FIFA 15 UT issues continue for Android and iOS


The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for mobile devices appears to be causing a fair bit of frustration for users at the moment. We’ve been reporting on problems with the app for some time, and hoped that the next update would bring some fixes. However, that hasn’t happened as FIFA 15 UT issues continue for Android and iOS users.

Last month we discussed some of the connection problems and server issues with the FIFA 15 UT app since it was updated for both platforms on October 17. It was clear from comments we received and the app descriptions that many users were having difficulties and that a subsequent update was necessary. Since that time both apps were updated again on November 23. We’ve waited a while to see if there are still issues and sadly it seems that further work on the app is still needed.

We’re still receiving daily emails and comments from readers about the ongoing glitches that are spoiling the enjoyment of an otherwise great app. The latest version of the Android app is 1.2.0 and the app description says that the update offered off-the-pitch improvements to get users into the game more quickly. The iOS edition of the app was updated on the same date to version 1.1.7 as part of Apple’s Apps for RED campaign to raise money in honor of World Aids Day.

There are a few minor complaints about the iPhone and iPad version of the app on the App Store description, but most of the communications we’ve received from readers don’t mention whether they are using the Android or iOS app so it’s difficult to be sure how widespread any issues are for the iOS version. For the Android app it’s a different story though, as the description on the Google Play Store has many user reviews mentioning concerns about problems with the game.

FIFA 15 UT issues b

For example just a couple of days ago one person commented, “Sucks. The only reason I give this game 3 stars is because I can’t play anything without something being wrong… It won’t even save anything because there keeps being technological problems with the stuff.” Another player wrote, “Sucks can’t play Just keeps saying connecting to server. The last 2 days. Please fix. Would give 5 stars if I could play.”

Yet another commenter said, “That’s it. Everything’s just messed up. The update, account security management, advisors. Just plain eff’ed up. What a let down.” Looking through reader’s responses to our previous stories on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app reflects a similar picture. One reader says, “Since getting the update, the game shudders for two seconds and crashes immediately, this takes place after pressing tap to continue.”

Another readers wrote more fully in the last couple of days, “Things were running smoothly until today, when I tried going on it said they were updating the servers. So I waited and decided to try again, this time it let me go in but made me choose a country for a starter pack as if I was starting all over. I clicked it just so I could proceed, I thought the club I’ve been working on would still be there. Nope, it was gone, and I have 0 coins 0 FIFA points and says I’m on level 0. It logs me into Facebook and none of what I had is there. It’ll glitch occasionally and change the 0s to whatever I do actually have, but my original club still doesn’t appear. I hope it’s just a screw up and I get all my crap back, because that took hours upon hours of playing and building.”

We’d like to say these are isolated incidents but the truth is that there are many comments similar to those above, and many players are fed up with server and connection problems and random error messages. We should point out that not every user of the app is having these difficulties and it still receives high ratings from many players. However, for those who are facing these issues there doesn’t seem to be much hope until the next update comes along.

Are you having any sort of problems with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app? If so, what kind of issues are you encountering, and are you using the Android or iOS version of FIFA 15 UT? Do let us know by dropping your comments in the box below.


19 thoughts on “FIFA 15 UT issues continue for Android and iOS”

  1. Hamza says:

    When I open the app, it shows me the message ‘we are sorry but there has been a problem connecting with EA Servers’. I press retry and it comes back again and after trying 2-3 times it connects and opens up and instead of showing my facebook profile picture and name, it just shows ‘Facebook User’. When I play a match and return to the main screen the app crashes and when I open the app again it just gives me starting packs to choose from as if I am starting from beginning. Someone please help me because I have spent so many hours in trying to create an amazing team with golden players and I don’t want to lose them because of some stupid server error..

  2. geo91 says:

    A very annoying gameplay bug player passes the ball back without preessing any button (except sprint)

    for example a player goes alone in front of enemy defenders on attack for the goal and just before you are ready to shoot the player passes the ball back

    This happens without you pressing any button

  3. geo91 says:


    1 for exaple first touch is almost always active without pressing the sprint button

    2 you make a through pass the ball goes away from the player that is active near other players that they react in a stupid way the dont go for the ball they wait the player that is awitched on to go even he is far away I tried to switch the player no luck

    3 Goalkeepers are all world class and more

    4 you are for the goal and a nearby teammate player goes in front just to block the shot (that was and in fifa 14)

  4. geo91 says:

    BUG No 5

    you call 2 defender and instead of swicthing on the player near the oppenent to help a player far away from the backs become active This happens especially when the oppenent has just pass the middle area and when you call a 2 defender you main center back comes from far away and ruins your defence OR when the oppenent is running to the sides and even a teamate player of yours is nearby a main centerback comes from far away and that ruins your defense (this bug also in FIFA 14)


    On attack the ball is just in front of your player (for example from a through pass) ready to shoot for the goal and instead your player makes tacklin (also in FIFA 14)

    No7 you can not edit your team name

    No8 no leadership like fifa 14 (EA could let people collect history data for example collect data of matches i played with a specific player or players 0-0 2-0 4-0 2-2

    Let players create tournament of their own or create tournaments of 20 first in leadership or the first 50 with min 6 players from france

    There are many things to make game more fun

  5. geo91 says:

    BUG No 100000000000000000001

    suddenly sremain only two button on the screen sprint and pass you should go out and resume to fix thi

    NO 100000000000000000000000002

    you press shoot or pass you set the power but the player does nothing (this happens sometimes not so often mostly when you are near the corner and the playerer does nothing but going out whith the ball and when you try to shoot and the players just walks with the boal no reaction you have to press again shoot or pass)

    No 100000000000000000000000000000

    you pass the ball to a attacker who can run for the goal if he goes straight forward but automatically he starts to make a cross or something and finally defenders catch him

  6. geo91 says:

    UG No ………….

    your opponent won a foul near the corner and one of his players in near your goalkeeper ready to score with his head Guess which player of yours mark him THE MOST WEAK DEFENDER one YOUR STIKERS (all attackers have low defence rate < 60)

    BUG No …………………..

    despite severs are better in fifa 15 it happens that a match could pause for a long period more than 30 min or 40 min sometime

  7. geo91 says:

    No 1……

    you make skill moves you know it s triggerred cause you see the name of the move skiill move on screen BUT THE PLAYER DOES NOTHING I HATE THIS I UUSED TO PLAY WITH SKILL MOVES AND NOW ITS A MATTER OF LUCK IF YOUR PLAYER DECIDES TO MAKE THE SKILL MOVE OR NOT


    NO 2….


    NO 3……………………….EA DOES NOT CARE


  8. geo91 says:

    on a corner you win which players stands like last defender ? YOUR BEST STRIKER LIKE Messi for example and if the enemy get the ball your last defender will be your best striker

  9. hat says:

    The game works but when I go to edit my team it says there are too many people on the ea server then it goes back to the tap to continue screen

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