iOS 8 beta 5 fix for hot iPhone 5S, 5


There needs to be an iOS 8 beta 5 fix for hot iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 models, according to some developers currently testing the preview software. Our developer has been using the latest betas on an iPhone 5, 5S, and iPad mini for a while and most recently he noted the phones getting really hot and draining battery faster when they do this.

We took a look at recent problems for iOS 7 on the official forums and notice a lot of complaints for this very problem in July alone. This could be related to 3rd party apps causing battery drain and devices to heat up, or it could be a software related problem, although we haven’t been able to spot a pattern at the time of writing.

Feedback left within July alone – we’ve heard from our readers about an iPhone 5S getting hot with iCloud usage, or really hot after charging and while charging, and even when playing games like Modern Combat 5. Some of these situations could be within normal expectations, especially when playing certain games, and others might be due to a battery hardware failure. This also depends on how hot the device is getting, as there will be a limit on the heat you should ever expect when handling a smartphone.

One commenter said, “My iPhone 5S is getting very hot all of a sudden after I upgraded to iOS 7.2. I’ve closed all apps and reset my phone, but my iPhone still gets really hot”. Our tip to this user and others would be about the level of heat, if you can’t hold it then that’s certainly way too much heat.

Has your iPhone 5S or 5 been getting hot on iOS 7, or if you’re a developer running iOS 8 beta 4 have you experienced these issues? We will no doubt see the iOS 8 beta 5 release next on this upcoming Monday, so check back then when our developer can give feedback on the change it makes to his devices and overheating issues. It’s also worth understanding this isn’t an issue with all devices, and we’ve seen other models of the same device running just fine.


11 thoughts on “iOS 8 beta 5 fix for hot iPhone 5S, 5”

  1. Caleb Kimball says:

    Running Beta 4 on 5S 64GB – I listen to stitcher quite often. I just got back from an hour dog walk/stitcher listening session and my phone was extremely hot and I lost half my battery life from a near full charge. I’ve also noticed that it is running out of battery in general at a much higher rate.

  2. Cryptobyte says:

    My iPhone 5 heats when running SoundCloud, so I opened up a device console and this is what is happening:

    Jul 30 15:23:18 *************** assertiond[59] : Disallowing application state monitor connection from unentitled process: SoundCloud (2753)

    It seems to be an infinite loop printing this.

  3. Gryphus785 says:

    Every version since IOS 8 beta 1 has gotten less and less hotter, But my gosh iOS 8 beta 1 heat issue did make my 5S drain with 2 hour battery at worst because it was so dang hot. IOS 8 beta 4’s hotness is only around 25% as hot as beta 1. still significantly cooler than beta 1.

  4. DR234 says:

    I don’t know where any of these issues come from. Hah. On my 5S I’ve only had better battery. Yesterday I got 24 hours and it was at 47% still and I use it quite a bit, on wifi, data, tracking a run, games, composing emails, using Siri.

  5. RpK says:

    I updated my iPhone 5 yesterday with iOS 8 beta 5, and that solved the heating, and battery draining challenges I had with the phone and iOS 8 beta 4.

  6. narg says:

    I’ve had an odd battery problem for almost a year now. The phone will sometimes seem to drop to <10% for no reason. When I plug it in within 30 seconds it goes to 31%, every time. Very odd.
    I did see the overall battery issue on Beta 4 though. But Beta 5 has crashed my iPhone twice so far. Not sure about the battery yet. Oh well, such is beta testing 🙂
    Most of the heat issues are from Apple turning on special debugging on certain functions. Like below where you see people getting the problem from listening to sound apps. They were debugging a sound issue in Beta 4. I believe that's turned off in Beta 5, but there may be others still debugging heavily. This eats power of course. It's just the SOP for betas.

  7. Natural Nurture says:

    My iphone 5s on ios 7 quit with a message pop up stating that it was “TOO HOT” to continue…and it was HOT…no burns or melting but HOT…I was on the water and wonder if it was a case of WIFI searching on high power for a signal and not finding one so continual amplification maybe is what took it over the edge? Happened once but not again…

    Frst days of the ios 8 update, battery life seemed to drop dramatically…but now it is better…maybe due to bug fixer 8.0.2?

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