New T-Mobile SCORE! program leak reveals Special Handset Pricing


Yesterday, we told you about the new T-Mobile program called SCORE! and the way the company will allow folks to get an early upgrade. We weren’t sure exactly which handsets were included in the promotion, but a new T-Mobile SCORE! leak appears to have spilled the beans.

The T-Mobile SCORE! program is rumored to be announced tomorrow, but like a lot of things in the tech world, the news broke a bit sooner than anticipated. Just to refresh, the SCORE! early upgrade program lets you buy in for $5 a month, and after 6-months you can “upgrade” from your old handset to an entry level smartphone. Not that exciting is it? When 12-months passes, another upgrade tier unlocks with “Special Handset Pricing” and today we know what those handsets will be, and how much they’ll cost.

We’re going to start with the oldest handsets first. The LG G3 will be $299, the Sony Xperia Z3 is $499, and the HTC One M8 is listed at $499. If you want something a bit more current, the 64GB iPhone 6 will set you back $649, which is down from $849 or  you could opt for the 64GB Nexus 6 at $599. Last but not least, is the Galaxy Note 4 which is listed at $599 on SCORE! with a regular price of $769. There is literally a smartphone and price point for everyone.

As we mentioned yesterday, the T-Mobile SCORE! program is expected to be announced sometime tomorrow, so we’ll find out if all the rumors pan out at that time. The new early upgrade system will definitely save you a few dollars on the high-end devices, and it will be interesting to see how quickly 2015 handsets like the G Flex 2 get added to that list.

Source: TMOnews


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