Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review verdict after time


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a mighty phone, there’s no doubt about it. It released in September last year and rolled out to various world regions receiving rave reviews. However, after the initial buzz dies down it’s interesting to look at a device some months later to see if it held up to expectations. Today we’re looking at a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review verdict after time.

The Note 3’s combination of top specs and styling with new faux-leather rear and stitching effect has won legions of fans. We’ve written more articles than we care to remember about the Galaxy Note 3 and can hardly remember any negativity towards this phablet Android device with its large 5.9-inch display.

It can take some time to get to grips with a device though, especially with all of the features offered by the Galaxy Note 3. Therefore we thought the idea of looking back some time later was interesting and that readers would enjoy the 5-minute YouTube video below this story.

The video begins with acknowledging the enormous sales of the phone and then goes on to discuss an interesting disparity between the white and black versions of the handset that has been noticed. Then there’s a brief rundown of key specs before the excellent battery life gets a mention followed by the S Pen Stylus.

At this point the reviewer concedes that he sounds like he’s worshipping the Galaxy Note 3 but goes on to point out that there are a few drawbacks to the phone in his opinion. One of these is Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and there are strong words here as the reviewer adds that after he’s been using a stock Android device and goes on to use the Note 3 he’s “almost disgusted.”

Another disappointment is the slowness of receiving Android updates and the fact that when 4.4 KitKat arrives it will still be skinned with TouchWiz. However, it’s not all bad as it’s also acknowledged that TouchWiz does have some neat features although there’s room for improvement. Ultimately the phone is judged to be a “fantastic device let down by software,” and we wonder what you think of this verdict.

Do you have this smartphone and if so, do you agree with this judgement? Maybe you’ve noticed different niggles about the phone not mentioned here, or perhaps you’re completely satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Drop us a comment using the box below.


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review verdict after time”

  1. Dustin Zaelke says:

    I agree that the black back looks better, although the White face far more appealing. So having a white note 3, I purchased a black back. Problem solved….

  2. Michael L. Capers Sr. says:

    I love it which is no surprise because I’ve had the galaxy s, S2, S3, skipped the 4 to wait for the Note 3. I really love Samsung devices but I am curious to see what stock android provides that has everyone talking so badly about Touchwiz. What is it?

  3. Dave says:

    Doesn’t like TouchWiz that has been on all Samsung phones for years. Never had a problem with it, and good thing I don’t take his criticism seriously.

  4. revrob says:

    I remember the Omnia…a phone that not only pushed me away from Samsung, but even away from touchscreens altogether. How far both have come. I did plenty of research before finally choosing the note 3, and I have not regretted it, but even for a little bit. Battery life is very good for a guy like me who is hard on batteries…I have a Bluetooth keyboard to type meeting notes on Kingston office during meetings…who needs the laptop? I use the s-pen to jot my mileage records down…the camera is acceptable for a phone, and the size forced me to use two hands to text again, saving the arthritis in my thumb (swype, love it but ow!).
    I would pick this phone again in a heartbeat…now, how will the note 4 top it….hmmm.

  5. Cecy says:

    I love my Note 3! Seriously the best phone I’ve ever owned, I’m not gonna lie that it is laggy a bit, but it does not overrule the outstanding functionality of this awesome phone. I’ve always been anxious about the new OS but to tell you the truth I don’t really care about KitKat, I ♡ my phone the way it is, can this device get any better? If so… Bring it on KitKat! 🙂

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