iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 930, plenty on offer


The iPhone 6 is Apple’s new top-flight smartphone while the Nokia Lumia 930 is a high-end handset that released back in the summer. These phones both have plenty to offer potential buyers and use the iOS and Windows Phone platforms respectively. If you’re open to either operating system this iPhone 6 vs. Nokia Lumia 930 comparison could be helpful in choosing between them.

These are both excellent devices though offer quite different experiences due to the operating systems. There’s a lot to recommend them in the way of specs and features and so below this article we’ve embedded a YouTube video from Adrianisen that gives an opportunity for some close-up looks at the phones and how they stand up against each other.

The video comparison begins with a look at the design and builds of the two phones and it’s immediately evident that the Lumia 930 is very much thicker than the iPhone 6 (as shown in the image below). It continues by detailing many of the key specs such as the displays, storage, and processors, and also operating system versions, software experiences and more.

iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 930

The camera capabilities of both phones and camera apps are also discussed, along with the Touch ID feature of the iPhone 6, gaming performance, and battery life. Overall the comparison review gives viewers a chance to see the phones up and running, and after learning about specs and looking at the designs your pick could be made easier.

You might also like to check out an earlier video comparison we shared of the Lumia 930 vs iPhone 6 that concentrated purely on the benefits of each over the other. When you’ve taken a look at the video below it would be good to hear which phone gets your vote. Would you buy the Apple iPhone 6 or the Nokia Lumia 930? Drop us your comments in the box below.


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  1. Afraz says:

    Try using the Nokia camera app; it’s way more versatile than the stock Microsoft app AND you have a high degree of control, e.g. manual focusing, shutter speed and ISO values.

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