HTC Nexus 10 tablet imagined


The upgrade to the Nexus 10 tablet PC device has so far remained elusive but earlier this month rumours emerged that HTC could be re-entering the tablet market with a Nexus device, and now with this in mind an HTC Nexus 10 tablet is imagined.

The image that you can see on this page comes courtesy of Hasan Kaymak Innovations, who have recently provided us with an HTC Caymac design as well as a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 design idea. This is simply titled HTC Nexus tablet.

As you can see it is around the 10-inch mark with a virtually bezel less display and the designer feels it is about time that the company produced a tablet PC with its Sense Android overlay with multi windowed multitasking support.

While there are no specifications listed with the concept any such device if produced would surely use at least the latest quad core processor, and would be nice to have 3GB of RAM. As you can see this design is nice and thin so should also be light, and expandable storage would be nice.

The display would possibly have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 but obviously this is on a concept and nothing has been confirmed about HTC producing a Nexus tablet officially.

Would you like to see a HTC Nexus 10?

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