Nokia Lumia 530 image spot tells more


In the last month we’ve heard a couple of snippets of information about a phone dubbed the Nokia Lumia 530, a successor to the hugely popular Lumia 520 and 525 handsets. Now a Nokia Lumia 530 leaked image has come to light, showing a first look at the device.

Previously we told of a benchmark spot for a Nokia handset with model number RM-1027 that could be the Lumia 530, and this gave away some possible specs. Following this a prolific leaker gave the news that the Lumia 530 could be dubbed the Nokia Rise for T-Mobile. The image that you can see below is purported to be of the Lumia 530 in a Windows Phone buyer’s guide.

One of the phones also shown in the image is the Lumia 635 and from this it has been estimated that the display size of the 530 looks to be around 4.3-inches. There doesn’t appear to be a front-facing camera, and as you’d expect with a Windows Phone 8.1 device it will use virtual on-screen keys rather than physical buttons.

The familiar Nokia branding is also still present despite Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the company. Do you think the Lumia 530 could be another very successful entry-level smartphone for Nokia?

Source: Geek On Gadgets
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  1. Cally Trask says:

    I was sure that the 635 would be the new month to month contract phone for t-mobile or At&t. I could understand T-Mo selling the phone as 2-year contract phone but not At&t. It would have been nice for At&t to add LTE for Gophone subscribers but otherwise, it won’t be a good seller for a 2-contract, as there are better Lumias to choose from for that purpose. The 635 would have compelled Gophone subscribers to upgrade even for the entry $180 pricepoint–mostly for LTE. What advantage will the Lumia 530 bring if it is lower spec’ed then the 635???!! Virtually none, aside from 8.1, and some software improvements and tweaks. Remember, keep in consideration that Gophone subscribers have to purchase their phones outright. Microsoft is making a huge mistake if they continue with their approach of providing the most minimal of hardware upgrade even for their budget models that they offer—not enough people will buy into it.

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