Is the new iPhone 6 Plus waterproof?


Is the new iPhone 6 Plus waterproof? People are asking about iPhone 6 waterproof protection after not seeing this feature on Apple’s website, and the answer is pretty quick to give for the bigger and smaller model. New iPhone 6 models can be damaged fairly easy by water and shouldn’t be submerged like you’ve seen with some Android phones.

You won’t find any dustproof or waterproof protection on the iPhone 6 and Plus version. There’s a chance of seeing an “Active” version in the future, but this is unlikely and if you need protection from water it would be advisable to get a case dedicated to protecting your new phone.

iPhone 6 Plus waterproof

We did hear Liquipel rumors for the iPhone 6, but this never happened. You can take a look at the LifeProof iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases that we featured in an earlier article, although these cases haven’t received a release date just yet. You can expect LifeProof to start shipping these waterproof cases within a matter of weeks.

Some people are uploading Vines and videos to YouTube in a comic way, simply because the iPhone 6 isn’t waterproof. Well, it could be like we see with the video below.

Did you hope to see waterproof protection within the iPhone 6 features? Is this a major deal-breaker for you, or are you happy to use a case instead?

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