iPhone 6 pre-order with midnight release time


Apple has readied the iPhone 6 for a midnight pre-order release time for the USA Apple Online Store. In fact, the exact time is just after midnight for those of you in Pacific Time and 8:01am for UK.

We detailed the launches at Verizon and AT&T earlier today, although through Apple USA you can choose between Sprint and T-Mobile as well. The latter network is available with an off-contract price that costs a lot more.

If you want to learn about all the storage and configuration options directly with each US network, then hit the link above and take a look within our previous article.


You can see a snapshot of the options and prices direct at Apple’s online UK and USA stores within the screenshots on this page. These detail both the off contract UK option, and the carrier choices at Apple’s US online store.

There will be an 8-hour difference between the UK and US PST iPhone 6 pre-order time, although this will be local times and as such both stores will go live at the same time. Thanks to Product Reviews.

Update: Looks like Apple’s UK online store will be joining O2 with their pre-order time, which is 8:01am. That’s the US and UK ordering at the same time.


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