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Macheads and developers, get ready to fire up your hard drives stock up on caffeine. The iOS 8 Gold Master download is ready to go, and it’s right on time as we assumed it would be.

The Apple Event kicked off on schedule today, and aside from some streaming issues, things went off without a hitch. This means there are two new iPhone in the world, an Apple Watch and that the iOS 8 Gold Master download is live. Even if you’re not a developer, you can still check out the iOS 8 Gold Master release notes to get the lowdown on the upcoming iOS 8 update.

The iOS 8 Gold Master download can be obtained through the usual OTA method or directly for the iOS Developer Center. It’s not the only GM release either as Apple has seeded GM for the Apple TV and Xcode 6 as well. The iOS 8 Gold Master release notes will give you an idea of what to expect out of the pre-release version of iOS 8.

Today is a huge day for Apple, and while they show off “something” every year, the company needed to pull a rabbit out of its hat today. It remains to be seen if they’ve done enough to entice customers to come back or pull users from the Android side of things, but the new iOS features along with the upcoming iPhones are certainly a good start.

If you want to get the iOS 8 Gold Master download, you can do so at the link below, and if you’re just looking to get a glimpse of the iOS Gold Master release notes, you can see them here. Everyone else will have to wait until September 17th for the general iOS 8 update.

Are you pleased to see iOS 8 GM arrive on time?

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