The First Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Photos have Arrived


The Galaxy Note 4 is a device many believe is Samsung’s last chance to shine in 2014, and while we’ve heard the specs, and seen the box, we haven’t seen a photo — until now. Yup, the first Samsung Galaxy Note 4 photos have arrived, and it’s just as sleek as we’d imagined.

Samsung must have been listening when people complained about their vanilla design, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 photos show the same metal trim found on the upcoming Galaxy Alpha. The back appears to be textured plastic, but at least it doesn’t look like a Band-Aid.

The heart rate sensor is also shown on the back while the bottom gives us a look at the speaker grill and microUSB 3.0 port. While the phone wasn’t turned on, it’s still expected to have a 2560 x 1440 display, and that screen will appear larger as Samsung has cut back the bezels on this year’s model of the Galaxy Note.galaxy note 4 photos

The Galaxy Note 4 photos certainly shows a change in the design from the Note 3, and while it seems the company is taking baby steps, it’s good to see them moving in a different direction. It’s just the tip of the iceberg if the recently revealed “Galaxy Edge” moniker pans out as the Galaxy Note 5 will really shake things up with a wraparound display next year. The Galaxy Note 4 will be shown off on September 3rd at IFA, and it’s expected to hit the shelves on the 15th.

Do you like Samsung’s new design for the Galaxy Note 4?


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4 thoughts on “The First Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Photos have Arrived”

      1. Jacek says:

        Excuse me? Are you working for Samsung? At least you can tell us your name. Reason why I stated that there in nothing new in this design is simple. Samsung is a hardware company, right? So what have they add here which is not already out? New software? Or that they cripple hardware so you cannot put EU sim if you bought it in US? I do have Note2 and I do like it. But I see no reason to spent $600 or more for this extortion of money from customers. It is exactly same plot what mighty Apple is doing. I will have to wait for Note5 to see something fresh, existing, worth money.

        1. Jim says:

          My thoughts entirely! Like my Note 2 and have seen no reason to buy another yet, from Samsung. Disappointing…
          Just tell me, why do you think the Note 5 might be different?

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