Xolo Q1000 Opus unboxing and benchmarks shown


Back in December we brought our readers in India news on the Xolo Q1000 Opus specs and price. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone this handset could be one you are considering. If so, you may be interested in videos of a Xolo Q1000 Opus unboxing with overview and also benchmarks of the device.

The first YouTube video that we’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure below shows the Xolo Q1000 Opus being unboxed and a general outline of the device. This 11-minute look at the low to mid-range Q1000 Opus discusses some of the major specs such as its quad-core processor before moving on to the unboxing itself.

You’ll see the Q1000 Opus removed first and then you’ll see all of the other contents of the box. This includes a flip case, micro USB cable, headphones, battery, information booklets and more.

The video goes on to show a good look at the handset, a tour of the hardware, a look at apps and more before the device is powered up. This video should give you a good idea of what the Xolo Q1000 Opus has to offer and whether this might be the right smartphone for you.

The second YouTube video below shows Q1000 Opus benchmark results. Benchmark tests include GFXBenchmark, NenaMark, Basemark X, AnTuTu, Vellamo, Quadrant Benchmark, and Linpack.

You’ll see individual benchmark results along the way and at the end of the video all of the benchmark scores are shown together. After you’ve taken a look at these videos we’d really like to know what you think of this Xolo smartphone.

Are you one step closer to buying the Xolo Q1000 Opus? We’re always interested in reading your comments.

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