Angry Birds Go released with parental, telepods warning


Rovio Mobile do things the right way, they do not release an app for iOS users whilst leaving Android owners out in the dark with a very long app release waiting game. You know, like GTA V iFruit, we all know how ling Android users had to wait; this is not the case for the newly released Angry Birds Go app.

Two months ago we shared with you the trailer for the new Angry Birds game, and now mobile gamers can download Angry Birds Go app onto their Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows device.

It is great news that Angry Birds Go is now available on multiple platforms, which means no one misses out on all the fun. This new game offers a whole new gameplay experience; think about Mario Kart for a moment.

Even though the game is free please remember that it offers in-app purchases and these can cost as much as $100, the game does come with parental warning so please read this part parents — You must be aware that the game does link to social networking sites such as Facebook and you do have to be 13 years old. There are also direct links to the Internet, which means players will be taken away from the game and that means children can look at any web page. The game also has in-app purchase, so if your children know your password you are going to be broke very quickly if no careful

Angry Birds Go main features: Say hello to downhill racing on Piggy Island, this will be the most thrilling race you have ever encountered. The game features a very cool colourful 3D world, race as Terence, Chuck, King Pig, Red and many more, many race tracks including air courses, stunt roads and more. Special powers for each character, comes with different race modes such as Race, Time Boom, Champion Chase, Fruit Splat and Mega Match and so much more.

iPod Touch 4G devices aren’t currently officially supported. These devices may crash or experience performance issues.

Please remember that Telepods is a great accessory that provides a brand new way to play Angry Birds Go, it allows you to teleport your favorite characters into the race by placing your Angry Birds Go! TELEPODS — there are SOLD SEPERATELY via Hasbro.

Download Angry Birds Go now, please click on your relevant platform — Android / BlackBerry / iOS / Windows Phone

Have you installed Angry Birds Go yet?

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