Samsung Galaxy S5 inductive charging achieved without new cover


We have been seeing an increase in smartphones getting treated to the Qi wireless charging technology, but this often requires the purchase of a different rear cover. Today we have a video showing the Samsung Galaxy S5 inductive wireless charging achieved without the need for a new cover.

Last month the official wireless charging accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared on the company’s website, but these won’t exactly be cheap though. There is another way for owners to add wireless charging to their Galaxy S5 as explained in the YouTube video below.

All is needed is a S5 PWRcard that is simply placed inside the handset on top of the battery inside the cover, and these are available at a reasonable price when compared to the wireless charging covers.

Will you do this with your Samsung Galaxy S5?


One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S5 inductive charging achieved without new cover”

  1. Anthony Johnson says:

    I am having
    Galaxy S5 from almost 3 weeks now. I like all its specs and features whether I consider
    about Touch Wiz finger print scanner, water and dust resistant body or 28000mAh
    battery that runs all days long after fully charged. I agree that it is little
    annoying to remove the flap of cover to charge the device. So wireless charging
    pad with receiver is a great option to charge the device without messing up
    with wires anymore as I recently purchased one for it from Amazon http://www .amazon .co .uk/dp/B00DDTZN4S/
    with wide charging base and available at reasonable cost as compare to the cost
    of official one.

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