iOS 8.0.3 problem fix still needed as Apple seeds 8.1 beta 2


So the iOS 8.0.2 issues saga goes on! If you have an iPhone or iPad you may be one of the many people who have been having problems since the last iOS update. The list of complaints is long and varied and concerns not just the iPhone 6 but 5S, 5 and 4S and also iPads. An iOS 8.0.3 problem fix is still needed, as Apple seeds 8.1 beta 2.

We last wrote about this a few days ago so if you want a further recap you can head to that article here. At that time we spoke about the growing frustration among iOS device users about 8.0.2 problems and how we were hoping for an iOS 8.0.3 update soon to resolve these issues. Apple had just made iOS 8.1 in beta form available to developers for testing, but it was clear that fixes were sorely needed now, before 8.1 eventually releases to the public.

The wait for iOS 8.0.3 still goes on and now Apple has made iOS 8.1 beta 2 available for developers. This is said to contain improvements and bug fixes (full changelog here), but as it could be some weeks before 8.1 reaches end users we are still calling for iOS 8.0.3 with fixes as soon as possible. In our previous article about this we told how we were still receiving comments on a daily basis, and that is still the case.

We have been flooded with comments and emails about bugs since the release of iOS 8, from readers who are now totally fed up with the current situation. A look at Apple forums and social media also reflects growing annoyance about the problems, such as issues with Bluetooth, WiFi, battery drain, cellular connectivity, missing icons, iMessage and keyboard, as well as many more glitches.

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These problems are not affecting everyone but have been reported across various devices. For example our iPad mini is virtually unusable with constant app crashing and random freezes, while our iPad Air is running smoothly. Even in the last few hours we are still receiving further communication from readers. For example one said, “So sick of the “no service” message after updating to IOS8 on my ipad will never buy Apple products again and they just seem to be burying their head in the sand.”

Another reader said, “Shocked.. that’s all I have to say.. I have a IPhone 4s, yes I know its an old model, But its been great up until I updated it to IOS 8.0, everything is like soooo slow, loading apps take a good 20 seconds before response and randomly cuts out.. Please Fix.” Yet another commenter sent us a whole list of complaints about their iPhone 5S after updating to iOS 8.0.2, and said they are still finding further problems every day.

While it’s interesting to hear that Apple has now seeded iOS 8.1 beta 2 to developers, we feel many readers would rather the company concentrate on an iOS 8.0.3 update to resolve these many problems. We are calling for fixes with iOS 8.0.3 as soon as humanly possible and wonder if readers agree?

Are you still having problems with your iPad or iPhone on iOS 8.0.2? What do you feel about Apple’s handling of the bugs situation? Do let us have your comments using the box below.


52 thoughts on “iOS 8.0.3 problem fix still needed as Apple seeds 8.1 beta 2”

  1. Jymc says:

    IPhone 4S. I’ve got almost all the problems listed. Bluetooth and keyboard issues especially annoying as well as app crashes. I’m looking at Android.

  2. Raerae says:

    Apple should either get an update out to resolve all issues ASAP, allow easy downgrade or pay for a new phone! I’m totally fed up! My iPad and iPhone were working great until the iOS 8 update! Really angry!

  3. MGT says:

    This is atrocious – if I wanted unstable rubbish I would have bought a windows phone!! This is the last Apple device I ever buy! Bluetooth is atrocious as is WiFi & yes I have tried all of the fixes that people have suggested. Come on Apple – people have paid a lot of money for these devices and we now have to wait until possibly the 20th October for a fix!

  4. Sstiggy says:

    They are burning a lot of bridges with consumers, especially those on the fence with leaving Apple for other devices, it has been several weeks already and I know I am lucky to have an unlimited data plan because I can’t use wi-fi

  5. Cami says:

    I’m pissed. My family and I all have the 5s and we updated to iOS 8 then 8.0.2 and there are tons of problems. I can connect to wifi but it either doesn’t work or it’s incredibly slow. Same with my mobile data, it’s like a snail. When I get notifications at the top of my screen, I can’t push them away and it completely freezes my phone. My battery life is also a complete joke. Sometimes my phone will freeze and I can press the home button 100 times before anything happens. If they do not come up with a fix FAST, me, my dad, my two sisters, and my boyfriend have agreed we would switch to droids. Apple doesn’t seem to care about the quality of their products or making the consumers happy.

  6. Caz Harris says:

    Abysmal! IPad mini is unable to move between apps, crashes regularly, freezes on safari, you tube unusable (even after app delete & reinstall), typing is so very slow – when it doesn’t freeze, Google maps doesn’t open, etc etc etc. in fact, I don’t think I’ve got an app that hasn’t had serious ongoing problems.

  7. Nattynooo says:

    I have an phone 5s and I can’t make calls, send picture messages, my calander just keeps flashing when it loads, I can’t dial in a number and call it! Wifi doesn’t work properly I wish I had never done the update I am going back to android next upgrade. I never had this problem with one of those!

  8. John P says:

    I bought a new iPhone 6 and had the latest iOS pre-installed, but I am considering switching back to my 4, that has iOS7. Or buy a real phone. I have a useless phone right now….thanks Apple!
    My Wi-Fi is totally dead, calls are dropped, apps shuts down. The latest bug I noticed (or maybe its an Apple feature, iCrap?) is that my downloaded podcast stops playing, and when I start it again, the recording resumes 1 minute earlier in the recording (its not an app setting). I haven’t read anyone else having this bug in iOS 8.0.2. Unless they come up with a solution this week, I have to return the phone and switch to another, more reliable brand.

  9. Kris says:

    I have iPad 2 but after update to 8.0.2 it is rather cutting bread board. I tried almost everything including reseting to factory settings, turning off different options, changing settings, changing routers etc.

    I didn’t try putting the device to fridge for 10 minutes before connecting to wifi network yet.

    It is almost not possible to connect to any wifi network, almost – because somehow, sometimes (very rarely) iPad connects to wifi for a minute or two. But the speed of such connection remembers me prehistorical times when I used modems to connect to internet. Using mobile network is not an alternative because….”no service” message appears.

    Sad thing that this happens with Apple product.

  10. Den says:

    I pad mini is the last thing I have bought from Apple, I’ll never again buy any products of the same company. ios 8 update makes your devices useless.

  11. Marc Richardson says:

    I have a iPhone 6plus and apps open slower than my wife iPhone 5c yet she keeps losing signal as keeps getting no service yet before update has great signal aps on my iPad 4 own slower than normal sometimes don’t even open at all

  12. Rob says:

    I have an ipad 2 and after upgrading to 8.0 Loading apps just slowed down, very disappointed with apple. Even after upgrading to 8.0.2, loading apps got a bit better but still slow. its terrible. Let me tell you apple guys about the battery drain, feels like i’m charging my i pad every 5 hours so please fix this, weather its ios 8.0.3 or ios 8.1. have it fixed

  13. philippa says:

    I think an iPad that does not work properly is unusable and either we should get a refund and buy an android or they must let us migrate back to iOS 7 until IOS 8 is entirely tested.

  14. pier says:

    Ipad 2 IOS 8.0.2 : orrible!!!! slow, incessant “no service” with cellular line and shut down nead to restore connection, battery drain intollerable. please solve! P.S. if you have IOS 7 … stay!

  15. Elaine says:

    Do not upgrade! I have had continual problems. it is incredibly ssssllllloooowwwww! And I keep getting “No service” after a few hours, which is incredibly frustrating as it takes so long to power off and back on to temporarily resolve the problem.

  16. New to Iphone says:

    Bought my first every apple device last week been 7 days without service as it hasn’t been able to connect to my actual network. Apple have no idea how frustrating it is having a phone that is not usable for phone calls, texts & internet. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM APPLE.

  17. 4S User says:

    No issues with my ios 4S running 8.0.2. i do have lots of storage space available,
    Why dont the affected users backup the device using itunes, wipe and reload…

  18. 4S user too says:

    Don’t cherry coat the issues with “Why don’t….reload”. I have a 4S and the 8.0.2 update has put everything to a standstill. Freezes, restarts, drops calls, etc throughout the day. Did not hate apple for a bad release, but as the weeks go by, i have come to really mistrust them. Least they could do is allow us the option of downgrade to 7 – and that is the very least they could do, but they haven’t. Won’t trust another update from them again. Girlfriend was slow to update and now she is happy with her 4S on 7, while mine is a glitchy mess.

  19. Sameer says:

    Whenever device goes in sleep mode, it drops wifi credentials on IPAD. Each time I have enter the details of user and password. Tried various remidies .. Reset network settings etc. Ios 7x was better. Apple need to privide fix for this.

  20. Jane Moseby says:

    Same as countless others by the looks of it – download 8.02 has NOT fixed ‘no service’ problems on ipad2 plus random pages popping up and interrupting searches – black screen whenever it feels like it and re-booting only solves temporarily – if they can’t fix they should at least restore downgrade to 7 capabilities. Tried reporting via apple bug reporter…. wouldn’t accept my password – made me re-set it twice – still wouldn’t let me in – finally managed via my laptop – got acknowledgement but no advice since – Sucks!!

  21. Kumar/S says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and the problems are endless.
    In the past, one thing I could always count on my Apple products was their response time. I touch an app and it launches without any delay. But now, in spite of switching off all the “graphic-animations” and parallax effects, it still lags. It takes about a good 7-10 seconds for an app to launch. And sometimes maybe even more. Not to forget the random ‘hangs’.
    I’ve used the phone since it’s launch in 2011 and hadn’t faced any lags or freezing until the wretched iOS 8. And beyond.
    At times, it just feels like it isn’t worth being loyal anymore. If this is the road Apple is going on from now, then I’m going to be happy to move on.

    For you folks at Apple, I’ve a suggestion.
    Why don’t you reintroduce iOS 6 as iOS ‘Retro’? At this point no one is going to judge you.
    We will all be ecstatic that we’ve something that ‘just works’!

  22. Sadie says:

    I am sick to death of my brand new iPhone 6, I could cheerfully sell it and switch to Samsung. The wifi and loss of connectivity is driving me crazy and yet everything runs as before on iPad mini.

    Apple should be ashamed of themselves treating their customers like this. Everyone I know who has an iPhone, new or old, are experiencing problems with this IOS 8.0.2.

    It needs to be addressed NOW.

  23. Sean says:

    Absolutely fed up. I have a 5s and I constantly have one bar and when I’m connected to Wifi it takes forever to load anything. It’s pointless having a phone that I can’t use. My calls keep dropping out. Of help us if there’s ever an emergency!

  24. Anil T.Balani says:

    Yes, I’ve updated from ios 7 to ios 8 (8.0.2) “n” after upgradation I’m doing my work and with in 2 to 3 hours the blue screen comes & it restarts my iPad Air, please sir solve this issue as soon as possible & i also to do downgrade the previous version its not possible to do that with the help of iTune, So kindly please help me how to solve this issue or send me link for upgrade or a downgrade of ios version’s

  25. Toby Malik says:

    Safari on iPad 2 is almost unusable – it hangs; freezes and crashes. This is compounded by the fact that you can’t rollback to the previous ‘stable’ version; which is daft and seemingly wilful. At least with the option to rollback software versions we’d be kept happy with our gear until the early adopters had sorted out the newer versions. I really like my Apple gear but this amateurish rollout of new software has really shaken my confidence in them; for a company whose strap line is ‘It Just Works’ – I am here to tell you it doesn’t. I can get all this hassle and crap from Microsoft for a lot less money and haven’t made the shift to Apple only to pay a premium for the same thing to happen. Sort it out!

  26. Dekfit says:

    IPad Air Internet has become an issue since updating to 8.0.2, Safari either won’t load a webpage first time, and I have to start again, but it is slower and goes into loading a webpage cycle, without ever loading that page. I recently bought a Nexus phone, after years with an iPhone, and enjoying a really fast phone, with some great apps.

  27. Pascal Raubun says:

    My WiFI is gone after updating to iOS8 (8.02) on my iPhone 4S. It does not work anymore. When does Apple think they will fix this problem? Because if they don’t. I am stuck with a very expensive piece of presse papier.

  28. Roger says:

    just bought a iPhone 6 to replace trusty iPhone 4.
    Main repeatable problem is it will not send emails telling wrong user password etc..
    Yet my iPad running the same iOS 8.0.2 works perfectly.
    So took it back to the Apple Store to show to their “specialist”. They simply refuse to accept there is anything wrong with the phone and blame me, the ISP the email provider anyone but accept there is a problem they need to attend to.
    I did not expect them to fix it I can see this is a OS issue relating to the iPhone but what I did want was for them to agree it was a issue and either raise a bug report or admit Apple know about it and are working on the problem.

  29. Sam says:

    Since updating to 8.0.2 a perfectly happy and efficient ipad has become so slow – screen locks – constantly buffering – myriad other problems – it’s driving me crazy – how can Apple be so dopey – 8.0.2 doesn’t work!! – they obviously know how to fix these things – maybe they don’t want to admit that they got it wrong – why can’t I just rollback to what I had – too easy an answer I suppose

  30. Carol says:

    Apple, you owe it to your customers to act now & sort out the various issues as a matter of URGENGY!!!! Fix these issues, at least put out a statement telling users what’s going on!!!!
    I’m sick of my iPhone 4s & it’s battery drainage, even when it’s turned off the “Home & Lock Screen” is still draining the battery!!!!!!!!! I’m losing as much as 73%, even when I’m not using the phone. The Usage time is only a few mins less than the standby time, it’s a Joke, Come on Apple, you’ve made enough money out of us using your products, it’s the least you can do to FIX ALL THE CURRENT ISSUES, no doubt you will lose an awful lot of loyal Apple users to Samsung & others as it’s taking much, much too long to put things right & regain the respect of your users!!!!
    I’m not impressed with Apple anymore, I just want my phone to work as it did before iOS 8 updates.
    Is that too much to ask of a big company………………certainly looks that way.
    BTW my iPad works fine, so that’s a bonus!!!!!!
    Very unhappy iPhone 4s owner, compensation should now apply to everyone that’s complaining!!!!!

    1. Teresa says:

      Having same issues with my iPhone 5. Also, since the ios 8 CRAP, my iPad buffers FOREVER when I’m watching videos via livestream. EXTREMELY unhappy.

  31. John says:

    IPad 2 now virtually useless since update to 8.0.1, 8.0.2, previously fine. Unless a ‘cure’ is released or rollback to 7.1.2 I’ll never buy another Apple product !

  32. Anthony says:

    Apple should upgrade to ios7 to fix numerous problems facing ios8. As one problem is fixed another develop. Apple is a real disappointment nowadays. It’s not all about impression

  33. Anthony says:

    Wifi Hotspot has disappeared from my iPad Air due to this ios8 upgrade. Have try many options to recall the icon to no vail. Apple please do something fast and always test run further updates on all your devices before releasing to the public.

  34. Sharon says:

    Since the 8.0.2 ios update, I cannot connect to internet with anything except wifi. GPS is useless as a result, as are many other apps when I have no wifi connection…

  35. Teresa says:

    Since the ios 8 update, I cannot watch the church service I have been watching via livestream. It takes too long to buffer, sometimes I can watch a few minutes, sometimes not at all. I have an iPad 3rd generation. So frustrated.

  36. John says:

    I for one will be changing from Apple, my IPad, my iphone, my wife’s iPad and her iphone all have been running slow, freezing, shutting down since the IOS 8 installation. When will Apple realise that they can’t bury their heads and need to be honest with the consumer, before they lose untold numbers of customers? Just admit IOS 8 just doesn’t work for the majority of Apple users.

  37. Liza says:

    I too have an iPad mini that used to work. 8.0.3 seems to have made it even slower than it was. I keep looking at it and wondering what happened, hoping to come up with a solution to whatever this is. I will not buy another Apple product. The mini is new enough that there’s just no excuse for the awful input lag. Even while typing this, it freezesand doesn’t correct properly because what I’m seeing on my screen is not what it’s doing. The thing is completely frustrating to use now. I play app games that are now ridiculous because everything I do is delayed by a second or two. I have 6 GB free, so space is not the issue.

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