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The Apple iPhone 6 has been available for just a few months, and as we expected it has been another roaring success in the lineup. Many people who didn’t purchase it straight away may be intending to do so over the next few weeks at sale time, or adding it to their wish lists. If you haven’t quite decided whether this is the right phone for you, we’ve rounded up some of the top iPhone 6 reviews with verdicts to give you a rounded take on this smartphone.

You can check out our many previous articles on the iPhone 6 here, but sometimes a video review can be an easy way to absorb all the information you need. We’ve gathered together some of the very best iPhone 6 reviews and by checking out the videos below you’ll get a good all-round perspective on the newest iPhone to hit the market. All of these reviews come from respected tech video sites and have been watched in huge numbers backing that up.

Beneath this article you’ll find we’ve embedded three different video reviews for your convenience. The first of these YouTube looks comes from Phone Arena and offers plenty of useful insight into the iPhone 6. It begins by looking at the design and build and then goes on to giving all of the important information you need when considering a new handset. These include the display, the software experience with iOS 8, processor and performance, camera capabilities, call quality and battery life. Ultimately the drawbacks are seen as the battery performance and Retina display considering the jumps in these areas with its competitors. However, positive points that make the phone “compelling” according to this reviewer are the design and user experience.

iPhone 6 reviews

The second YouTube video comes from Pocketnow, and it has received more than half a million hits as a testament to the team’s reputation for great reviews. Obviously as this is another review of the same phone it covers many of the same factors, but it’s always interesting to get some different angles on a device and extra pointers. It looks at the hardware, camera image samples and video footage, audio performance, and more. The conclusion points out that no smartphone is infallible and that includes the new iPhone, but the verdict concludes that for those who want “comfort, stablility, and reliability” the iPhone 6 is one of the best choices available.

The final YouTube review we have chosen comes from The Verge with over 1.5 million hits. This is a shorter video than the first two but packs plenty into its time. It begins with details of color options and storage models and shows the phone’s size compared to the iPhone 5S. It also discusses the larger display of the new iPhone 6 (although smaller than that of the iPhone 6 Plus) along with connectivity, speaker, features, and more. The final verdict is that although this is the best iPhone so far and one of the best phones available, Apple didn’t quite fulfil the potential of the larger screen.

If you want to see the full specs of the iPhone 6 written down for reference you could head to our comparison of it against the Google Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 here. All of the videos below offer expert advice and observations about this phone, and we’d like to ask for your comments after you’ve taken a look. Have these reviews convinced you to purchase the iPhone 6 or not?

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