drop test treatment recently that have included the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and today it’s the turn of the LG G2 in a video that you can see below this page.

Videos of this kind normally make for painful viewing for smartphone fans and this one is no different, and begins by dropping the smartphone onto its back. As always the sound and sight of the handset bouncing onto a hard surface isn’t for the faint hearted, and the only damage for now are some scuffs at the point of impact.

We then move onto the dropping of the device onto its bottom edge with the device bouncing quite high that leaves some cracking to the screen in the bottom corner, but the crack does spread. This leaves the display inoperable to the point the handset can’t be used, as while it switches on the display can’t be unlocked.

Then the LG G2 is dropped on its face that causes more cracking to the display, and this now leaves the screen completely unusable as it won’t even turn on although you do hear the handset powering up.

This shows that the LG G2 doesn’t stand up to such extreme treatment as well as some of its rivals, which may get damaged in similar drops but can still be used.

Would this make you purchase a case with the LG G2?


5 thoughts on “LG G2 drop test shows the need for a case”

  1. david says:

    These idiots that do these reviews make me laugh. Any handset no matter what manufacturer it is the outcome is going to be the same as they are all made the same way. So the moral is buy a cover what ever phone you have to save it from breaking. Amazing phone go out and buy you will be blown away by its build spec and polish.

  2. Dr Dong says:

    I must comment. the G2 like David mentioned below is a power house but I do know if dropped from waist height it will shatter like glass requiring a whole new screen assembly which is totally unacceptable, I have had other smart phones like the nokia 920 that have fell from the same height and it survived easily without shattering the screen.
    Smart phones may have the same specs but not all smart phones are engineered to withstand a very common and low height drop. Think twice before purchasing a slick slim smart phone because in the end it will require additional protection thus additional thickness.

  3. wtfcb says:

    This phone even with a cover, falling from a height of 1-3 feet has shattered twice in just 10 days. Don’t believe Verizon Eireless’s Worry Free guarantee as they will do anything to deter you from replacing or exchanging any handset. They do not honor it and I am talking about a predamaged phone and not after the fact.
    I have owned the Spectrum 2 and LG G2 and both have broken within a week, again even with a phone cover and the G2 has shattered twice within ten days, Assurion only covers 2 claims within a 12 month period within a 12 month period. Never buying LG again and will not be renewing my Verizon contracts, i have 11 lines and pay 600$ bye bye Verizon good riddance.

  4. limiwa says:

    I’ve now had two lg g2 phones break within one month and I didn’t even drop them. Both times the phone got a long crack all the way across the screen, the first time rendering the screen useless. With my replacement phone, I put it in my purse, took it out hours later and there was the crack. I’m not sure if this is because the phone is so thin it can’t handle any amount of pressure or what. Luckily I can still use the second phone (put a piece of tape across the crack lol) although its a little glitchy at times. Never buying lg again that’s for sure.

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