Nexus 6 release for UK and Europe may not be until December


The launch of a Google Nexus device is always big news, and it was the same story recently when the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone was announced. This handset will be in huge demand when it finally becomes available, but we’ve now heard that the Nexus 6 release for the UK and Europe may not be until December.

When the Nexus 6 was made official it was slated for a release sometime in November. Although no specific date was made available it was expected that the pre-orders for the phone would open in late October. Subsequently, yesterday we informed readers that US pre-orders for the Nexus 6 had opened on Google Play, but that the phone very quickly became listed as ‘out of stock.’

Now there’s some news from Europe with details out of the Netherlands saying that pre-orders for the Nexus 6 there were expected to begin on November 3. However, it’s reported that the date has been pushed back and that a possible new date for pre-orders opening is November 18. That will be quite a shocker for potential buyers hoping to get their hands on the phone soon, especially as the phone already went up for grabs in the US.

Bear in mind also that this is only a prospective pre-order date and not an availability date, and therefore shipping may not happen until a few weeks later, taking us into December. What we don’t yet know is whether this news from the Netherlands pertains to the UK and the rest of Europe. However, the news is not looking promising as one major UK online retailer says they expected pre-orders to begin yesterday but that Motorola has now informed them that pre-orders won’t begin earlier than November 18.

If the above is accurate, it does seem likely that if a delay for the Nexus 6 applies to the UK and the Netherlands then it will also affect other countries of Europe. We should point out though that none of the above is official, and so we’ll wait and hope that the Nexus 6 for Europe arrives sooner than the latest reports suggest. Meanwhile if you want to read much more about the Nexus 6 head to our previous articles here. These include comparisons with other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, and iPhone 6 Plus, accessories news and more.

Are you eagerly waiting to pre-order the Google Nexus 6 in the UK or another part of Europe? What are your thoughts on these latest reports about a possible delay? Let us know with your comments.

Sources: TechTastic.nl AND Clove UK
Via: GSMArena


6 thoughts on “Nexus 6 release for UK and Europe may not be until December”

  1. S GTG says:

    Having being a potential buyer of the nexus 6 waiting for the release of the nexus 6 wasn’t hard enough, waiting another month is just outrageous!! Having waited so long I’m tempted to either buy the note 4 or hold on a while longer and see what the Samsung s6 has got to offer.. Thanks Google!!

  2. MrSonicBoom says:

    I think my Nexus 5 can survive till December. I’m currently running the Android Lollipop preview and it’s turned my N5 into a new device. Still wanting the bigger screen and better battery life though.

  3. Zameer says:

    I was all planned and ready to go out and buy my Note 4 on October 17th in the UK after waiting for it for almost a month. Unfortunately the same morning I heard about Nexus 6. Since it was expected to be available on November 3rd, I decided to wait another two weeks. But now the whole thing just sounds disgusting. I can not go for note 4 since I know it won’t be the very best of devices and nexus 6 also seems to be as elusive as ever. Perhaps these things should not be announced unless they are able to supply it within a week or so. I am sure by the time Nexus 6 hits UK stores, Sony will have announced its all new octacore 4GB ram 128GB memory,snapdragon 810, 6.1 inch screen Z4. Then who will want the comparatively ordinary looking Nexus 6?

  4. S GTG says:

    Update; i have made the decision of buying the Sony z3. I’m glad I did, not to big nor to small. Plenty of power and has alot more accessories than the nexus line will every have…
    It’s a shame to say but I’m glad to see the back of nexus (coming from someone who owns nexus 4&5 also nexus 7 2013)
    What a massive step in the right direction to sony.

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