LG G Flex not really a fast healer


We are lovers of super sci-fi put of this world technology, and to be fair the LG G Flex is not on that list because it is not really a fast healer.

The video below courtesy of Pocket Now, and we do thank them because this is a great video that shows you the real identity of the LG G Flex not the T1000.

The LG G Flex in this video takes the normal everyday tests, such as in your pocket, falling from your person when getting out of the car, and even being slashed with a knife.

This is a torture test on the LG G Flex smartphone that is supposed to be self-healing when in a certain temperature. The back cover is not really going to completely self heal and Pocket Now wanted to test this theory out, and they really did.

Having a flexible curved display is not something we particularly like; we see no point to it at all. But hey, it looks different right! We will leave it there, could sit here all day talking about the self-healing but we will let the video explain all.

Would you buy the LG G Flex?

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