AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update problems hopefully fixed


There have been a lot of issues over the last few weeks with the rollout of the Android 4.3 update for a number of Samsung handsets, but now it seems things are getting better as the AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update problems are hopefully fixed as it is released again.

Just over two weeks ago the Android 4.3 update was pulled for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 which came just before the same firmware update was pulled for the Galaxy S3. Other carriers continued to push out the software update which left users with handsets that didn’t work correctly.

Now US carrier AT&T has resumed the Android 4.3 update for the device in what the carrier is bringing a number of improvements. The update brings the handset up to baseband number I337UCUEMK2 with the file measuring 727MB in size.

Owners are advised to have plenty of juice left in the battery before commencing the update as well as backing up your personal data. Hopefully Samsung and the various carriers around the world have got to grips with the problems affecting the update and soon owners of other handsets will soon be provided with the same fixed firmware.

There will be some users wary of downloading the update though considering all the issues that have hit some users of other devices including other versions of the Galaxy S4.

Have you got the update yet and how is it working?

Source: AT&T.


6 thoughts on “AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update problems hopefully fixed”

  1. ArtC1 says:

    I did the update two days ago and the only negative thing I notice is a slight lag when accessing a new URL. The battery life does not seem to be adversely impacted. I must admit I was hesitant to update but thus far I have no regrets and having a host of new features is always fun.

  2. Kevin Sumsion says:

    Got the update. Bluetooth now won’t stream media or audio properly, instead routes all sounds through the earpiece on the phone when a device is connected. Also having errors with built in music apps opening on their own randomly. Disappointed in this update and the following fix that didn’t actually fix any of the problems I’ve been having.

  3. where is 4.4 says:

    I made the mistake of allowing my android updater from 4.1.1 to 4.3. It was a truly bad choice. Problems ?…lost all my photos from the sd card…servere battery drain with an additional problem of over heating, to the point that I had tp remove the battery and let the device cool. There has been also a problem of screen freeze with the screen image at an angle with no response in so far as powering off,returning button activation. This has required a battery removal…but one thing I discovered is that this issue is resolved by turning off “auto rotate’

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