Samsung Galaxy Note 3 free Google Play credit offer


If you have recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone or are planning to purchase one over the next month or so then we have some great news for US buyers. The manufacturer is running a new offer for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that will give you free Google Play credits.

The Galaxy Note 3 is in huge demand across various world regions, and recently those in the UK have been treated to a free Galaxy Gear or free Galaxy tablet offer when purchasing it. Now it’s the turn of US buyers.

A new promotion from Samsung that runs until January 6 will give Galaxy Note 3 buyers free Google Play Store credit to the tune of $50. This applies to those who have already purchased the phone as well as new buyers of the Note 3.

To claim your $50 credit for Google Play head to this Samsung page for further details. It’s a simple process of entering some details such as the IMEI and your phone number. After this you’ll receive a confirmation email and then a code to redeem for your free Google Play content such as apps, movies and songs.

It’s nice to see that US Samsung customers can now take advantage of this Google Play credit offer. Of course it’s also another incentive to buy the Galaxy Note 3, as if you needed any more persuasion!

Do you already have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or are planning to buy one? Tell us what you think about this free Google Play credit promotion by sending us your comments.


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 free Google Play credit offer”

  1. Derrick says:

    This is crap that Samsung is now saying that they ran out of Google Play Store credits and are no longer honoring the $50 even though their sales people are still using that as a selling tool for their devices, and it was to run through January 2014. This is nothing but a bait and switch to be selling promotions that you are not willing to honor. I know it’s just $50 but it’s the principal of the matter. I guess it’s too much to ask the rich company of Samsung to buy more Play Store Credits. Damn you Samsung for lying to those who have spent hundreds of dollars to buy your products.

  2. Margie says:

    I love Samsung products (have multiple) but I’m seriously disappointed that they’ve “run out of credits” – the promotion hasn’t been on a month yet? Are you seriously telling me that they didn’t anticipate a huge number of people buying their product!? Bad form Samsung!

    1. latejc says:

      After going out and purchasing the Note 3 and after reading your comment on Samsung not honoring their obligation I called Samsung and spoke to Hidie who went on to tell me that it was Goggle who cancelled the credits ( that does not negate Samsungs obligations)and she switched me over to Goggle. Monica was quick to say that’s Samsungs responsibilty of which I agreed. She called Samsung back and was told the fine print said (when available) I read her a copy of the promo and it said no such thing. She was surprised and called Samsung back and we spoke to Ashley who came back with the old company line that she couldn’t do anything and I said I could by bringing the phone back,never route for Samsung again and look at my option for a class action.After all thier part in this was not a class action. BEWARE OF BIGNESS.Big companies are as bad as BIG GOVERNMENT !!!!!!

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