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The Apple iPad Air release took place yesterday, and the device is currently making its way into the hands of eager customers. We often hear about the odd flaw or issue with a new major device launch, and it appears that some iPad Air problems are being reported regarding screen and text issues.

Before we go further we want to stress that we have no idea of these iPad Air issues are widespread or if these are very isolated incidents, so don’t panic if you have just purchased or are about to buy your iPad Air.

Very often some minor issues are reported on new devices to the market, and these are usually smoothed out quickly with software updates. Nevertheless we like to pass on this kind of information as readers can then share their own experiences of new devices and report other problems they may be having.

The iPad Air released running iOS 7.0.3 and previously we have discussed various problems resulting from this latest update to iOS 7 for other devices. It could be that any issues with the iPad Air are related to iOS 7.0.3 rather than hardware-related then, but that remains to be seen.

In a post about iOS 7.0.3 problems Product Reviews also mentions iPad Air difficulties for some. The iPad Air released with the new 64-bit A7 chip and PowerVR G6430 quad-core graphics, so shouldn’t have any difficulties coping with gaming requirements. However, an issue is noted regarding a flickering screen, as shown in the brief video below this story of Asphalt 8 being played on the iPad Air.

Another issue that has come to light concerns choppy text on the iPad Air. This could be a software issue but one owner of the iPad 3 with iOS 7.0.3 is not seeing the problem on this tablet, but is experiencing it on the iPad Air with the same OS.

Therefore it’s difficult to know at this stage whether these issues are software-related or not, or whether they are rare or will end up being commonplace. With this in mind we’d like to hear from readers who have the new iPad Air.

Are you completely happy with your iPad Air and have no complaints whatsoever about its performance so far? Perhaps you have noticed the iPad Air problems mentioned above, or another issue entirely? Let us know by sending your comments, so that we can get an idea of whether these are isolated incidents or not.


16 thoughts on “iPad Air problems reported early on”

  1. Tom S says:

    Hi…I bought my ipad air first thing yesterday morning and thought it was faultless as I flicked through the apps. Once I settled down to the mundane and began browsing in Safar the problems began. The screen stubbornly refused to respond and, like a sticky keyboard of old, all of the actions hit at once many seconds later. Once you got a screen scrolling it seemed to work well…as long as I didn’t stop!! Once I did, it refused to start again. This seemed to be particularly repeatable at the top and bottom of a page. I’ve since installed Chrome and have had none of these problems so it’s hopefully a fixable software issue

    1. Betty says:

      i also got a new iPad Air yesterday and am experiencing a lot of what you describe. Additionally, I’ll be in my mail program (mac mail) or on Safari and the entire thing will just shut down/quit and bring me back to the home screen. This and an intermittent entirely unresponsive keyboard is sure taking the pleasure away!

    2. Laurel Klem says:

      I’m having the same issues with crashing, can’t believe it crashed while I was reading email even. Guess I’ll try the Chrome idea till they figure this one out, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Angelo says:

    I got my ipad air yesterday and noticed a yellow tint on the left hand side of the screen (when white background displayed). Going to bring it back to the store, disappointing from Apple that there screen quality control isn’t better.

  3. Sean Smith says:

    My wifi-only Air will not locate me. I have a second ipad-2 (wifi only again), on the same wifi network and it has no problem. I took the first ipad back and the second one is nearly as bad – the only app that can locate me is Google Maps – all others fail, including Apple Maps, Google Earth, Facebook check-in – really weird but surely 2 ipads can’t be broken?

  4. Raregrit says:

    I am not sure I believe “AI Keller” here saying perfect no problems.
    I think it is down to what apps and games people are actually trying to run on their device.
    My 128GB Wifi Model iPad Air, looks great till I try to game on it, Tunnel Town, Megapolis HD, and the videos in one of my Lego games are totally messed up. With tiny often flickering graphics.
    Either loads of these are faulty or it’s very dodgy firmware on these Air’s, in which case they all are affected.

  5. RobF. says:

    I’ve seen posts elsewhere indicating problems using a stylus with the Air. I’ve had a similar problem. My AluPen stylus which worked fine on my iPad 2 requires a lot of pressure to work on the Air. I just tried a Wacom Bamboo stylus and have the same problem. I’ve tried the AluPen on other Airs and again the same problem, yet a coworker has no problem at all using the Bamboo stylus on his Air.

  6. Hel says:

    Ok, I’ve had my iPad Air for a little while now, and the problems that I have found are: 1. The sound randomly cuts out, somedays it’s fine, others, not so much. And now, the screen rotation isn’t working. I have locked and unlocked it to no avail. It is stuck in the vertical view, while I prefer it to be in the landscape view.

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