Lenovo P70 arrives with a 4,000mAh battery and €198 price tag


The Lenovo P70t first appeared on our radar back in December, and we weren’t exactly sure when the handset would see an official release. Well, that day has come as the Lenovo P70 pricing and availability has been announced for China.

The Lenovo P70 has launched in China where it will sell for 1,399 Yuan or around €198/$224. Now that it’s official, we can compare the Lenovo P70 specs to the rest of the midrange crowd, and see if it’s worth a look or just another Android handset.

The main feature of the Lenovo P70 is the battery, and it’s a large one listed at 4,000mAh. It’s said to give you around 46 days of battery life in standby mode, and the 5-inch 720p panel will help extend that battery life to the max. A quad-core 64-bit MediaTek chip clocked at 1.5GHz keeps things humming along and you’ll find 1GB of RAM and 8GB of expandable storage under the hood as well.

On the backside of the Lenovo P70, there is a 13MP sensor while a 5MP camera will take care of any photos from the front. It’s going to run Android out of the box, but it’s Android 4.4.4 which is unfortunate as a lot of similar handsets are going to roll out soon with Lollipop 5.0.

There has been no announcement in regards to global availability for the Lenovo P70, but you’ll be able to pick one up in online shops and retail stores in China. Would you like to see the Lenovo P70 come to your neck of the woods or is the €198 a bit too much for the specs?

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4 thoughts on “Lenovo P70 arrives with a 4,000mAh battery and €198 price tag”

  1. Craig Burden says:

    I just bought one of these. The Lenovo P70 available in Qatar features 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage… maybe the Chinese one is different ? I own the Blue ”export” model. By far the best android experience i have ever encountered for the money (Here it is 799 QR or £144 or $220). Also if you format an SDXC 64GB Micro SD card externally it will work fine in this phone giving a total of 80GB storage. i couldn’t be happier for the money.

    1. Ali Diamond Hameed says:

      Hey Craig, I am looking online and can’t seem to buy it. Would you be able to put one on Ebay so I could buy it off you? I am in Devon UK so it is pretty hard for me to come over to Asia!

      1. Craig Burden says:

        It’s currently sold out in my local Carrefour ( where I bought it from) so I can’t do that at the moment I’m afraid. There is considerable confusion about this phone… It’s actually has an 8 core 1.7 ghz processor. Will take up to 64gb sdxc if you format the card on your pc or phone that’s supports it. If you format card on phone it only supports 32gb. It has 2gb ram /16gb rom and contrary to some reviews it does take two sims and a micro SD at the same time.. You don’t lose one sim if you use the memory card as mentioned in some reviews. There’s an awful lot of cut and paste nonsense happening about this phone… Trust me I was as confused as any before buying this phone. The battery life with wifi and two sims and normal use is about 2.5 days. Use one sim and it’ll do 3 days comfortably. I love this phone and my last android was a posher one+one phone. Battery life on that sucked for me and when I saw this in my local supermarket I pounced on it. It comes out in Singapore next month so you should be able to get one then on eBay or bangood or Alibaba. They’re gonna have to prise mine from my cold dead hands I love it!

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