iOS 5.7-inch display but not for iPhone 6


There are always rumors when it comes to Apple and its next big release, we all know that in 2014 there will be a new iPhone 6 but there are reports of a new iOS device with a 5.7-inch display.

There have been rumors of two new iPhones coming in both 4.7 and 5.7-inches, but we cannot confuse this new 5.7-inch display phablet with the iPhone 6 according to Yahoo Japan.

The next iPhone is expected to be announced in May 2014 and the iPhone 6 probably in September, the source above reports that there will be new iPhone sizes carrying the 5.7-inch display or even larger but should NOT be befuddled with the iPhone 6.

The 5.7-inch iOS device will probably come with the current A7 processor and not the upcoming A8; we guess the iPhone 6 in September will get the new chipset.

Be good to see two new Apple releases between March and May, one could be the new iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet with 4K resolution with around 3840 × 2160, and of course a new 5.7-inch iPhone.

If Apple releases a new 5.7-inch iPhone in the first half of 2014 we know for sure Android users will start to question Apple, one question that will pop up for sure is this one — Is Apple succumbing to Android by releasing a 5.7-inch display?


3 thoughts on “iOS 5.7-inch display but not for iPhone 6”

  1. Dan Reed says:

    This is an odd read, considering that we’ve been force-fed by Apple
    for the past 6 years that a 3.5″ smartphone display is the perfect size
    for everyone.

  2. kirasaw says:

    I hope this is true about a spring release if Apple decide to make a larger screen phone. IMHO the iPhone 4 was the perfect size for a phone. I now have a iPhone 5s and it is nice to have the slightly larger screen but as far as the feel for using as a phone it seems a little big. Now that said what I hope is that Apple resist calling this new size an iPhone and instead calls it what it really is – A Tablet. I would recommend the iPad Talk for a name. That way it falls in the iPad family and shows that it works a phone also. This way Apple can keep the iPhone size normal and still meet the demand of a new category.
    So Apple would keep 3 families with 4 members each 1) the iPod family with music players – Shuffle, Nano, Classic and the to small to be a tablet but more than a music player iPod Touch 2) the iPhone Family with a couple normal screen sizes 3) the iPad family with tablets from very small i.e. the iPad Talk to very large i.e. iPad Pro withe Mini and Air falling in between.

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