Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life, boosting clarified


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a dominant Android smartphone and has sold in huge numbers since its release earlier this year. One thing that many owners would like for their devices is better battery longevity, and now we have some information on Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life and boosting clarified.

Shortly after the Galaxy S5 launched we wrote about battery life for the phone, and we have to say it attained some impressive results. It has a 2800 mAh battery and an Ultra Power Saving mode in case you’re device is low on battery when you’re out and about. Nevertheless, several of our readers have asked us about how to improve their Galaxy S5 battery life.

There are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S5 battery tips and hints available, and some involve simple maintenance and care of the unit. For example Li-on batteries, as used in the S5, don’t like getting hot and excessive heat will reduce battery longevity, so it’s best to keep your handset out of the sun, Another option is to boost the battery life with the use of extended battery pack accessories, as detailed here.

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life

Below our article today we’ve embedded a YouTube video from GadgetJM that aims to help you to resolve Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life problems with some simple battery saving tips and tricks. It gives advice for extending battery life and begins by explaining that the two biggest battery consumers on the phone are the display and the radios.

Hints are then given for how to conserve battery life with a couple of straightforward examples being to turn down the screen brightness or use static images rather than animated themes for the wallpaper. It also explains the Ultra Power Saving mode and much more, and you may be surprised by how much you can do to conserve the battery life on the phone.

How do you find the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S5? Do you find it completely satisfactory or will you try some of the methods in the video below to extend the battery performance? Let us know with your comments.

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