Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 drop test arrives


If you’re a potential buyer of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you will probably be interested in finding out how durable the new phablet is. Recently we discussed how many readers were waiting to see drop testing on the phone, and now an official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 drop test video has arrived.

Recently we reported on the Note 4 Gapgate vs. iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate saga and following this showed a Samsung bend test on the device. Now Samsung has also put the Galaxy Note 4 through its paces in one of its factories, and shows what happened when the device was put through some demanding tests.

Below this article we’ve embedded the YouTube video that Samsung has produced that shows how the phone fared. You’ll see the phone being dropped from various angles and heights onto solid granite or solid metal flooring, and these tests were conducted hundreds of time with automatic drop testing. You can then watch tumble testing of the Note 4 where it’s put through hundreds of revolutions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 drop test b

The results are very impressive, with the Galaxy Note 4 seemingly remaining intact and unmarked throughout. Of course some might say that Samsung wouldn’t include any testing on the video that showed anything to the contrary, but we’re not saying that!

When you’ve checked out the video below it would be good to hear your views on this. Is the sturdiness of a smartphone important to you? If so, are you convinced about the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from this testing? Do send us your comments to let us know.

Via: SamMobile

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