iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5 gaming with LG G3, OnePlus One


There are plenty of impressive smartphones available and some of those at the top of the tree come from Apple, Samsung, LG and OnePlus. For many of us an increasingly important factor when buying a new phone is its gaming experience. With this in mind we have a selection of videos today that cover iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5 gaming with the LG G3 and OnePlus One.

Mobile enthusiasts will know that the iPhone 5S is an Apple iOS device while the other three handsets all run Android. If you enjoy gaming on a mobile device, it can be really interesting to see how the same game compares on different handsets, and that’s where the videos that we’ve embedded below come in. They all come from one of our favorite YouTubers, Adrienisen.

The first YouTube video shows gameplay from GTA San Andreas on the OnePlus One, Apple iPhone 5S, LG G3, and Samsung Galaxy S5. It gives a really good opportunity to compare gaming performance and begins by showing the game being set up on all four devices together, before individual looks at gameplay on each handset.

iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 lg g3 oneplus one b

The review makes observations and gives some insight along the way about which of these phones offer a superior experience over the others. We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the video though as you will enjoy finding this out when you view it.

The second YouTube video shows Modern Combat 5 gameplay on the same four smartphones while the third YouTube video shows The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We found these comparisons to be quite enlightening and hope you find them useful too. You might also be interested in a recent boot up test video showing the LG G3 vs. iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5.

When you’ve taken at the gaming videos below we’d like to hear your opinions. If you have any of these phones yourself we’d like to know what you think of the gaming performance, so do drop us a comment.


5 thoughts on “iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5 gaming with LG G3, OnePlus One”

  1. Pete says:

    You could of at least charged the G3 before you attempted this test??? Surely this will have an effect on the performance whilst running a game!!!

  2. Me and you says:

    Hahaha…. The LG g3 screen sucks dude. The galaxy s5 screen looks way better and it’s not even QHD. I can’t wait for the note 4 to come out and teach LG how to make a GOOD QUALITY SCREEN and a REAL phablet. LG has my business….. NOT!

    Keep praising that mediocre phone. It’s just a beta version of a QHD. HAHAHA

    1. Cross Dev says:

      I smell jealousy. Sadly the only difference is the AMOLED vs IPS LCD which is color. In terms of which one has more better quality, the G3 has less aliasing in games. And thankfully he’s comparing gaming and not the UI cause transitioning from apps on the S5 really sucks, getting stuck for seconds just to multitask. It really steals your precious time. I got rid of my S5 just because of that to go back to my G2 and honestly I’m happy with the Snapdragon 800 rather than the 801 and 805. No need for a drop or two of extra performance. Lets not even go to battery life comparison cause the S5 is nowhere near impressive. The S5’s only new improvement with the screen is how much brighter it gets than before, but reading reviews on how its the brightest phone around, I can assure anybody that its not brighter than the iPhone. But when it comes to comparing phones, iPhones should be in a different category than Androids for several reasons.

  3. Cross Dev says:

    Honestly, the iPhone shouldn’t be compared here cause as you may take notice on the Google Play and App Store, their sizes are different. The quality on the iPhone is actually less than on Android due to the low specs that iPhones pack. Very nice how their UI runs on the GPU for optimal lag free performance, but in terms of gaming, iPhones can’t handle the graphics we get on Android and thus quality must be reduced. Not to mention that every iPhone is pretty much similar, so its easier to build a universal game. On Android, there is much to worry about including frameworks, multithread support, etc. But i assure you if you were to play for a few minutes on the iPhone those frames per second would drop due to the aggressive throttle found in iPhones.

    1. Ch Humza Masood Chaudrey says:

      They are indeed of different storage sizes, but all the additional code, android developers have to add doesn’t affect game play. I admit that they can’t optimize their games for every phone but that still doesn’t mean that the android phones above handle graphics better than the A7.The A7 has a higher GPU performance then the snap dragon 801, so the iPhone is just better at gaming than all of these other phones…

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