Samsung 64-bit chip nears on target for Galaxy S5 release


Apple made a big thing about the 64-bit A7 processor that it has inside the recently released iPhone 5S, but the company won’t have the only 64-bit smartphone for long as according to fresh reports the Samsung 64-bit chip is almost set for mass production with the Galaxy S5 release a possible target.

We have already heard from the company that it has such a 64-bit processor in development, and the fact it manufacturers the Apple A7 chip for Apple. Now though reports coming out of Korea are indicating that development is almost finished with the component close to entering mass production.

The processor is reportedly almost ready for release except some small minor tweaks and alterations, and the chip that is being called the Exynos 5430 is likely to make its debut in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung had already stated that its next batch of flagship hardware would be carrying such components, so this latest news is hardly surprising although sometimes electronic companies can run into some issues during the development stage so releases get pushed back a little.

As long as the software is adapted to using a 64-bit set up the handsets using them will get a nice performance boost, as some believe that some the issues that have been affecting the iPhone 5S was app incompatibility with the processor.

Would you prefer the next round of Samsung smartphones to feature a 64-bit processor?

Source: ittoday (translated).

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