Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked already


One of the main new features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the fingerprint scanner that is fitted to the handsets home button, but we now have news that this has been hacked already.

A few days ago we heard how US carrier Verizon Wireless had disabled the PayPal payment feature via the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner, and it seems as if this may not have been such a bad move by the network.

In testing the feature has been found to work quite well but a German security website H Security has found a way to hack the fingerprint scanner and have provided a YouTube video to prove it, which can be seen below.

They tricked the device by using a lifted print to create a dummy finger that allowed unauthorized access to the Galaxy S5. A similar thing was done to the iPhone 5S but it is more serious on the Samsung handset as no password is needed to access it.

This will also mean that PayPal accounts will also be at risk but we can expect to hear something from Samsung about this, and surely some kind of update to prevent this from happening.

Does this worry you?

Source: BGR.


One thought on “Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked already”

  1. Lucas Baker says:

    It doesn’t worry me because most people who steal phones won’t know how to do this and I also have Android Device Manager which can lock it remotely

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