iPhone 5S pips Galaxy S4 to top Christmas spot


Christmas is always a peak season for smartphone sales and it’s always interesting to see which phones fly off the shelves, and which ones lag behind. Not long ago the Apple iPhone 5S beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 to become the bestselling smartphone in the US. Now recent figures show that the iPhone 5S has pipped the Galaxy S4 to the top Christmas spot in the UK.

Recently we told readers how in the 3 months covering last September, October and November, the iPhone 5S was the bestselling smartphone on all of the major 4 US carriers. Now Apple has more reason to celebrate as according to the uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker for December, it was the gold iPhone 5S that became the Christmas number one.

The Mobile Tracker considers pre-orders, sales and live searches and in the race for the top smartphone it was a battle between the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 for first place. The iPhone 5S beat off the competition, while the Galaxy S4 grabbed second spot and it was yet another Samsung phone that gained the third spot, the Galaxy S3.

Interestingly Apple and Samsung between them grabbed 8 out of the top 10 places but Apple’s iPhone 5C only managed fifth place while the iPhone 4 no longer made the chart. The two places not snapped up by Apple and Samsung devices were the HTC One that managed seventh spot, while the Sony Xperia Z1 came ninth.

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely to debut soon with a release in the first few months of this year probable. It will be interesting to see how this impacts on sales of the iPhone 5S when it does become available.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on these December figures where the iPhone 5S made it to Christmas number one in the UK above the Samsung Galaxy S4. Are you surprised or not?

Source: Telegraph


One thought on “iPhone 5S pips Galaxy S4 to top Christmas spot”

  1. Eliast Mihraby says:

    I adore Apple , but I always find that Apple like to choose the hard road to get to the top, I mean that although technology offers phones and the upgraded service from Apple , however, we must dispense with the use of Bluetooth with other devices as well as NFC, limitation is internal memory and also use iTunes to transfer files instead USB Mass Storage despite its ease, and also the inability to download and save from Safari and so much restrictions making it USELESS!! And most importantly, is the fragility of the outer surface, which has a simpler irresistible shocks resulting from the fall .. Despite the cost price, Apple is charging more and delivering less.

    I think that Apple won’t find it so difficult to integrate and provide such services very simple while protecting the PRIVACY of its USERS/CONSUMERS and protection of the iOS, in addition; iOS is still a very closed system that also relies heavily on iTunes with no ability to transfer file/data from the device back to the PC and more than 1 PC which is very important.

    It is very important to focus on serving the AppStore for amounts more competitive with other OSs, and I think they need to work more on Battery’s capacity, life and performance.

    I’ve the iPhone 4S & Galaxy S4, I’ve experimented Model Newest and also other OS as Android, Smartphone, Windows Mobile and I hope to find a lot of advantages in which Apple, and eager to buy the latest coming model, with a lot of wonderful and extraordinary specifications that are beyond expectations.

    We indeed need to be more surprised before it would become as in TOTALLY NOTHING SPECIAL but LOOKS and BRAND !!

    And for now.. I’ll still preferring my Android.

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