Nokia Lumia 930 pre-order price revealed for Euro region


There are a lot of Nokia fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Nokia Lumia 930 handset as it offers some high end specifications in a slightly smaller package, and now a pre-order price has been revealed for the Euro region.

We have already seen some pre-order pricing before for the Nokia Lumia 930, but now some more pre-orders have opened for consumers in Germany and France. The handset has appeared on the Amazon website in both countries priced at €579.

The handset is thought to be released around June 19th and for your money you will get a smartphone with a 5-inch Full HD display powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM, and running the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

Will you be getting the Nokia Lumia 930?

Source: WMPoweruser.

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