FIFA 15 Ultimate team issues cause growing frustration


The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android and iOS devices received an update on October 17, and a couple of days later we reported that some people were having FIFA 15 UT problems since the update. Now it’s over two weeks later but it’s clear that this difficulties are still persisting and that FIFA 15 UT app issues are causing growing frustration.

We’ve received a number of emails and comments from our readers about ongoing problems with FIFA 15 UT. For example one reader wrote just a few hours ago, “Fut 15 keeps on crashing after connecting to Facebook i think? Can anyone help me?” Another wrote, “When ever I open fifa 15 and when I am on home page it crashes whyyyy pls fix it getting pissed off,” and yet another person commented, “I can’t play the game, it keeps crashing, after tapping the “tap to continue ” I can play for a second or two after that it crashes.”

These kinds of comments are echoed on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Android app description on Google Play, with many people discussing various issues in the user reviews section. For instance one player wrote recently, “Not happy at all I had purchased some fifa points, the payment went through but I did not receive my fifa points. This is the second time this has happened. Now every time I sign into the game it automatically closes down. I actually enjoy playing the game, but this is destroying my gaming experience. I’ve emailed countless times, but all they do is send an email back with a link that my mobile security does not trust…”

Another user review on the Google Play Store wrote, “I had lost my FIFA 15 account since I had logged in to FaceBook using my device? WTF is going on after all the new updates??” Yesterday another person commented, “Amazing game big prob Its like best game but then it’s been like 40 times today that it’s disconnecting from EA servers…. After every match and every player i buy through bid….. It disconnects…. Pls fix….”

These are just a few examples of the numerous complaints being made about FIFA 15 UT, and the majority of them are about issues that have arisen since the last update. If you’re in the same boat as some of the above users of the app we’d like to hear from you.

Are you encountering any problems with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app, either on iOS or Android? Did these issues begin after the last update, and what is the nature of your problem with the app? Drop us your comments in the box below.


201 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Ultimate team issues cause growing frustration”

  1. Poo says:

    Well I’ve tried everything i can but it won’t work apparently it’s face book causeing all this trouble so i guess you have to log out of facebook to play

  2. SimplyAyo says:

    iPhone 5s and iPad Mini.

    My crashing issues are different from most other’s. I can play the game just fine (i.e. playing an online game, sorting my squad, bidding for items etc), but anytime I attempt to navigate to anything involving my Facebook profile, the app crashes. If I press ‘club’, it crashes. If I attempt to go to my FIFA profile in-game, it crashes. This was never a problem until two weeks ago.

    I have tried every potential fix I can think of, and NOTHING has worked. I’ve tried changing my Facebook profile picture. I’ve gone to the length of removing the app from my Facebook altogether and then re-adding it. I’ve tried uninstalling the game from my devices. I’ve done all the hard-reset nonsense (that won’t work as the problem is app isolated). I’ve done other minor things that might magically make some difference. All to no avail.

    After reading about the problem a lot online, many are saying that it’s a problem from Facebook’s side and not EA’s. Whatever. This isn’t acceptable. Many people have probably been spending money on the game, and they can’t play it. It’s not nice.

    My big question is though, why did EA get rid of Origin for Facebook. Origin was absolutely fine. They probably did so to gain more exposure from people to the game (via the method of people posting their progress to Facebook), but it’s not as if the EA FIFA game franchise isn’t madly popular already.

    The way I see it, EA don’t really care. They’ll probably fix the issue, at SOME point down the line, but the fact this problem has been on going for two weeks and still hasn’t been fixed shows a real lack of urgency on their part in my opinion.

    1. Jayfox says:

      Have exactly the same problem on my iPad, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 plus and tried all the same things…. So frustrating. Means I can’t sell any players from my club and its a real pain to check what players I have in my club. Have spent a lot of money with EA – have a club worth over 3m. Very frustrating that EA do nothing after multiple contacts with them. Last update was well over two weeks ago… Needs to be sorted asap.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I just bought $25 worth of FIFA points, the game said that the purchase was successful and even my Apple account has been credited with the purchase, but I didn’t get the FIFA points

  4. johnny says:

    I have not been on it for 3 days due to this crashing that’s occuring. It’s happened ever since I logged on withfacebook. I wish EA could do something because if it’s not fixed soon I’m not playing it and telling my friends not to either.

  5. Shaun says:

    Every time I log into Facebook, it crashes and after I restart it, it crashes after I tap to continue….
    I had an awesome BPL squad, pls EA…. Do something

  6. Fisjshsh says:

    Can’t use my Facebook anymore. My Facebook account have ibra, bale, Reus, James, and many other players, overall worth about 1.5m and now I can’t even get on the game.

  7. Laurent Robert 32 says:

    FUT is an absolute joke!!!! EA, my games that I’ve won magically vanish as if I haven’t played them. I already had 19 points to be promoted to Div 1 with two games left to play. The ‘Play’ tab shows the correct points, yet when I click ‘Online Season’ my points go down to 13 with less games to play!! Unacceptable in a game like this. Robbers that you are bringing out an unfinished game. Sort it out. I’ve lost over a dozen wins because of this.

      1. Laurent Robert 32 says:

        Yeah, it’s awful, man. Hard enough to play in the top divisions as it is plus with all the lag that occurs. Unacceptable for a game priced over £40. Capitalism over quality. Disgraceful.

  8. FUCKEA says:

    It never saves games, it always crashes right when I press tap to continue and it has stolen fifa points.
    If they don’t fix it I will never buy an ea game ever again.

  9. DNG says:

    I havent logged in or connected my FB account and I keep getting the error message “our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better. Please try again later” This happens every time I tap on “objective completed” then tap “claim reward”. I also dont like it that it doesnt allow the app to save the game on the phone so if a connection error occurs that we don’t lose match results. Get it together EA. This is very poor for an app that we have to pay for!!!!!

  10. cestmas says:

    This applies to windows phone and the windows 8 app too. Unbelievable how EA can release such a crappie game. But it was problems before the update too. E.g totw cup error, call id error and so on.

  11. oplix says:

    Constantly disconnecting from server causing loss of contract time and having to replay games. Really freaking annoying after it happens like 20 times

  12. James says:

    Have played 10+ games is FUT online season winning most drawing some. Only recieved coins for half the games and in the league table I only have 1 point. There are too many glitches and problems to list. Very disappointed as Fifa 14 was so good!

    1. brad says:

      yeah i agree, id lke to see them bring back all the offline game modes they had in 14. other than that, ultimate team’s pretty much the same.

  13. BB says:

    Can’t even access the FIFA Store in game. 3 months of playing FIFA 14 UT, not once was I able to connect to the store. I recently downloaded this, thinking that the issue would be fixed and that I could connect to the store. NOPE! How the hell do they expect to make money off of this if users can’t even pay for anything??

  14. Jack says:

    The game will start but as soon at I ‘tap to continue’ it just crashes. It’s obviously because of the connection between facebook and EA. it’s been like this now for about 2 and a half weeks and is extremely annoying because when it was problem free, the game was one of the most enjoyable on the market…

  15. William says:

    I was on the last game of division 4 in online seasons I had 15 points if I won I would go to division 3 but when when I won the game I was still in division 4 and I still had 15 points. Whenever I try to play another online match I get to play 3 seconds then it crashes. I’m on iOS.

  16. Cappe says:

    I’m sorry for bad English but i found a solution for the crash after connecting with Facebook.
    1)Open the game and wait until appears “Tap to continue”(don’t tap)
    2)Turn off the Wi Fi,the 3G ecc..
    3)Click on tap to continue and then the game will load your profile but he says that ther isn’t any connection
    4)Turn on the Wi Fi,3g ecc..
    Hope this works!

  17. Ryan says:

    I can’t claim rewards before it says: fifa servers are temporarily down. Also, it keeps crashing a lot and sometimes when I make bids for players and I win, I loose my money but the player disappears from my club just before I swap him in. Very disappointed. Please fix.

  18. James says:

    The issue, which I am experiencing is the following. After clicking on “tap to continue” i’m redirected to a window with “My Squad” on the top of the screen. There is one player with expired contract, but I currently do not have any contracts available to extend it, however there isn’t any option to proceed further, or even to navigate to the transfers to purchase one…. this is ridiculous…….

  19. Vivek says:

    My mobile phone died of low battery while I was on a resume screen of the gameplay and after I charged and started the game, lost all my previous game, players(256), hundreds of accessories. The game started as a new account. This is horrible and I am sure that EA will not take any action….

  20. Hfufjv Hvjfh says:

    So, basicly, I was playing a game in division 2 with my team and I just managed to stay in the league, I went onto another game and the game sent me to the android dashboard. This is when it gets weird, (or annoying for me) I went back onto the app and I came to a screen where you would be to start a game with a rival team, although, the only available options were, moving my players around, adding a contract to a player And kick off, I went to kick off and it brought me to the contracts screen, which had no contracts on, I wanted to sub him off so I could play/get off that screen but I couldn’t as it was not an option, so I’m stuck, I have a team worth 10 million coins and I don’t want to restart, any help?

    1. brad says:

      try a hard shutoff on your device (pressing the home button and the power button a the same time for about 10-20 seconds), and then maybe redownload fifa 15, and when you get to the game after you pick your starter squad, pause and quit, this will bring you back to fifa main menu. click the upper right hand corner on the screen and it will take you to your account. login to facebook, and if nothing crashes you should be fine. also, sometimes waiting a few days and not playing the game will help resolve some of the crashing issues maybe. just speaking from personal experience.

  21. Ravi says:

    It worked for me for few games after I installed it & since then getting error “Our Servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better. Please try again later.” Is there any new update been deployed or any maintenance by EA.

  22. Kuba says:

    Ya @Ravi fifa 15 worked for me yesterday and today it says “ERROR our servers are temporarily down…” If this is happening to everyone ea servers mghht be fixing something

  23. kyle says:

    When i want to play fifa 15 it will load the screen and say connecting to server after about 5 seconds it will say ” our servers ate temporarily down while we work on making things better. Please try again later” this has started to fustrate me as i was looking foward to getting the game and when i got it recently i could play it for a day and not this ERROR apears on my phone scree, can you please try to help this issue or write something to EA as it is getting really anoying!

  24. Steve says:

    Yeah, mine keeps crashing. The first time i played, I logged in with fb and it was ok, but when I tried entering again, it crashes at the tap to continue part. So I reinstalled the app and the app restarted everything (I was logged out). Then, I logged in and the app restarted, but then crashed again. Therefore I think the problem is logging in with fb.

  25. Samuel says:

    Placed a bid of 14000 on a player the app which had 4 minutes left crashed I haven’t got the player or coins back and that was 20 minutes ago, EA either give me Schurrle or my 14000 back!

  26. Eldar says:

    I just won Lorris (8200) and Baines (5200) and it showed “new item won”, I clicked it and there was nothing in the New items. I went again to the Transfer Target and there was nothing there. I didn’t get any money back (I thought I might suddenly quick sell it) and I also checked in my players and still nothing. EA, give me back my 13400 coins back or Lorris and Baines back. It really pissed me off.

  27. Luka Å tremfelj says:

    I just won Sergio Ramos(81000) and it showed “new item won”, I clicked it and there was nothing in the New items. I went again to the Transfer Target and there was nothing there. I didn’t get any money back (I thought I might suddenly quick sell it) and I also checked in my players and still nothing. EA, give me back my 81000 coins back or Sergoi Ramos back. It really pissed me off. I have no more money 🙁 PLEASE 🙁

  28. Faysal says:

    FIFA 15 UT keeps crashing right after i “Tap to continue”, on my new windows 8 laptop. Why does it do this. It’s fine on my iPad 2, but damn, I wish it worked on my touch laptop too. Pls fix it quickly.

  29. jjj says:

    When I login the game occasionally tries to make me start from scratch. A quick restart usually fixes this, but I have to play a quick game against a rival team (Bayern Munich in my case). The problem I have now though is that my manager has run out of his contract and I can’t give him another, or even swap him with another. How can I solve this? Alternatively if I uninstall and reinstall the game, will I still have my squad?

    I should provably mention that I’m playing the mobile game for android.

  30. Damjan Muhar says:

    Why I can not sell all my players? I can sell just the first half of them and the other half does not have option quick sell or option put on transfer list. Maybe my question is funny or silly but I play game like this for the first time on android so I do not understand some things. And my second question is: Why I do not get money when I finish a tournament (amateur) where I should get 3500?

    1. brad says:

      maybe the players you are trying to sell but wont sell are untradables. the way you can tell is if you click quick sell, and it says 0 coins. as for the tournament, i dont know. id advise playing single player sesons to rack up coins.

  31. Brad says:

    it crashes every once in a while but thats not what makes me mad. what makes me mad is multiplayer. the person with the crappier connection ALWAYS wins because they exploit the lag they are used to. and im the one with the perfect connection, so this is very frustrating. also, whenever i try to use a attribute card on a player, the game starts and it goes on for about 5 seconds and then it disconnects me from the game every single time, and when i get back to my season it says i lost 3-0, whenn i didnt even play any of the game. because of these two issues, ive been demoted from division 1 all the way to division 3. all the little idiots in division one have crappy connections and this is very unfair and should be addressed. for all the real gamers out there like me who take multiplayer seriously, this is a very big letdown. this game is nnot fun anymore.

  32. Reilly says:

    I bought $24.99 on Fifa points and it said my purchase was complete but since that my FIFA 15 still hasn’t given me my Fifa points and is crashing numerousely

  33. Darkforce says:

    The game crashes when I connect to facebook!! and i bought €15 worth of fifa points the transaction completed but i didn’t got my points :(. I reinstalled the game but then it crashed everytime i clicked on the fifa 15 home screen. I did sen ea a mail but they gave me a security thingy for my ipad…. But it wasn’t my ipad its just ea or the game!!!! In the beginning it was fun but now it isn’t!!!! 🙁

  34. Matthias Park says:

    It says that i will be logged out becuz i am using the same account in another device, when im not, i checked with everyone who could be usin my account, im really frustrated bout dis

  35. wen rong says:

    everytime i press”tap to continue”, my phone keeps going back to my homepage and I’m really getting pissed off as i had just bought my inform diego costa. pls fix it ea (i really like the game though)

  36. sturridge says:

    I have blue toty Messi and a team I really like, but my team isn’t connected to facebook. I want to secure my team. Does logging into facebook make me restart the game or will I still have all my players?

  37. Jacob Predeth says:

    To complete an objective i had to buy 10 gold packs and then it would give me a free one. I opened the pack and the transition worked fine but when I went to redeem my free pack for completing the objective, the loading symbol came up and wouldn’t stop so I closed the app and when I went back on, my objective said it wasn’t complete even though it still shows I opened the gold pack before to complete the achievement. This has happened 3 times today with my other redeem items. Sort this out.

  38. T says:

    On my iOS device it would not let me open my rewards because I had 3 gold packs for rewards and I can’t even use them or open them it justs says sorry can not connect please try again later or I try to open them and it loads and stops there and then I close the app and my rewards disappear

  39. TheFantasy says:

    I login to Facebook to play fifa on my ipad and i have an objective complete but when i try to accept the reward it either says “Objective currently unavailable” or it will show the loading symbol for ever. Any help please?

  40. mohd shuaib says:

    Whenever I try to open fifa 15 it crashes …this started yesterday when build my team to 85 rating and
    played a match
    And won it said you have complete your objective and there was 2 gold pack when I clicked it it said not available and when I wemt back and reopened it again I clicked ‘tap to continue ‘then it got stuck plsss help meee

  41. FUT PLAYER says:

    I had just finished a season and went to collect my reward when my game froze. I backed out of the app and tried to get back in. When I tapped the “tap to continue” button, my game froze and crashed. I’ve tried turning off my iPad and getting closer to the wifi but it doesn’t work. I have a very good team and wouldn’t like to lose it. Please help.

  42. matt says:

    Same here…I don’t know, but it’s driving me crazy…I tried numerous ways (I play it on Android -> Samsung Galaxy S3):
    1. Reinstall game
    2. Moved time to few days ago (to try to reverse it)
    3. Turned off WI-FI right before “Tap To Continue”

    But it doesent work, anything I tried…that happened yesterday when I completed Tournament. All of sudden I got claim award thingy and it just freezed me…Now every time I want to go play it freezes after it shows me claim award…

    OFC I’m logged in with Facebook, I even changed my pic n’ stuff, but it’s not working…So if anyone has any help at all…I would be glad…

  43. Sam says:

    Why us? Whyyyyy EA? I had like 5 acievements due and because of YOUR coding glitch I am practically ripping out my hair to find a way to get my objectives. My roomie’s objectives are just fine.

  44. Mohab Arafa says:

    i had been issued that i had opened the game in another device and i didnt and when i connect to facebook he says tap to continue and then the gMe doesnt continue and i am unable to do a thing if somebody knows why plz tell

  45. Jas says:

    Same thing here. Once i log in to Facebook, FUT crashes after one game! I have tried without logging in to Facebook but it doesnt crash. But what is the point, my ultimate team coins and achievements are connected to my fb account. Plz help guys!

  46. FifaLover says:

    Whenever I unlock an achievement and I try to redeem my pack, it takes a lifetime for it to load, LITERALLY! I have sat through the equivalent of almost 2 high school classes and it’s still downloading? What is going on?!

  47. CMB says:

    I absolutely LOVE this game and I play it so much that my girlfriend gets pissed cuz she says all I do is fifa. But unfortunately there’s been a number of problems that completely mess up the experience for me. My LATEST issue and GREATEST as of now, is the fact that I LITERALLY went thru HELL to complete all of the games “objectives”, so much so that my hands literally hurt from playing over and over to finally complete everything. So after spending about two days or so trying to complete the final objective, I finally did so of course I was pretty happy to receive whatever “Special reward” they promised. After anxiously sitting there waiting for the “Respect” objective to be checked off (The final objective that is complete when every other objective is complete), my frustration boiled over cuz I realized that I’d been SHAFTED and NO REWARD WAS COMING. And the thing that gets me the most is the fact that it says something to the effect of “for all your hard work, dedication, and support, you’ll receive a special reward. So that shows that they know that a person has to put it ALOT of hours and hard work to get to that point!!! And I can almost GUARANTEE that I’ll NEVER hear anything from the makers of the game to help solve this Problem….

  48. gibril says:

    When i put David Villa on the striker position , the game restarts and this message appears ”Our servers are temporarily down …… , and it only does this on that player

  49. fifa maniac 15 says:

    It says if u want to start a legue it said do u want to start this single player session so I guess u can play a mulitplayer session. If there is one do u need to be conected to facebook

  50. FIFA haters says:

    I love the game bt ea is not taking any steps to clear the problems they r not hearing us the same problem is in my case ea shouldn’t link with Facebook it could have linked with origin

  51. SwagDaddy43 says:

    I was playing FIFA on iOs while on vacation in Jamaica (last week) and the game crashed….and when I tried to reload it – the game re-started and I lost everything….is there any way to recover what has been lost? I have had it crash before but was always able to re-load it and keep what I had had. Any help or suggestions?

  52. Mitch says:

    It frequently crashes, but tonight I can’t use it at all as it keeps displaying the error message that there is a high volume of traffic on the servers.

  53. DANNY says:

    I can’t swap a new player to the squad …can’t even bloody change the 11.. Can’t use a consumable ..takes about 5-7 min to connect to the server…used to love this gamr and nowbyou ruined it…thanks a lot EA

  54. Kirito says:

    Everytime i start the game i sends me to a game versus germany i try to play it but it doesent let me. iT just shows the contract thing but then leaves in a second i cant gove my players contracts

  55. scrow says:

    so i started the game a few days ago on ios. Today i opened my fifa 15 ut as usual in the morning, but when i opened it when i got back home from school, my account was lost. anyone help plz?

  56. Bhavik Bansal says:

    I am an android user playing fifa 15 ut. I live in Asia and mostly (80%) times it says either huge server traffic or we are making things better

  57. fifa player says:

    my account on ios takes me to the home page but never comes up with ‘tap to continue’ just keeps loading and loading plz can you help or suggest something thanks

  58. nav says:

    it keeps saying watch list is temporarily unavailable and I so I can’t access my packs? It’s been like this for a week, what’s going on?

  59. Aryan pant says:

    The game is awesome but recently when I tap on the app it just displays the title EA SPORTS FIFA 15 for a few seconds and closes

  60. Gerardosanmartin says:

    When will AE will have the courtesy of answering anything. This game would be great, if you could simply play it at all. There are always problems. AE never seems to care. Lousy service.

  61. Flyingzukini says:

    I had a great team on fifa 15 with a TOTY but then the game crashed and when i went back in it restarted with the bronze team, i am not on into facebook so what do i do?

  62. The Rev says:

    I can’t put some of my players on the transfer list. These are the players I don’t need but are good and can be sold for a good amount each. Please help!

  63. michael says:

    Please help me!!!! My device says that I need to go to my primary playing device and put a security question in.then I click ok and says the same thing over again. HELP ME!!!

  64. Sameer Bhujel says:

    When I play fifa 15 and I win the match at the time it crashes. And when I press continue after winning ity says error server

  65. Nyan Linn Htet says:

    After winning a match, the temporary server down error occur and disconnect. So I need to play that match again and again.

  66. Ahmad Ali says:

    I started the game for the first time, and the gray screen comes as it is supposed to. Then when I reach the signing in to my microsoft account part, it closes by itself.

  67. Abishai Ram says:

    I bought Player and spent 139000 on him, and then I did not get the player and my money also was spent. How do I get either my money or the player back? I tried logging out 9f my Facebook and logging in again. Not working. Pls help!

    1. Cosmin Burlacu says:

      I’ve got the same problem.I recived the message ”You have a new item” and then the player was not in New Items. My luck is that I haven’t spend so much money.

  68. Justin Hudd says:

    i have downloaded the game about two days ago everything is working fine i started a career and played the first match then i got one of my team members banned and i tried to replace him i had got 3 different packs and tried to replace him with another guy but i cant even see whats in them and and always it says when i try to open them it gives me a error saying you still have unassigned items but i try to assign them then i get another error saying the watch list is currently unavailable and tells me i must try later and it does this every time i try and its getting frustrating please FIX…

  69. shaun smith says:

    Hello I made an account on fifa 15 ultimate team and bought 50 pounds worth of points and coins but they did not go onto my account please help or u lose a customer thank you

  70. Rajvir Sandhu says:

    I can’t apply a consumable to my UT players it says “can’t apply consumable don’t worry your item is safe” it happens when I try and auction something too Pls help

  71. Sara says:

    One of my players is unable to play and I can’t replace him because I cannot open packs for new players, it keeps telling me I have unassigned items left and whenever I try to assign them it keeps saying The watch list is currently unavailable???

  72. Pavlos Spanoudakis says:

    i bought arsene wenger from the transfer market, i received the “you bought a new item” notification, but when i go to “new items” theres nothing. does it have to do with server traffic, or just something went wrong and 1 lost 6.000 coins for nothing?

  73. Pavlo says:

    I can’t change any player in my squad by any way. I can’t play because one of them have red card and when I try to change him or anyone else it kicks me of the server. Help.

  74. Ash 25 says:

    Evry time that i open fifa 15 it sayn it needs update but when i go to app store there in nothing anybody have a solution i am runing on ipad2 wifi gsm with ios9

  75. Jaskaran Singh says:

    I am not even able to pass through the very first page. While connecting to the servers, it crashes. I cnt even get to the main menu. I have htc desire 820. Android version 4.4.4

  76. Uriel says:

    I bought FIFA coins and the game crashed. Whilst the payment went through, the game crashed before I could get the pack I bought with the coins and it has refused to connect ever since. The App keeps crashing each time I try. I’m using an android.

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