HTC One M8 Prime release teased


There are many that feel that the HTC One M8 is a premium smartphone with its lovely display and aluminium form factor, but now a Prime version is being teased for a release.

In the last few days we have been hearing about a plastic version of the smartphone going under the name of HTC One M8 Ace, but now serial tipster’s evleaks has taken to Twitter to say to followers to forget about the Ace and wait for the M8 Prime.

M8 prime

No other details are provided and it makes you wonder what else can be added to the smartphone to improve it even more. We have seen the Harman Kardon edition revealed for Sprint so whether we are going to see something similar released globally remains to be seen.

This news comes as evidence is growing that Samsung is about to provide a so called Prime version of the Galaxy S5.

What do you think HTC One M8 Prime will bring?


3 thoughts on “HTC One M8 Prime release teased”

  1. DynaMikeOmega says:

    Could this be just the pure Android version? I would be great if it a release with slight better camera… At least 8M ultra pixels. That would make the name M8 much more compelling offer, because that camera currently just doesn’t cut it against the other flagships phones in its class. And by that I mean the SGS 4 – iphone 5 etc.

    1. Beany says:

      The pure android version would be the google play edition. I’m betting that we’ll likely see a snapdragon 805 and a 2k display and possibly an improved resolution on the ultrapixel camera

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