iOS 8 beta 5 release time arrives, live now


We pinned the date just under a week ago for iOS 8 beta 5, so today focus is on the release time now there’s just over 26 hours to go until the developer download is live in the member area. Thanks to Apple sticking to a solid update pattern, we can determine the iOS 8 beta 5 release time within a very small window and at the time of writing this is just over a day away.

Around two weeks ago we made the same prediction and this was pretty much spot on, and today we’ve seen the same assumption made for the next beta and its update time. Product Reviews is thinking along the same lines as us and they mentioned the download going live in 34 hours, although this was at their publication time earlier today.

They’ve determined the iOS 8 beta 5 release time to be around 10AM PST in the United States and 6PM in the UK. This is pretty much what we assumed and if anything, Apple has only adjusted this time by around an hour in the past, so you can count on that window being as solid as it gets.

iOS 8 beta 4 review on iPhone 5S and 5

What issues need fixing with iOS 8 beta 5? We know Apple has 9m developers and there’s plenty of non-developers using the trial software by other means as well, so we’d love to know what these people want to see fixed and if you’ve seen any bugs with beta 4. Our in-house developer states the current build is really solid, although he’s aware of some crashing with certain apps and Product Reviews mentioned the slide to unlock freezing on occasion.

After the update tomorrow, there’s only one more beta expected until the iOS 8 Gold Master goes live in September.

Update: We can confirm the iOS 8 beta 5 is live to download right now for iPad, iPhone, etc and can be found within Apple’s developer center. The release notes are also live and detail many of the fixes, which can also be read in full by yourself on this page.


12 thoughts on “iOS 8 beta 5 release time arrives, live now”

  1. Chris says:

    I would like them to fix the notification center bug. When you swipe down on a text as a notification you can o my use the letter keyboard you can’t use any symbols or emojis unles you go to the app. Id also like them to fix where if a new number texts you you can’t add them to your contacts there’s no save button for that. These are just a few issues I noticed that affect me on a daily basis other than that it’s mostly fine(:

    1. kieran says:

      Seems everyone has different bugs depending on the device they’re using. When using third party apps on my ipad it freezes very often which wasn’t present on beta 3. So hopefully thats fixed.

    1. kieran says:

      Thats not apple’s fault thats the skype developers as they haven’t updated the app yet. And they don’t need to as iOS 8 isn’t public yet. You need to remember this isn’t a firmware ready for people to use on their daily devices. Doing so is very irresponsible.

    2. A-J says:

      Sending messages in skype is working, when you type a message and the keyboard flips back up to full instead of half keyboard, send the message and it will disappear along with the keyboard, next go back a page to your contacts, get back into the contact, and click send button again, now its send. bit more hassle, but works.

      overall most keyboards in apps dont really work as they should yet, but i think that is more to do with the apps, than iOS.

      same for apps, crashing, iOS is pretty solid so far.

  2. Lyall Meintjes says:

    There is a bug where if your replying to a message using an interactive notification, the bottom row of the keyboard doesn’t function at all

    1. Mickypc says:

      Its a problem on a single line message, if you continue to type until it goes to the next line you can then use the bottom row i.e smilies and punctuation….. excellent “feature” lol

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