Nexus 4 LTE release could be real after Bluetooth SIG visit


The smartphone world is waiting for the arrival of this year’s Nexus smartphone and the way things are going it may not happen until next month now, but a Nexus 4 LTE release could be real after a Bluetooth SIG filing has been spotted.

Almost two weeks ago a rumour surfaced that LG and Google were set to release a version of the Nexus 4 with 4G LTE compatibility, and now a filing that has been dated October 24th, 2013 has appeared at the Bluetooth SIG.

The filing also mentions a handset with the model number of LG-E960 being a LGE LTE Mobile Phone, and the LG-E960 model number is that of the LG Nexus 4. It makes you wonder why the companies are going to bother with such a device when many consumers will want the latest handset in the form of the Nexus 5.

There is the chance that there will be more hardware on offer at various price levels to appeal to more consumers, but the arrival of the Nexus 5 remains elusive. It is thought that the device could now arrive next month although as far back as September a SPIGEN Nexus 5 case listing hinted at the end of this month, and more recently another case was spotted that was listed for October 30th.

Meanwhile one of the major criticisms of the Nexus 4 last year was the fact it lacked 4G LTE support after the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update, and if a new model is priced competitively it could do well for Google and LG.

Do you see the point of a Nexus 4 with 4G LTE support now?

Source: Droid Life.

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