Phones 4U jobs saved by Carphone Warehouse


Earlier today we reported on the news that UK retailer Phones 4u had gone into administration. This leaves thousands of jobs on the line as well as customers wondering where they stand with pre-orders. However, there’s now a glimmer of hope on the horizon that Phones 4U jobs will be saved by Carphone Warehouse.

In our previous report on this today we explained more about the closure of Phones 4u stores while the decision is made about whether trading will go on. The company has 550 retail shops and more than 5,500 employees who have been left in limbo about their futures. In the same article we also clarified what will happen about iPhone 6 pre-orders made through Phones 4u.

In the latest news it’s said that Carphone Warehouse is attempting to put a rescue package together to save Phones 4u jobs. This could be a lifeline to at least some Phones 4u employees, and Sky News reports that Dixons Carphone is getting ready to give a statement about this later today.

It’s expected that the company will discuss around 1,500 Carphone Warehouse job vacancies that Phones 4u employees affected by the closure will be able to apply for. These upcoming job vacancies were previously announced for 30 Carphone concessions within Currys and PC World that will be up-and-running by Christmas.

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In further news it’s reported that Dixons Carphone is also expected to announce that all warranty and phone upgrade commitments to customers at Phones 4u concessions in its UK stores will be honoured. It will be interesting to hear the statement from Dixons Carphone later today, but so far the company has said,

“We would like to offer our support to the colleagues and customers of Phones4u. With regards to our Phones 4u shop-in-shop colleagues we hope to help them secure new jobs with us and will be opening up discussions with the administrators to agree what we can do.”

While the Dixons Carphone rescue plan is a welcome development, we should remember that even if the company re-employs some Phones 4u staff there could still be many thousands left without a job. We’d be really interested to hear from Phones 4u employees about this. What are your feelings on the current situation? Send your comments to let us know.

Source: Sky News


2 thoughts on “Phones 4U jobs saved by Carphone Warehouse”

  1. phones 4 u member says:

    I’m confused and worried, I’m not going to lie. There are people who in my store have families, mortgages. Yesterday things seemed great after trading. By the time I got home all over the news that we had gone into administration! This was my source of income and when having a phone call from your manager in the morning going you won’t be coming into work today. This worries me, we get a statement saying as far as we know we will be getting paid. But what if the administrators say differently! its all a mess and I don’t like how a lot of stuff I am hearing is coming from places such as twitter!

    Signed. Phones 4u store in store in South Yorkshire

  2. Phones 4 U employee says:

    I could have probably handled it if I’d had some form of notice, in which to start searching for another job. Instead I found out as late as Sunday night via social media and media web sites, which was frankly a little humiliating; my friends knew my own company had entered administration before I did. I was under the impression on Sunday night, that I was entering a prosperous week of overtime in my permanent employment. Instead; I’m left practically (although not confirmed) jobless- with bills and rent pending and no guarantee of my wages at the end of the month.

    What’s ensued is a desperate scramble for over five thousand people, to update their CV’s and claw at any available jobs across the country. I’m completely disheartened by the seeming lack of care from vodafone and EE, about ruining such a substantial amount of peoples careers and welfare. Although I’m not just pointing the finger at them; the people at the head of the company, have also seemingly failed to give the slightest care to the honest hard-working individuals who have filled their pockets.

    Greed in excess is a horrible thing, I wish people who are fortunate enough to be more than financially well-off; would start to look past the needs of themselves or those in direct correlation to them. Well done you multi-millionaires, sat on your towers of gold; you’ve just probably ruined a few thousand peoples lives.

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