All Android L apps with APK’s at once


There’s a lot of focus right now on Android L, the next major upgrade to Google’s Android operating system, which was officially introduced at the recent Google I/O conference. The update is due to release to the public in fall and is currently in the hands of developers with the preview build. Now we have news that will interest some readers, as there’s a way to download all Android L apps with APK’s at once.

A few days ago we gave readers some information on how to download the Android L keyboard, and now the team at XDA has come up with a list of each Android L app APK. You can choose to either download them in one bunch or can hit individual app links to download, as you’ll find some of these more valuable to you than others.

If you want to download the Android L apps all at once head here, or for individual apps head here. If you want to check out more information click on the XDA source below. We’ve already posted numerous articles on Android L including review videos and more, and you can see any of those here.

Beneath this article we’ve also embedded a YouTube video showing some of the best features of Android L so why not check that out too. Are you pleased to learn that you can download all of the Android L apps in bulk or individually? Let us know how you got on and what you think of the changes that Android L is bringing to the table by sending your comments to us.

Source: XDA Developers

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